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suboraXiaomi Smart Devices - Purchasepromotional code dafang10.10.17, 11:00
F_23Xiaomi club+05.09.17, 10:27
helgo9In the profileMi5s + ATP per voice12.04.17, 19:51
CyberbobIn the profile+ from helgo9: for helping to vote for WOT Blitz07.11.16, 14:14
VittIn the profileThank!13.09.16, 15:16
CyberbobIn the profile+ from helgo9: for Vinci voting30.08.16, 20:38
denis_naumXiaomi clubOn this topic18.08.16, 06:41
CyberbobIn the profile+ from helgo9: for voting29.07.16, 18:58
CyberbobIn the profile+ from helgo9: for voting25.07.16, 23:11
atromIn the profilefor a hint on the dialer number24.07.16, 13:08
Hedonist24In the profileThank!22.07.16, 13:31
helgo9Xiaomi clubfor the robot24.06.16, 17:46
basil.snowXiaomi clubfor feedback30.01.16, 21:58
NerovingerXiaomi clubFor the news11.01.16, 12:36
loulerIn the profileThanks for the help!06.12.15, 13:56
loulerXiaomi clubThanks for the info and help!10.09.15, 17:54
shegivaXiaomi clubThank!03.09.15, 22:00
loulerXiaomi clubThanks for the help!31.08.15, 08:05
F_23Xiaomi club+03.08.15, 18:36
aron140519821Xiaomi clubFor a hint29.07.15, 18:18
ovpshkaXiaomi club+ For a hint from the seller 4i14.07.15, 06:28
F_23Xiaomi club+23.04.15, 12:29
F_23Xiaomi clubfor the news08.04.15, 10:56
CyberbobIn the profile+ from helgo9: for the vote in the competition11.12.14, 22:13
CyberbobIn the profile+ from helgo9: voice10.12.14, 15:03
helgo9In the profilefor the airborne forces!06.08.14, 23:03
barketIn the profilethank you for rating04.03.14, 08:44
askar-biIn the profileputs minus not even understanding situations30.10.13, 23:24
ckpimaxMotorola Defy, Defy + - MIUI Firmwarefor rusik27.12.12, 20:26
lexx_13Motorola Defy - Firmware (OS 2.3)Thanks for the hint, I searched everything, but I was too lazy to look there25.10.12, 22:45
PezAinol NOVO7 Aurora (Elf) - FirmwareFor feiyu among the people :-)01.04.12, 22:16
Adiksavagemessiahzine.comAinol NOVO7 Aurora (Elf) - Firmwarefor the people31.03.12, 16:22
OTTOnbIPbIWAinol NOVO7 Aurora (Elf) - FirmwareThanks for the feiyu mod 0330 on the people;)31.03.12, 15:00
amurovmihailAinol NOVO7 Aurora (Elf) - Firmwareanswer31.03.12, 09:30
wmasterAinol NOVO7 Aurora (Elf) - Firmwaredid not expect to see [Defy / Elf]05.03.12, 19:06
Frostik_FrostikAinol Novo 7 Aurora / Ainol Novo 7 Elf - DiscussionFor the video review, +524.01.12, 22:16
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