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wladislvIn the profilethank19.08.19, 22:38
nezalewnuiXiaomi Yi - Discussionthrough the application, you can press the button convex or concave as that so called sort, disables the "fish-eye" things are not as rounded24.07.18, 16:58
WixejPebble - PurchaseThank you very much for the answer))))03.03.18, 14:44
petrowic4Lenovo K3 Note - CyanogenMod Firmwarefor answer19.01.18, 14:41
mugik04Lenovo K3 Note - CyanogenMod Firmware+14.01.18, 11:21
ubozko2012In the profileI lift the reputation you, buddy! ))11.09.17, 08:04
DimeiLenovo K3 Note - CyanogenMod FirmwareThanks for the responsiveness)19.12.16, 07:55
gryndik13Lenovo K3 Note - Firmware (OS 5.x.x)Gave a link to the firmware22.08.16, 18:43
oleg3636Lenovo K3 Note - Firmware (OS 5.x.x)+ you03.06.16, 21:21
zloy070777Battery Full Notification+ Transfer http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=344342&view=findpost&p=1364869512.08.13, 14:30
alikxomBattery Full NotificationTranslated the program, the text was of course a little bit, but I think it's still nice to be: rolleyes: Attached faylBattery_Full_Notification_1.06ru.apk (24.01.13, 19:10
ev @ alBattery Full Notificationfor the transfer of ATP07.06.12, 15:33
slava11800HTC HD2 - Android NAND + MAGLDR + cLK+11.04.12, 13:17
archi_777HTC HD2 - Android NAND + MAGLDR + cLKPitch, thank you :)10.03.12, 23:14
666teenHTC HD2 - Android NAND + MAGLDR + cLKhelp28.02.12, 15:01
666teenHTC HD2 - Android NAND + MAGLDR + cLKhelp28.02.12, 15:01
blossoming_budNumbersFor good character!22.02.12, 01:05
yur1k5800Numbersfor the full version of the game)14.02.12, 11:57
esereginHTC HD2 - HyperGBXMod firmwarewill not say exactly, but if you sew 2-5 meters, the application is greater than this size can not try to put a convenience store (with Smart) Thank you! I'll bet 3012.08.11, 11:48
CamaleonteHTC HD2 - HyperGBXMod firmwarePasip.31.07.11, 02:36
_PALADIN_HTC HD2 - HyperGBXMod firmwareThank you very much for your help in installing HyperGBXMod.30.07.11, 23:25
WollmondHTC HD2 - imilka NAND firmwareThanks for the tip)20.06.11, 15:47
TimsssssHTC HD2 - imilka NAND firmware+15.06.11, 11:45
MaxRAIn the profile+ For responsiveness !!!20.05.11, 17:08
MaxRAIn the profile+ for help !!!20.05.11, 17:08
MaxRAIn the profileMany thanks for the link to the video !!!20.05.11, 17:08
SatyrHTC Leo - AccessoriesHelp with your order18.04.11, 23:33
N0IIn the profilewith 6th anniversarysavagemessiahzine.com!:)14.04.11, 15:15
SammanHTC Leo - AccessoriesFor information on the HTC HD2 COMMUTER SERIES CASE08.04.11, 10:54
semga3In the profileThanks for carrying the FAQ03.04.11, 18:06
dviniCalendar in Status barThank you for the translation of the program-Calendar in status bar.31.03.11, 18:29
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