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Alpha919In the profileThank you very much for unlocking the post :).02.05.19, 19:19
doorIn the profileThank you for your help!27.04.19, 06:29
renat_dSamsung SM-J320F Galaxy J3 (2016) - Official firmware+++22.04.19, 20:47
Davy_JXiaomi Mi5 - MIUI firmware+ Update TVRP from TVRP.19.04.19, 00:04
vasyqazIn the profileThank you.13.04.19, 13:17
LexX-VIn the profileThanks for the work!11.04.19, 20:41
alex.mskIn the profilethank11.04.19, 13:28
XiuraurSIn the profilegreat moderator. Thanks for the eternal help!27.03.19, 13:02
destyniSamsung SM-J320F Galaxy J3 (2016) - Official firmware+23.03.19, 13:01
DarkdominoIn the profilethank18.03.19, 23:18
andrey.medweIn the profileFor help and explanation in the topic) +17.03.19, 19:01
D_GodunovIn the profileThank you for your trust!17.03.19, 16:56
BubasIn the profileThank you for your trust!14.03.19, 23:32
chippegaHelp me find the firmwareround14.03.19, 20:15
kivi007228In the profileSteep11.03.19, 21:40
guru739In the profile+ for attention and participation10.03.19, 01:23
konuk2007In the profileFor help +10.03.19, 01:10
helgo9In the profilefor quick help09.03.19, 22:50
KellpintIn the profileI wanted to put a post plus07.03.19, 17:54
DhanvantariXiaomi Mi5 - MIUI firmwareuseful post06.03.19, 14:57
Vitaly LeerIn the profilethank05.03.19, 20:51
esleerIn the profileFor help in the Samsung SM-J120H branch26.02.19, 23:49
IdaniarIn the profileFor responsiveness26.02.19, 15:42
gyordIn the profileAs always promptly24.02.19, 13:49
chertik-007In the profileThank23.02.19, 18:37
Art.BezrukovIn the profileThank you very much for the amendment of the topic)22.02.19, 06:31
gyordIn the profilePromptly - thanks!20.02.19, 21:05
RicfenIn the profileThanks for the work!) +20.02.19, 17:24
SWATeLLaXiaomi Mi5 - MIUI firmwarefor the theme with Mi5 firmware +20.02.19, 01:52
Mihanus_SAXiaomi Mi5 - MIUI firmwareHow to flash / update TWRP while in it19.02.19, 04:24
D_GodunovIn the profilethank you! : thank_you:14.02.19, 19:27
vitas261976In the profileThank you very much for the link in the header to my modifications.13.02.19, 15:11
SaeristavoIn the profile//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=333784&st=1400#entry82317902
You are absolutely right. Climbed not in their "jungle". Thanks for the science.
12.02.19, 20:59
vitas261976In the profileThank07.02.19, 03:02
DimionsXiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - MIUI FirmwareThanks for the help!06.02.19, 00:54
KokweIn the profileThanks for the work02.02.19, 19:49
aGPTIn the profileTHANK YOU31.01.19, 13:48
Energe7In the profilethank30.01.19, 17:32
ZMIJGORYNIn the profilethank28.01.19, 00:56
gyordIn the profileAs always - thanks!27.01.19, 22:22
Wagner12In the profileMerci +26.01.19, 17:53
doorIn the profileFor work!25.01.19, 13:13
@ tka4enkoIn the profileFor the time allotted)25.01.19, 00:59
* Air Force * 71Ru.In the profileFor the law23.01.19, 20:28
denis_testIn the profileTHX23.01.19, 13:19
RechtsAnwaltXiaomi Mi5S - MIUI FirmwareFrom the heart, respect!22.01.19, 19:52
Ukrai_neIn the profileFor understanding.22.01.19, 16:26
COOLMUSIC95In the profileThank you for deleting the topic.21.01.19, 17:50
_IGRONAFT_In the profilethank21.01.19, 15:58
kazantip3550Xiaomi Mi5S - MIUI Firmwarethank18.01.19, 20:13
jonny8282In the profilethank18.01.19, 18:06
DannyShook ™In the profileI thank for the help and explanations on my questions in PM18.01.19, 16:19
andrew315361In the profile+17.01.19, 18:46
Dan'gsIn the profileFor the most humane;)17.01.19, 04:26
ZlobryjIn the profileAlexMod in a hat17.01.19, 01:37
[AMD] RyzenIn the profilethank15.01.19, 17:44
* Akella *Appeal against the incorrect actions of the curators and moderatorsGreat answer.14.01.19, 22:19
gyordIn the profileSpachibo for efficiency and understanding!14.01.19, 22:19
stolXiaomi Mi5 - MIUI firmwarethank14.01.19, 13:36
andrejj225Xiaomi Mi5S - MIUI Firmwarethanks for the instruction11.01.19, 14:38
_IGRONAFT_In the profile+09.01.19, 18:16
kyryllbondarenkoIn the profileFor help09.01.19, 17:59
kisasanyaIn the profileFor an adequate curator09.01.19, 15:54
BersimIn the profile+09.01.19, 15:44
JagermmeisterIn the profileThanks for the work!08.01.19, 15:47
isr51In the profileHelped to make out the firmware on .apk07.01.19, 02:42
1.kirillIn the profileHappy new year) thanks for the help!01.01.19, 23:14
Product0rIn the profileFor the speed of the reaction)01.01.19, 14:01
XpertzoneIn the profileFor the topic "kernels for pocophone" transferred to a subsection31.12.18, 23:52
DenisGritsunovIn the profileI only shine B / A. But not tomorrow: D31.12.18, 20:52
iNemoS * 45RuInform about what happened - the removal of Super Smartecsactually did not have the goal of hitting someone, rather to bring to a constructive ... and not the oppression of those who are "smaller" ...29.12.18, 20:37
destroyer71In the profileThank you for your reply. Heard25.12.18, 00:16
KokweIn the profileThank you, it was also interesting24.12.18, 21:09
VitjunaIn the profileFor help. Thank.23.12.18, 19:26
destroyer71In the profileI sincerely thank you for your kind attitude and understanding.23.12.18, 18:23
Alien shooterIn the profilethank20.12.18, 23:18
andrey.medweIn the profilefor help :)19.12.18, 15:19
Isanbaev.AinurIn the profileOperational work17.12.18, 22:41
schibekiIn the profile+150017.12.18, 16:54
DeeD_KondraTSamsung SM-J320F Galaxy J3 (2016) - Official firmware+17.12.18, 10:13
Vitalijus_1In the profile+16.12.18, 17:19
SSRPIIn the profileThank you for contributing16.12.18, 14:56
aGPTIn the profilethank16.12.18, 12:11
[AMD] RyzenIn the profileThanks for the work16.12.18, 10:40
nikita 13In the profileFor the request)15.12.18, 12:32
gektor9707In the profileModerator action14.12.18, 18:25
NespoIn the profileHelped in QMS14.12.18, 17:58
nikita 13In the profileFor the hat14.12.18, 07:36
andrey.medweIn the profileFor help14.12.18, 03:20
nikita 13In the profileFor advice on the design of the caps!12.12.18, 07:35
palaychIn the profilefor moderator work)11.12.18, 21:07
gyordIn the profilePromptly! Thank!10.12.18, 18:18
ZMIJGORYNIn the profileThank)))09.12.18, 22:38
1.kirillIn the profileFor the reaction to the complaint ... And for the invaluable work on the forum)05.12.18, 17:45
08sv80In the profileThanks for the prompt assistance.04.12.18, 23:27
1.kirillIn the profileFor support of the Redmi 5 branch29.11.18, 12:51
alximiktikIn the profileThank you for replenishing the caps29.11.18, 02:21
gyordIn the profileThank you for removing "-"28.11.18, 13:49
valer4ik123In the profileHelp.24.11.18, 17:34
* Air Force * 71Ru.In the profile+ For the Law21.11.18, 16:46
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