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NoN1979Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Informal firmwarethanks for the information08.08.17, 14:24
niket2004Viber: Calls and MessagesFor advice))24.12.16, 13:27
filmos555Tronsmart T428 Quad Core - DiscussionTried Torrent TV is really not a bad application.06.03.14, 21:24
WolfgangIn the profileFor info on multiphone, for linkphone, etc. :)10.09.13, 00:05
jauhienZoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphoneoutband proxi, 12:37
NailkmIn the profile* hint on the multi-phone10.01.13, 12:17
mrtrickCSipSimplehelp!07.11.12, 13:29
Ask3RAcrobits softphonesip20.01.12, 12:34
fonbergVOXTROTFor information about VOXATROT16.01.12, 12:44
jauhienLinphone VideoVoIP telephony.28.12.11, 18:11
1806Acrobits softphonefor reviews on SIP clients for Multifon22.12.11, 21:16
HottyabychVOXTROTThanks for the help! Voxtrot03.11.11, 17:40
T3mp33CXPhone for Androidfor solidarity;)20.09.11, 01:00
HottyabychVoip By AntisipVoip By Antisip13.09.11, 20:50
atrom3CXPhone for AndroidFor setting up the multi-phone on 3CXPhone.09.09.11, 05:59
ArchangelusIn the profileThanks for the help!!!24.08.11, 10:24
iwergVoip By Antisipthank22.08.11, 13:47
HottyabychIP PhoneIP Phone 1.9.apk16.08.11, 20:44
Lider_DIP Phonethanks for the answer29.07.11, 21:06
HottyabychIn the profileRedirect Multifon26.07.11, 12:44
HottyabychIP PhoneIP_Phone_1.6.apk25.07.11, 15:04
HottyabychIP PhoneATP for the new version08.07.11, 21:02
HottyabychVoip By Antisipvoip by antisip 17.apk01.07.11, 21:31
white778899Bria Android - VoIP Softphonefrank rudeness and flood29.06.11, 14:55
krasnoffVoip By Antisipfor help with setting up Voip By Antisip23.06.11, 15:11
HottyabychIn the profileTHX19.06.11, 20:54
FoxdimsViber: Calls and MessagesI forgot to increase karma :)))17.06.11, 06:50
HottyabychIP PhoneFor help in creating a theme14.06.11, 11:54
wladalexAcrobits softphonethanks for the help, everything worked out13.06.11, 17:18
AndrevuseIn the profilefor the recommendation of the program.10.06.11, 14:40
dedmazai55VOXTROTthank08.06.11, 20:13
TiffoziJuveIn the profilethanks08.06.11, 10:37
NailkmVOXTROTFor review29.05.11, 15:18
ZirianIn the profilethank!22.05.11, 12:26
ewg1Acrobits softphoneFor persistent search for the perfect CIP client, I simply have no time ...20.05.11, 20:35
CreaFring for AndroidThanks for the help in purchasing the number, in the week I will send the account replenishment code (a friend goes to Moscow).20.05.11, 17:58
NailkmFring for AndroidThank!19.05.11, 23:07
HottyabychViber: Calls and MessagesVOXTROT18.05.11, 07:44
dvoriki06CSipSimple+ by kiborg_3211.05.11, 21:48
proFCIn the profileAchrenelno helped with ip telephony06.05.11, 20:51
alboriAcer beTouch E110 - FirmwareAnd why then caps?18.04.11, 05:42
ZiegfridAcrobits softphoneThanks for the + and for the dial-up info - I will test the codec purchased on the site.16.04.11, 21:00
Sa_ku_raFring for Android+10.04.11, 10:13
ZirianIn the profilethank09.04.11, 19:55
ZirianIn the profilethank09.04.11, 18:11
ZirianIn the profilethank09.04.11, 18:11
ZirianIn the profilethank09.04.11, 18:10
ZirianIn the profilethank09.04.11, 18:10
ZirianIn the profilethank09.04.11, 18:09
asd2003ruCSipSimpleapparently quite tight with understanding21.03.11, 14:44
asd2003ruCSipSimplenot imported.21.03.11, 02:02
serhiy.stepanovCSipSimpleTurned the discussion of the program into a farce.21.03.11, 01:33
serhiy.stepanovCSipSimpleFor testing beautiful programs14.03.11, 16:29
serhiy.stepanovCSipSimpleFor directness and honesty!14.03.11, 10:19
unknownDaemonCSipSimpledullly got13.03.11, 00:55
asd2003ruCSipSimpleNot being able to use a program doesn't mean it's crap.12.03.11, 12:06
PotapsonCSipSimpleGot it.12.03.11, 02:00
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