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chpok_tunecWhy don't you love the iPhone?for extreme player, hemorrhoids but at least somehow)))28.07.19, 21:45
SaabathWhy don't you love the iPhone?Mirage, flac ...26.07.19, 19:33
YaleyaMy phone shoots better!not quite what you had to take, but also quite suitable for yourself)17.07.19, 21:06
MastiFF555Why don't you love the iPhone?Thank you.17.07.19, 19:55
cool.dolphin1My phone shoots better!+)))07.07.19, 10:01
Iron_kidMy phone shoots better!Details, that is necessary!) +06.07.19, 23:29
petermurzinWhy don't you love the iPhone?Great aquarium))03.07.19, 23:24
NT UserWhy don't you love the iPhone?Bgggg you burn :)03.07.19, 20:24
Akira KenshinIn the profileAvatar18.06.19, 08:28
HennessyS3RLWhy don't you love the iPhone?I bought RN4x, miyuy kapets as lags ... I saved a clean bucket)))17.06.19, 20:36
VenenchikLegalization of drugs.About drugs.07.05.19, 10:13
Fahren-heitIn the profileFor the program.11.03.19, 10:19
Fahren-heitMy phone shoots better!+08.03.19, 13:49
Andy62Why don't you love the iPhone?For Moscow :)03.03.19, 13:14
MastiFF555Why don't you love the iPhone?The capital of Russia, the hero city of Moscow +02.03.19, 19:57
maf1abotan1qMy phone shoots better!Well, you bastard)))23.02.19, 00:19
NT UserWhy don't you love the iPhone?Super Photo! I have an X-Pro1 by the way with 35mm 1.422.02.19, 20:01
Nameless anonymousWhy don't you love the iPhone?This is a masterpiece))11.02.19, 21:36
Fahren-heitIn the profileGood reminded!07.02.19, 23:31
wasia2000Why don't you love the iPhone?Smell flowers and nectar. This is 504.02.19, 12:41
Fahren-heitAndroid vs other mobile OSGorgeous stuff!03.02.19, 13:29
NT UserWhy don't you love the iPhone?Bugaga :)02.02.19, 21:20
semen4kgSmoker "Three Brothers"He speaks the truth.29.01.19, 19:16
ツ 88Why don't you love the iPhone?GIGI :)29.01.19, 15:02
wasia2000In the profileRudeness and rudeness-not to achieve.
The main thing you do not forget)
22.01.19, 12:40
pfgIn the profileNow this is a good joke))21.01.19, 22:17
starr2012In the profileis accurate21.01.19, 21:16
Andy62In the profileAbout the film - that's right :)21.01.19, 19:29
- = TroK = -In the profileI almost cried: D21.01.19, 16:39
starr2012In the profileFonon Niknaisu20.01.19, 18:27
Fahren-heitIn the profileWell, the family and subspecies are one thing ...20.01.19, 15:18
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSCan you answer, or as an andrail?19.01.19, 09:36
petermurzinAndroid vs other mobile OSNokia will survive all))18.01.19, 17:07
cool.dolphin1I shoot on the phone better than others! I have a talent for this!+)))08.01.19, 19:45
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSMaybe soon they and ayos will integrate into their Galaxy?07.01.19, 10:06
Slava733I hate tv !!!thank07.01.19, 00:02
MastiFF555Android vs other mobile OSThis happens all the time And Happy New Year, all the best! + ☺06.01.19, 14:48
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!Happy New Year) Let everything come true)31.12.18, 21:49
GdenashiMy phone shoots better!great photo27.12.18, 22:36
Petr71My phone shoots better!Lowlight: D27.12.18, 21:58
Petr71Smoker "Three Brothers"Without food I’m not lost, in a decent country we live in the end: D26.12.18, 19:12
petermurzinAndroid vs other mobile OSPoor cat))25.12.18, 00:29
Lip048My phone shoots better!For humor +10.11.18, 20:32
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSSo let's write - andreil is not able to prove his nonsense05.11.18, 18:49
MastiFF555Android vs other mobile OS"you have serious problems with logic and in general with your head" Truth ☺05.11.18, 16:39
savedMy phone shoots better!Rudeness and insults03.11.18, 10:12
men polMy phone shoots better!+18.10.18, 19:43
tolya-666My phone shoots better!Great, everyone on the battle))18.10.18, 19:19
cool.dolphin1My phone shoots better!+)))17.10.18, 20:52
Petr71My phone shoots better!You see, this is not a matter of resolution, and not of color, but in a deep sense: D17.10.18, 20:38
MastiFF555Android vs other mobile OSsay bring all the logical calculations and prove ☺17.10.18, 15:37
nokiotabWhy don't you love the iPhone?+04.10.18, 16:11
sspamSmoker "Three Brothers"+11.09.18, 20:23
MastiFF555Why don't you love the iPhone?You must love your homeland ☺06.09.18, 10:04
mishaneaIn the profileSmiled21.08.18, 10:31
andrei 64rusLada Vesta vs Riolyaris and other third-grade inomelochiFor West Cross)13.06.18, 00:05
pasasSmoker "Three Brothers"For this link:
24.05.18, 00:35
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSyes it out11.03.18, 19:32
A.R.SAndroid vs other mobile OS+06.03.18, 10:53
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSBugaga20.02.18, 16:54
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSSamsung does not exist or exists but is deer buying it?30.01.18, 13:47
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSZhzhote27.01.18, 04:01
petermurzinAndroid vs other mobile OSExactly))26.01.18, 20:47
MastiFF555Android vs other mobile OS+24.01.18, 10:37
CatAlexAndroid vs other mobile OSHow patient you are. )))23.01.18, 23:01
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSAnd here is the first explosion23.01.18, 04:15
NT UserAndroid vs other mobile OSNever been, and here again17.01.18, 20:13
NT UserWhy don't you love the iPhone?A pen with a ballet to compare is how much mind do you need?01.01.18, 07:02
SchenixAndroid vs other mobile OSAhah28.12.17, 17:57
NT UserWhy don't you love the iPhone?All these words can be copied as proof26.12.17, 18:59
MastiFF555Why don't you love the iPhone?Have fun in your ganushkino ☺25.12.17, 11:52
SandrBASMy phone shoots better!Rory brought pictures))))19.12.17, 22:58
NT UserWhy don't you love the iPhone?The year19.12.17, 18:20
AmarockAndroid vs other mobile OSBut this is really funny)))18.12.17, 22:08
A.R.SAndroid vs other mobile OS+12.12.17, 15:50
blackofeAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?that's for sure. ;)10.11.17, 19:15
NT UserWhy don't you love the iPhone?Zhzhzhzhoshosh20.10.17, 23:24
rubilni4ekAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?step))))))))17.10.17, 21:28
werwolf696Android or Windows Mobile 10?For holivars11.09.17, 09:39
Rogue_UgIn the profilexD02.09.17, 14:48
SunchesssMy phone shoots better!+)))14.06.17, 06:40
men polMy phone shoots better!+13.06.17, 19:20
A.R.SAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?+24.05.17, 16:31
ALEX_54Android or Windows Mobile 10?So old revealed09.05.17, 20:50
ALEX_54Android or Windows Mobile 10?For the video04.05.17, 17:02
A.R.SAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?+20.04.17, 07:03
k4hamerIn the profileThick but funny. I love you: D14.04.17, 18:01
k4hamerSmoker "Three Brothers"Thin09.04.17, 18:49
ppp001Android vs other mobile OS)04.04.17, 19:50
- = TroK = -Android or Windows Mobile 10?xD01.04.17, 20:26
k4hamerIn the profileIn memory of the past01.04.17, 12:33
- = TroK = -Android or Windows Mobile 10?That's cool xD28.03.17, 18:02
GrossfaterAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Well, I don’t agree.28.03.17, 15:34
SergeibAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?"and other LOGICS"
fit trolling
28.03.17, 14:03
muza9Devishnik - girls gather heresavagemessiahzine.comThin, fit troll.
I acknowledge and withdraw
13.01.17, 02:47
pavel.actualMy phone shoots better!+++11.01.17, 23:22
VsevolodnMy phone shoots better!No justice11.01.17, 21:36
kigor71My phone shoots better!for humor06.01.17, 22:57
shift666My phone shoots better!X * evo with portraits) soap and noise!06.01.17, 21:10
igrok960My phone shoots better!Great!05.01.17, 01:26
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