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Dandelion_wineIn the profileThanks! After half an hour or write dlinnopost with my morning's adventure, check it out)25.12.16, 11:01
Tail8In the profileFool02.12.16, 14:57
diskerPokemon Go Players Clubfully agree with the post)25.09.16, 18:22
hryapPokemon Go Players ClubThanks for the advice on how to improve the Pokémon!23.09.16, 19:38
metemPokemon Go Players Club[Quote name = "yashh" date = "21.09.2016, 17:53" post = "53355091"]
a machine can get?
[/ Quote] +
21.09.16, 21:17
pizishkPokemon Go Players ClubMagnetic zaryadka.Nikogda about her not slyshal.Spasibo.20.09.16, 11:18
casual1In the profile:)14.09.16, 23:03
new4orIn the profileWhat the hell havstvo? I pointed out to you that you're not there to discuss their buggy hardware. oftop, rude and cons of putting - you are a regular student.27.08.16, 20:20
ZanzybarPokemon Go Players Clubfor justice27.08.16, 19:40
BodtaibIngress [Online]Thanks for the info!01.08.16, 07:48
sinchgeIngress [Online]For help!06.01.16, 22:16
mr fixedRoad SiegeFor anti-patriotism. I - Russian man, and I wish that the whole world spoke Russian. Especially Russian developers!28.06.14, 17:29
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