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reness111® SetCPUSetCPU01.05.19, 19:13
fishkirillDroid Explorer (PC)!16.10.16, 22:23
kide71® SetCPUthanx05.10.16, 16:42
DoSs_Droid Explorer (PC)Very good instructions for transferring files from a broken device22.10.15, 14:15
CruceroDroid Explorer (PC)+09.10.15, 03:02
DrVfreeman® SetCPUThanks, helps.25.07.15, 10:39
Apocalips® SetCPU+26.10.14, 23:20
rorscharch® SetCPUthank01.10.14, 18:05
vadeusDroid Explorer (PC)+ by ksyokr16.08.14, 21:40
julia230987® SetCPURequired program15.08.14, 18:01
Aqf® SetCPUthank24.04.14, 05:51
dvoriki06® SetCPU+ by zohxan14.04.14, 20:56
chulukovdk® SetCPUFor post overclocking protsa. Really helped!27.01.14, 21:52
Angel_ok® SetCPUthanks for the program19.04.13, 22:55
dr0zd® SetCPUPlus a turnip.06.03.13, 11:24
jokernafig® SetCPUgood hat comprehensive explanations. thank!.)08.10.12, 23:27
udarkness® SetCPUsetcpu30.08.12, 12:04
Q3min® SetCPUthank11.08.12, 09:37
roman-5788® SetCPUThanks for the prog!05.06.12, 06:18
Fallout4all® SetCPUFor SetCPu and topic on it01.05.12, 19:36
Mel2285Droid Explorer (PC)Droid Explorer10.04.12, 09:25
Kassander® SetCPUset cpu07.04.12, 23:19
Prime_888® SetCPUNorm prog, useful28.11.11, 20:05
say hello mamaWallpaper for QVGA (240x320) and HVGA (320x480) screensfor the wallpaper)04.11.11, 10:40
kos.tchWallpaper for QVGA (240x320) and HVGA (320x480) screenshtc wallpapers. were useful)))17.10.11, 18:01
urbans07Wallpaper for QVGA (240x320) and HVGA (320x480) screensHTC Wallpapers10.07.11, 15:36
djclub® SetCPUSetCPU24.06.11, 00:55
EximWallpaper for QVGA (240x320) and HVGA (320x480) screensBeautiful wallpaper ..)17.06.11, 21:19
milia_miliaDroid Explorer (PC)prog super22.05.11, 13:19
sashapetrikDroid Explorer (PC)Thanks for the Droid Explorer credit prog, helps out !!!12.05.11, 06:03
omph® SetCPUHelp06.05.11, 21:10
Ben0z® SetCPUSetCPU06.04.11, 01:47
I rockstar® SetCPUThank!04.03.11, 00:49
leha @ 001Droid Explorer (PC)Great prog24.02.11, 01:38
liloovaya® SetCPUsetCPU - thank you for prog18.02.11, 10:20
DJDED1108® SetCPUThank you for SetСpu +10.01.11, 00:40
GSVE® SetCPUFor the SetCPU theme!19.12.10, 20:41
Partiz @ nkoWallpaper for QVGA (240x320) and HVGA (320x480) screensthanks for the wallpaper))30.09.10, 18:42
specx2Droid Explorer (PC)Thanks for the Droid Explorer19.09.10, 18:24
1372rvWallpaper for QVGA (240x320) and HVGA (320x480) screensHTC'shnye wallpaper, suddenly someone come in handy10.09.10, 00:21
newUserOfsavagemessiahzine.comAdvanced task managerFor modification of ATM version 3.2. Thanks29.08.10, 12:53
EismannHTC Desire - Firmware (OS 2.2)Great pack of icons, thanks!07.08.10, 19:20
mixanIn the profileNavitel tip06.08.10, 14:11
BaileeWallpaper for QVGA (240x320) and HVGA (320x480) screensGood, thanks!17.04.10, 20:12
INZzWallpaper for QVGA (240x320) and HVGA (320x480) screensThank you, I asked one person to drop from one forum, and did not wait)10.04.10, 13:51
tos_62Jbedthx02.10.09, 19:23
junoreaktorJbedGood .... really works :)30.09.09, 20:32
Connecting peopleIn the profileFor software for android. Put ischo !!!29.09.09, 20:17
RemiIn the profileThank you very much for the help))17.09.09, 23:45
imnotDroid Explorer (PC)help with DroidExplorer (thanks for the patience)16.09.09, 10:13
CheengizIn the profileI hope in the future I can also be responsibly as useful :)15.09.09, 13:40
junoreaktorIn the profilefrom dex157 "for helpful answers"13.09.09, 23:30
RemiIn the profileThanks for the help in reflashing;)13.09.09, 17:04
junoreaktorDroid Explorer (PC)good10.09.09, 17:43
junoreaktorMy Android Manager [PC]Thank you for the soft01.09.09, 18:00
RZK333In the profilefor help with the android section.30.08.09, 10:01
junoreaktorIn the profileMaladtsa25.08.09, 21:55
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