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vitamerlanOwners Club HTC Desire VLiving, as they say, is good. A good life is even better!30.05.19, 14:47
rockmetall666HTC Desire 601 - Official firmwarefor help with the firmware27.05.19, 08:59
lanatIn the profile+16.05.19, 06:36
RequeLineIn the profilethank))20.02.19, 19:41
jonydopaIn the profileFor help and good advice on the forum .... Thanks ....22.01.19, 11:47
UndenaIn the profileFor help.28.11.18, 10:20
⚡Mr.Zadrot⚡Modifications and decorations for HTC Desire 601Hello on the nose already 2019 and I want to say thank you for the SoulROM 443 Cherlis firmware
Android 4.4.3 Sense6
I just set it by the way without a memory card (the slot does not work) and also does not see the USB flash drive TVRP and I also have version of TVRP
Thank you very much good luck and all the best
22.10.18, 18:45
savagemessiahzine.com_guestHTC One (M8) - Firmware (OS 4.X.X, OS 6.X.X)M8 SoulROM VIP cherlis08.09.18, 18:21
unkn0wn3rr0rIn the profileFor firmware and support14.08.18, 16:18
Ruslan N.Spirit Real FM Radio+28.07.18, 20:08
DudekHTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareThank you. Only through update.zip can I flash, the Chinese overloaded device.) +19.07.18, 15:23
sedoy380HTC Desire 601 - Official firmware+++10.07.18, 22:38
bairamovazatHTC Desire 601 - Official firmwareHelps10.07.18, 08:42
fostonHTC One Dual Sim - Firmwareintelligibly, thanks.29.06.18, 09:14
pickegHTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareI want to put +14.06.18, 17:04
nb_ramonHTC One (M8) - Firmware (OS 4.X.X, OS 6.X.X)Thanks for the prompt assistance.12.06.18, 14:42
maiseiHTC One (M8) - Firmware (OS 4.X.X, OS 6.X.X)Thank you for trying and quality product.04.06.18, 20:25
EVOLwTunein radioDark Mod03.06.18, 11:37
maiseiHTC One (M8) - Firmware (OS 4.X.X, OS 6.X.X)thanks for the M8 SoulROM VIP cherlis29.05.18, 00:34
Sage compassionTunein radioThanks for the mod27.05.18, 13:19
Uncle_LyoshTunein radio+ for work23.05.18, 14:43
RequeLineIn the profile))18.05.18, 09:33
PlutonLineHTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareFor efficiency.20.03.18, 14:47
firdovsi82HTC One (M8) - Firmware (OS 4.X.X, OS 6.X.X)For help19.03.18, 21:14
zappmvkHTC Desire 601 - Official firmwareThanks, I will try16.03.18, 15:12
RequeLineHTC One Dual Sim - Firmwarelike you???)))14.03.18, 14:18
dfcbkbcfHTC Desire 601 - Official firmwareFor help with the firmware.03.03.18, 10:27
Root.odTunein radiothank28.02.18, 09:44
SandrogIn the profileThanks for the help... ;)25.02.18, 20:34
dimontv73HTC One (M8) - Firmware (OS 4.X.X, OS 6.X.X)thanks for the answers to possibly stupid questions)23.02.18, 10:16
szepionTunein radioSPS for the radio20.02.18, 01:16
mirotvorec68Tunein radioOver mod24.01.18, 14:06
SandrogOwners Club HTC Desire VThank you for the hint about hovering T.F.21.01.18, 14:02
serg_66_rusOwners Club HTC Desire Vxiaomist - xiaomist ;-)21.01.18, 12:35
T11In the profileNow your reputation is the same as the birthday of my grandmother. For those who have holidays! All the best!19.01.18, 23:16
GaaaOwners Club HTC Desire VGuru. )))18.01.18, 20:46
vitamerlanIn the profileChrist is born!07.01.18, 21:23
serg_66_rusOwners Club HTC Desire Vhappy New Year!01.01.18, 18:39
GaaaOwners Club HTC Desire VHappy New Year! Happiness to you! )))01.01.18, 14:07
policauHTC Desire 601 - Official firmwareHappy New Year! Health and well-being!31.12.17, 12:24
AnViKo 70HTC One Dual Sim - Firmware+16.12.17, 01:40
bazanoffHTC One (M8) - Firmware (OS 4.X.X, OS 6.X.X)Thank you very much15.12.17, 11:18
victorsytTunein radiofor the radio06.12.17, 17:12
PolygoN2In the profilethanks for the help04.12.17, 22:07
nokiaman1997HTC One (M8) - Firmware (OS 4.X.X, OS 6.X.X)Thanks for the tip.10.11.17, 07:27
mkolpakHTC One (M8) - Firmware (OS 4.X.X, OS 6.X.X)ATP for the answer :)08.11.17, 18:17
dlomovHTC Desire 601 - Official firmwareFor good advice07.11.17, 00:39
dlomovIn the profileFor active help!03.11.17, 14:14
samsonchik007HTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareResponsiveness to the needy.28.10.17, 20:39
RequeLineIn the profileas always))23.10.17, 13:46
-LinfernO-In the profilethank29.09.17, 18:19
Passer777HTC Desire V - OrnamentsThank you for your hard work!17.09.17, 16:36
flash32303230HTC Desire 601 - Official firmwareTHX17.09.17, 16:24
flash32303230HTC Desire 601 - Official firmwareTHX15.09.17, 15:59
flash32303230HTC Desire 601 - Official firmwareTHX12.09.17, 14:46
terminator88HTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareMandatory!) Thanks for the mods and for the help! Respectfully!02.09.17, 17:49
Deja7uHTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareThanks for the help!01.09.17, 13:56
savagemessiahzine.comden5000In the profileFor help01.09.17, 02:56
TerkingHTC One Dual Sim - Firmwarethank27.08.17, 09:56
Seman22Tunein radioUseful message26.08.17, 19:29
milky way111Tunein radio+24.08.17, 10:01
Ark_BaphometTunein radioIt was just right to update the mod to version 18.523.08.17, 13:01
Ark_BaphometIn the profileFor responsiveness21.08.17, 17:35
BLACK MEXANIKIn the profileFor advice19.08.17, 22:46
Ark_BaphometTunein radioThanks for the mod. I hope that updates will be constantly.15.08.17, 10:26
AnViKo 70In the profile+14.08.17, 22:06
Passer777HTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareFor the tremendous work done! Thanks you!13.08.17, 13:53
AnViKo 70HTC One Dual Sim - Firmware+12.08.17, 10:33
and_borHTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareFor excellent firmware01.08.17, 08:19
mig67In the profileThe firmware works with a bang !!! thank29.07.17, 09:33
flame89HTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareAs always, for the work done!27.07.17, 08:51
-LinfernO-In the profileFor updating the viper25.07.17, 22:13
pluton.spbHTC One Dual Sim - Firmwarethanks for the firmware and your work25.07.17, 21:48
dmi_alexHTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareThanks for Flyme :)12.07.17, 17:38
JencentHTC One Dual Sim - Firmware+12.07.17, 11:52
mig67In the profilefor the firmware and patch for it. nfc does not twitch and you can turn off the 5Hz wound up and fully works11.07.17, 00:42
-LinfernO-In the profileFor, 19:45
anturioIn the profileWith a new thing !!!!07.07.17, 18:25
LeirosHTC Desire 601 - Official firmwareThank you, friend, for the materials and work!04.07.17, 17:14
amstik87HTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareThanks for the good firmware03.07.17, 07:37
policauIn the profileSo I'm always welcome))02.07.17, 10:40
KamikadzeDYHTC Desire 601 - Official firmwareFor help30.06.17, 10:37
123fgvokHTC One Dual Sim - Firmwarethanks for the help30.06.17, 08:53
Jl0mIn the profileThank!
Ultimate Dynamic Navbar
26.06.17, 06:46
JoniDHTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareFenx24.06.17, 12:37
alexkostenkoIn the profile+24.06.17, 10:27
dmi_alexHTC One Dual Sim - Firmwarethank15.06.17, 14:37
dmi_alexHTC One Dual Sim - Firmwarethank14.06.17, 09:59
kacheryjkaIn the profileFor a separate apk clock widget from M810.06.17, 17:30
LynskiyHTC One Dual Sim - DiscussionThanks for the program! Happened.07.06.17, 14:06
anturioHTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareFor the new port !!!05.06.17, 12:18
EntanyHTC One Dual Sim - Firmwarethank05.06.17, 12:13
sizoffalHTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareThanks! Pts adequate firmware, I liked it :))03.06.17, 12:47
vika2717HTC One Dual Sim - Firmwarethank03.06.17, 00:26
-LinfernO-HTC One Dual Sim - FirmwareThanks for the updated M8 viper02.06.17, 23:04
RequeLineIn the profileHEAD!!!!31.05.17, 18:33
RequeLineIn the profilefor sure!26.05.17, 12:43
GansanHTC Desire V - OrnamentsThanks for the firmware24.05.17, 13:04
RequeLineIn the profileexcellent as always!))21.05.17, 17:43
stalker_zhHTC One Dual Sim - Firmwarecherlis, thank you for the port!16.05.17, 20:56
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