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denissanich[PSV] PlayStation Vita - DiscussionTHX22.07.19, 13:23
Distemper[PSV] All about hacking+18.07.19, 12:50
kodirovshchikAsus ZenFone 6 - Firmware+11.07.19, 15:38
BukingemxxxAsus ZenFone 4 Max ZC554KL - FirmwareThank you for the firmware06.07.19, 04:05
shlyamAsus ZenFone 4 Max ZC554KL - FirmwareFine05.07.19, 19:40
HranitelGames for PlayStation Vita [HENkaku]Many thanks for the clarification.01.07.19, 18:36
Over_832In the profileThanks for PROMOD24.06.19, 01:02
Last1SiN[PSV] All about hacking+17.06.19, 03:08
victor_gvaASUS ZenFone 2 Laser ZE500KL - Firmwarethank you for contributing ...16.06.19, 22:46
qaws12In the profileWitty16.06.19, 21:48
lbvrf090[PSV] All about hackingConscience +16.06.19, 19:18
+ Gennady +Asus ZenFone 2 - Official firmwarethanks for helping me with the firmware07.06.19, 17:55
serg_66_rus[PSP] Buying Sony PlayStation Portable (new and used)Sorrow ...06.06.19, 05:38
al_popov[PSV] All about hackingThanks for the tip05.06.19, 13:04
_Fern_[PSV] All about hackingI sprinkle my head with ashes! It was necessary to be so wrong with the version of Enso, and two times.
Thanks for the vangovanie.
04.06.19, 19:45
serg_66_rus[PSP] Buying Sony PlayStation Portable (new and used)It seems to read, while there are almost no questions03.06.19, 12:43
Hicofee[PSV] All about hackingNow I will often look at the cap, thanks)02.06.19, 22:05
sinkolduna[PSP] 6.60 / 6.61 PROMODThanks for the help in firmware update psp 300428.05.19, 22:56
sid1989In the profileFor firmware23.05.19, 16:43
juventininIn the profileFor the answer on the card.)22.05.19, 23:50
supersilentRussification PSV-gamesfor the completion of the list of Russian games.22.05.19, 09:26
DyussIn the profileFor help moderators.20.05.19, 01:44
stormizer_lexGames for PlayStation Vita [HENkaku]Respect for concise and accurate advice;)10.05.19, 23:51
Lexus_13[PSV] All about hackingFor prompting about sd2vita06.05.19, 17:38
vvaaavvWwR MTKThank! Clear answer06.05.19, 13:16
IVANGO007[PSV] All about hackingReceived the answer to the question26.04.19, 19:50
007_i_ola[PSP] 6.60 / 6.61 PROMODThank you for responding)21.04.19, 16:39
Aaron66Beeline TV set-top box | RASSE-001 [Android]+19.04.19, 09:48
dark_s77Games for PlayStation Vita [HENkaku]helped again. thank ! )18.04.19, 19:00
shampo13In the profilePROMOD17.04.19, 17:55
shampo13In the profileHelp15.04.19, 16:46
TatsubakiIn the profileHelped in the question.14.04.19, 08:59
Scion[PSP] Buying Sony PlayStation Portable (new and used)For PSP12.04.19, 19:49
FaustUtGames for PlayStation Vita [HENkaku]Thanks for the help! I'll try.10.04.19, 22:07
007_i_olaRussification PSV-gamesSimilarly, there is a postscript, thank you) did not pay attention, I will know.03.04.19, 13:06
russar83[PSV] All about hackingy, come on, help)))
Understand my config on stones.
31.03.19, 23:48
FAIRMENTATIn the profilePromod31.03.19, 19:40
FAIRMENTAT[PSP] 6.60 / 6.61 PROMODPsp30.03.19, 16:53
4etYreYT[PSP] 6.61 Infinity - installation of permanent custom firmware (except for E1000)Useful advice in the comments28.03.19, 15:59
russar83[PSV] All about hackingThat's just how it works, lol. Before adding to the manual, I studied its sources. But where am I to you?28.03.19, 13:20
zzz140[PSP] 6.61 Infinity - installation of permanent custom firmware (except for E1000)thanks for the answer26.03.19, 15:38
foka92[PSP] 6.61 Infinity - installation of permanent custom firmware (except for E1000)For infinity instructions for zyz26.03.19, 11:58
mistes[PSP] 6.61 Infinity - installation of permanent custom firmware (except for E1000)Thank you25.03.19, 12:30
voice2701In the profileHelp with psp17.03.19, 14:00
SKretovIn the profile801)))16.03.19, 11:27
AHTOXEP47In the profilepsp hacking14.03.19, 14:36
buzzyman[PSV] All about hackingUseless flood13.03.19, 19:18
MAN-bikerRussification PSV-games+09.03.19, 18:45
kol13Russification PSV-gamesfor a tip on netcheck_bypass04.03.19, 16:31
FaustUtGames for PlayStation Vita [HENkaku]Once again - thanks! Quick and clear!01.03.19, 21:02
IlonewolfGames for PlayStation Vita [HENkaku]thank01.03.19, 09:33
gribulin1[PSP] 6.60 / 6.61 PROMODthank27.02.19, 16:12
mike_113[PSP] 6.60 / 6.61 PROMODPlus for the firmware for the PSP and detailed instructions26.02.19, 13:13
_ASTAP_[PSP] 6.61 Infinity - installation of permanent custom firmware (except for E1000)Thanks for the instruction 6.61 Infinity23.02.19, 23:32
dmitrywrk[PSP] 6.60 / 6.61 PROMODThe squad did not notice the loss of a fighter. Waiting for "-" in karma for useless advice :-D21.02.19, 15:38
play007[PSV] All about hackingLogical correction19.02.19, 11:21
_Fern_[PSV] All about hackingFor help with VHBL17.02.19, 18:18
kol13Russification PSV-gamesfor updating and tracking the theme of Russification psv12.02.19, 13:35
lbvrf090[PSV] All about hacking+06.02.19, 11:46
katsap-offXiaomi Mi 8 Lite - MIUI FirmwareBeautifully smeared for the "pro". Insolently. Anyone who has cut a shovel, trying to scoop for their sell.05.02.19, 20:55
DEaD JIuca[PSV] PlayStation Vita - Helping Newbies+29.01.19, 13:25
dark invader[PSP] 6.60 / 6.61 PROMODThanks for the help)27.01.19, 19:20
Rustam1234[PSV] All about hackingHelp help help26.01.19, 12:14
kooler38In the profileFor help)26.01.19, 11:41
MadCat_777In the profileYes simple24.01.19, 15:22
solteksGames for PlayStation Vita [HENkaku]+23.01.19, 22:48
mike_113[PSP] 6.61 Infinity - installation of permanent custom firmware (except for E1000)Thanks for the activity in the PSP thread!23.01.19, 18:28
- = G-RAY = -In the profilethank21.01.19, 16:30
zzz140[PSV] All about hackingthanks for the answer20.01.19, 19:42
darkhao[PSV] All about hackingThis is necessary when you cease to respect the interlocutor from overwhelming arrogance.20.01.19, 06:58
derik536Asus ZenFone 2 - Official firmwarethank17.01.19, 09:40
SKretovIn the profile77815.01.19, 19:40
serguroSP Flash Tool is a flash driver for MTK smartphones.Thanks for the mtksplit utility15.01.19, 14:23
Alsit[PSV] All about hackinghelped11.01.19, 10:17
DyussIn the profileFor a great contribution to the development of the "Game Consoles" section in 2018.31.12.18, 18:58
zavbaz[PSP] 6.61 Infinity - installation of permanent custom firmware (except for E1000)useful information + instructions for installing permanent firmware on the PSP3000. Already waited 5 years.30.12.18, 00:33
Awaring341A few questions to the novice PSP nuboiser)))Psp helped)27.12.18, 10:09
RimpoIn the profileThanks for the Q-encore!26.12.18, 23:25
Last1SiN[PSV] All about hackingQ-encore26.12.18, 15:54
Rusl12Wine for AndroidAs for setting the screen resolution, I liked the way from YouTube more.25.12.18, 16:16
torkvatoGames for PlayStation Vita [HENkaku]For the helpful answer20.12.18, 20:41
Di'BrainRussifiersFor loyalty to the PSP games in your native language! =)20.12.18, 18:12
mr.burns.rusRussification PSV-gamesFor the works in the subject19.12.18, 11:56
jenyakim[PSV] All about hackingThanks for the help in config.txt16.12.18, 18:52
piratkoc[PSV] All about hackingDo not know the answer - do not write!15.12.18, 18:16
Totsamyi[PSV] All about hackingThanks for clarifying some PSV hacking moments)14.12.18, 13:34
hetopIn the profilePROMOD11.12.18, 23:17
zeluckAsus ZenFone 2 - Unofficial firmwareUnderstood thanks)11.12.18, 15:52
hetop[PSP] 6.60 / 6.61 PROMODThank!07.12.18, 17:11
Anna86x[PSV] All about hackingFor helping users.07.12.18, 15:33
SLFIRSOVIn the profilethanks for PROMOD01.12.18, 20:30
Golf course[PSP] 6.61 Infinity - installation of permanent custom firmware (except for E1000)thanks for the good infinity instructions30.11.18, 09:52
Advertprime[PSP] 6.60 / 6.61 PROMODThanks for the clarification.28.11.18, 00:53
24garik24[PSV] All about hackingThanks for the help!23.11.18, 16:19
Rustam1234Russification PSV-gamesThe man who always helps)23.11.18, 08:07
alexpbcsIn the profile122.11.18, 18:36
pacanko[PSP] 6.60 / 6.61 PROMOD+ hint psp19.11.18, 22:54
13EX[PSP] 6.60 / 6.61 PROMOD+17.11.18, 21:08
TANKeX3mailAsus ZenFone 2 - Official firmwareThanks, ADB saved))16.11.18, 23:34
2BrokerZIPPSP Go Firmware: rofl:08.11.18, 20:23
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