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sd2222Smart watchFor arguments in a dispute in the subject of hours. Great laid out! I have long wanted to write this, because the pressure towards the ugly plastic Beeps just rolls over! And the arguments "30 days without taking" cause nausea. As if people do not sleep, do not wash, and even, sorry, do not have sex!26.08.19, 12:19
ARKAN PSmart watch+ for useful comments)26.08.19, 03:48
kotvmeshke008Samsung Gear S3 - DiscussionThank!21.08.19, 11:21
I9100Samsung Gear S3 - DiscussionThank!19.08.19, 18:54
Miasnik2007Samsung Gear S3 - Discussionthank you13.08.19, 17:29
vladpgSamsung Gear S3 - Discussioninfo about batteries13.08.19, 09:39
09kolesaleksSamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionUseful advice13.08.19, 01:00
contra08Smart watchThank)03.08.19, 06:46
Olegin_1968[Tizen] Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy Watch+ watches recently, we are just learning! : D01.08.19, 22:17
ARKAN PSmart watch+ categorically agree!)01.08.19, 05:04
rom @ ni4Samsung Gear S3 - DiscussionThank. I recovered in a day21.07.19, 07:59
diman555Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - Discussionthank15.07.19, 10:05
oleggn52Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - Discussion+ for a simple and clear answer ..15.07.19, 09:19
alx_radIn the profileC'mon, no offense of course, the little article is so-so, from the realm of fantasy, dubious repair services. And I almost 37, I didn’t run stumbling to scribble comments :))10.07.19, 09:05
krasavjik2007Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - Discussion+07.07.19, 17:08
ARKAN PSmart watch+ for useful comments)05.07.19, 04:32
sdpilotSamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionLiterate answer28.06.19, 14:28
GorynaGoogle Pay does not workFor a link to the Xposed Framework for Oreo and Pie, which does not conflict with Google Pay!12.06.19, 08:02
utmukSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 - Official firmwareFor advice09.06.19, 21:44
MykuSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - DiscussionFor good advice;)26.05.19, 23:02
Viktor1938Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 - Official firmwareHelped with the issue24.05.19, 11:54
45thSamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionThanks for clarifying)20.05.19, 20:46
AforanSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 - Unofficial firmwareThank you +20.05.19, 20:25
Yuran727In the profileFor taking the time to answer. My logic is the same to me, in general, and suggested - wait a bit after completing all file manipulations.10.05.19, 20:32
telo htcSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - Discussionthank10.05.19, 14:00
mahoutGoogle Pay does not workAll right!05.05.19, 09:16
vb13Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 - Unofficial firmwareThanks for the help!03.05.19, 06:28
HepbookGoogle Pay does not workThanks, corrected, sealed up.02.05.19, 14:35
Dmitriy RGoogle Pay does not workService installation script;01.05.19, 22:58
Uncle_LyoshGoogle Pay does not work+30.04.19, 17:13
mahoutGoogle Pay does not workThanks for the patch!30.04.19, 15:13
libertaskSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 - Official firmwareFor the recorder.29.04.19, 16:28
selga1[Tizen] Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy Watchthanks for the answer29.04.19, 15:35
pilot136Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 - Official firmwareDo not be offended not morons)))27.04.19, 17:46
berdik85Samsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 - Official firmwarethank you23.04.19, 22:20
AllalitySamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 - Unofficial firmwareThank you very much for the help23.04.19, 17:58
libertaskSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - DiscussionFor boas20.04.19, 21:44
slivovakateSamsung Gear S3 Owners ClubTHX20.04.19, 07:06
vgdromSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - Discussionthank15.04.19, 20:08
Ackles57Google Pay does not workFor manual13.04.19, 01:16
DashoutSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - Discussion+1
Thanks for the support!
12.04.19, 16:01
pro100jekonSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - DiscussionFor an article on Habré12.04.19, 01:48
TRAVKA555In the profileFor help setting up google pay12.04.19, 00:31
nookkoboSamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionATP for info09.04.19, 23:25
DashoutSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 - Unofficial firmware+1 For the desire to help!07.04.19, 19:52
Vlad BurdinIn the profileThank.03.04.19, 04:34
lehahurSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 - Official firmwareImportant advice29.03.19, 01:57
Drozd-Cannibal® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interfacecross26.03.19, 13:46
PalychRvIn the profileand thank you for the instruction26.03.19, 00:19
esleer® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceFor a little instruction. ;)25.03.19, 14:11
viondreIn the profilethank you so much23.03.19, 16:39
meverik_svSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - DiscussionCompensation for minus idiots.22.03.19, 21:38
vvalddSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - DiscussionI agree. Tantrums divorced22.03.19, 19:25
Sergey3471In the profileEverything is right! I agree.14.03.19, 05:30
Panda68In the profileThank you very much for the detailed answer on backup10.03.19, 12:15
cherdantsew[Tizen] Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy WatchThe specialist is visible from afar)07.03.19, 21:24
And_ASamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionThanks for the list of changes in t405.03.19, 18:40
oleggn52In the profileAnd you +03.03.19, 09:10
Erie[Tizen] Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy Watch+28.02.19, 01:42
vladvchSamsung Gear S3 - Discussionthank you very much23.02.19, 01:04
tundra4747[Tizen] Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy WatchThank!20.02.19, 15:59
Shadowsaint[Tizen] Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy Watchanswer19.02.19, 00:33
Hranitel[Tizen] Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy WatchFor clarification on world maps18.02.19, 03:28
MAKCOHHSamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionAfter resetting, widgets were added, thanks!17.02.19, 20:58
ZimoboRPrograms and dials for Samsung Gear S2 / S3 / Sport / Galaxy WatchSwiss army canton15.02.19, 13:18
shmikesSamsung Gear S3 - Discussionthank12.02.19, 22:52
Macaren80Samsung Gear S3 - DiscussionThanks for the "new" in Tizen 412.02.19, 17:52
baomaoSamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionThanks for the changelog06.02.19, 16:51
WhitestarSmart watchapparently nowhere to go05.02.19, 20:19
DJSamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionDetailed description03.02.19, 12:06
dimonhldvIn the profileFor a detailed description of tizen4 changes03.02.19, 10:17
vladseverrrSamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionFor a useful post! In a hat.03.02.19, 09:12
aikondroidSamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionThank)03.02.19, 08:03
HranitelSamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionWell painted changes in 4t.03.02.19, 02:49
Vadimm77Samsung Gear S3 - Discussion+03.02.19, 01:09
DydochkinSamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionAnswer01.02.19, 06:45
mr_CooLSamsung Gear S3 - Power Consumptionfor a detailed answer29.01.19, 05:27
combat44Samsung Gear S3 - DiscussionI agree!18.01.19, 05:49
Vasillich2In the profileForum Help13.01.19, 05:49
BeskowIn the profilewith NG bro!01.01.19, 10:47
PowercruiserIn the profilefor a pleasant dialogue on the player!16.12.18, 14:10
GranderussiaIn the profileThanks for the clear answer about S-pay / A-pay on gear sport14.12.18, 09:05
romi39[Tizen] Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy Watchthank you09.12.18, 20:29
dyavel[Tizen] Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy WatchFull answer to your question30.11.18, 18:53
KonstantinIn the profileI'm understood, thank you!)23.11.18, 07:10
BarmenchikSmart watch+ for help in choosing19.11.18, 20:25
40calSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - Discussionarrogant manner, there is only one true opinion and this is Donkey's opinion09.11.18, 07:20
tamys187Samsung SM-G950 Galaxy S8 - AccessoriesFor links to the film.08.11.18, 11:55
I go to the forestSamsung SM-G950 Galaxy S8 - AccessoriesThank you08.11.18, 08:27
BersserkerSamsung SM-G950 Galaxy S8 - Accessoriesthank07.11.18, 10:56
wuk2Smart watch)))))))))))))))))))))))07.11.18, 01:55
uglyaIn the profilefor activity in the topic about watches06.11.18, 14:33
Jjagr[Tizen] Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy WatchFor help in changing the region on the galaxy watch04.11.18, 17:09
SaneySamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - DiscussionAlign karma02.11.18, 19:38
jonLENINSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - DiscussionFiercely plus. Freedom in Android is less and less26.10.18, 20:07
PalychRvIn the profileGee))) they are around, Aleni ... For 'one more time on Bis: clapping:'22.10.18, 18:43
Nordik84[Tizen] Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy WatchHelp forum users20.10.18, 07:59
tikosh_forever[Tizen] Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy WatchFor information regarding the location of the antenna for payment in the Gear S318.10.18, 14:57
Bass_sleepSamsung Gear S3 - DiscussionFor amendment14.10.18, 12:54
PunisherbloodSamsung SM-G950F Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus - Discussionthank14.10.18, 12:27
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