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aistwHONOR Band 5 - DiscussionThank!!!30.10.19, 16:05
MalfurionZTE Blade X3 - Discussion+ From Petrynia11.07.16, 18:04
menruOwners Club HTC Desire SHappy: drinks:31.12.13, 18:44
merLVinOwners Club HTC Desire SI enrolled on a budget! Well done)10.08.13, 02:31
sanaevvadimCongratulate me!Congratulations!09.08.13, 22:30
K.Smith1Congratulate me!Congratulations :)09.08.13, 21:12
artur000Congratulate me!Congratulations!09.08.13, 14:35
smoke7HTC Desire S - DiscussionFor practical advice on HTC theme.06.08.13, 07:13
_SanDeR_In the profileA plus. As promised =)13.06.13, 23:12
12Alex86In the profileInability to properly discuss the problem and an unwillingness to try to understand simple user11.05.13, 16:09
zmr2In the profileKind person :-)10.05.13, 14:22
SmashikLet's get to know each other200!05.05.13, 12:49
Andropov Desire SOwners Club HTC Desire Shint25.04.13, 19:34
Dimka manIn the profileHappy New Year!05.01.13, 06:48
RealityP750Owners Club HTC Desire S: D04.01.13, 11:24
NastyaOtonasi36In the profilea Happy You: 301.01.13, 22:54
QdinoffIn the profileHappy New Year!01.01.13, 22:45
absolute3In the profileHappy New Year!01.01.13, 18:35
ogrinoIn the profileHappy New Year! Well-being, love, joy, health and creative success!01.01.13, 08:54
AwaloneOwners Club HTC Desire SGoes the old year, rustling his last stranitsa.Pust that was best, will not go away, and the worst - will not happen again.31.12.12, 14:13
NITROUSPEEDIn the profileThank you! =) Congratulations! Happy New Year! =) All the best and success in the new year !!! =)31.12.12, 13:24
d.rykovIn the profileHappy New Year!31.12.12, 11:42
hemp-proIn the profileHappy New Year!!! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!31.12.12, 09:31
SEmp91In the profileHoliday greetings)31.12.12, 01:44
PayalnikIn the profileThank you for your congratulations, and you with the 13th coming;)30.12.12, 23:13
SotikIn the profileand you with coming 2013 year!30.12.12, 22:20
menruIn the profile: Congratulate: HAPPY.29.12.12, 09:00
Andropov Desire SOwners Club HTC Desire SJust like that Christmas mood and blew xA11.12.12, 17:55
TlnneunOwners Club HTC Desire Sfor New Year's mood;)03.12.12, 18:12
Andropov Desire SOwners Club HTC Desire SThe founder of the club give a plus!03.12.12, 16:19
_dimansh_In the profileFor joining the club10.11.12, 19:35
menruOwners Club HTC Desire SEh fludanom: D29.08.12, 18:45
fnikHTC Desire S - DiscussionGood communication about the upgrade to 421.08.12, 17:03
Andropov Desire SOwners Club HTC Desire Sall in all)18.08.12, 17:46
menruOwners Club HTC Desire SHappy jam: heppy_dancing:18.08.12, 17:03
Urik26Owners Club HTC Desire Saptly: "Here you are all waiting for 4.0, and when will get to say that a lot of defects and how-to revert back to the 2.3"28.07.12, 10:55
menruOwners Club HTC Desire S[QUOTE] Here you are all waiting for 4.0, and when will get to say that a lot of defects and how-to revert back to 2.3 [/ QUOTE]: yes2:28.07.12, 10:45
vnztlvHow much can I sell my device?for opinion26.07.12, 07:40
ajanitHow much can I sell my device?spasir24.07.12, 17:47
yuroc7Owners Club HTC Desire Sfor answer24.07.12, 16:50
HanzoHTC Desire S - DiscussionFor help in choosing the firmware.18.07.12, 19:44
Ivan_AcoolAOwners Club HTC Desire Sthank15.07.12, 19:27
SEmp91In the profileOh, okay, this is vsegolish analysis, he would be okay Cho did)))14.07.12, 19:57
menruOwners Club HTC Desire S: D14.07.12, 19:46
KISLbIUIn the profileThanks for the transfer)09.07.12, 13:33
Fest1valScreenshots Home Screenvery well07.07.12, 21:50
menruIn the profileSupport for the idea of ​​buying IOS: smoke:07.07.12, 15:16
menruIn the profile[QUOTE] for the fact that you do not forget the good old mobile telephones: D [/ QUOTE] Well said: D06.07.12, 21:57
menruOwners Club HTC Desire SParticipation in the creation http://devfaq.ru/06.07.12, 20:24
kopecOwners Club HTC Desire Sfool about - have washed it)))))))))06.07.12, 16:41
PositifkaIn the profilemmm, new simpatyazhka on Ave =)))06.07.12, 09:38
virustroyanOwners Club HTC Desire SFor an article "Who needs a multi-core smartphones"05.07.12, 18:34
... prototype ...How much can I sell my device?thank)05.07.12, 00:57
kopecOwners Club HTC Desire SThank you for your congratulations, from the heart!04.07.12, 23:54
Mr. ReventonPowerampGrazie!03.07.12, 12:47
Andropov Desire SOwners Club HTC Desire SPasiba =)03.07.12, 11:55
PositifkaIn the profilesure as I find something suitable =)03.07.12, 11:45
yodOwners Club Samsung Galaxy Ace 2respect30.06.12, 16:50
ivanт1968Topics for MIUI v5 - discussionAntiNoob Edition GTX 680 EX mod28.06.12, 14:55
SEmp91Owners Club HTC Desire S)27.06.12, 18:44
Santos777How much can I sell my device?thank25.06.12, 19:30
Andropov Desire SOwners Club HTC Desire Soh pasibo)14.06.12, 13:26
Andropov Desire SOwners Club HTC Desire Sthank09.06.12, 05:50
Mikasa_BrestScreenshots Home Screencool design))) that for the icon?)))08.06.12, 18:26
Raim17In the profilehelped08.06.12, 17:01
Ivan_AcoolAOwners Club HTC Desire Sit plyuyus. I keep. ZHYRNY PLYUS08.06.12, 15:04
Andropov Desire SOwners Club HTC Desire SYeah hesitates to download, but thank you)07.06.12, 22:51
ValentinfltvHow much can I sell my device?I rate this item.04.06.12, 20:48
PositifkaIn the profileand yet, this is the best of Av =)23.05.12, 14:32
vip4ekIn the profileYes, probably all the same to take dezair. thanks.08.05.12, 18:35
PositifkaIn the profileGive smiling avatar in place! =)16.04.12, 18:45
PositifkaIn the profile+13.04.12, 17:09
max99How much can I sell my device?thank12.04.12, 20:26
andrew2222How much can I sell my device?Thank)08.04.12, 10:13
pro100_LEXAHTC Desire S - Discussionthanks for the help06.04.12, 19:59
dev! ceOwners Club HTC Desire SGreat player! Thanks, just what I was looking for!05.04.12, 20:26
menruOwners Club HTC Desire SAnd do not burn a ROM: D02.04.12, 17:38
wiedzminglaSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - Discussionthanks for the answer28.03.12, 18:40
werwolf696Why don't you love the iPhone?for inf for Onda VX610W28.02.12, 18:43
mirage-stvHTC Desire S - DiscussionFor help26.02.12, 10:02
dev! ceHTC Desire S - DiscussionFor help =)25.02.12, 21:53
AliskevichIn the profileThanks. Happy real men!23.02.12, 17:58
UctacOwners Club Samsung Galaxy Ace.thanks for the help!)14.02.12, 20:44
Doktor_2003Owners Club Samsung Galaxy Ace.Thanks for the useful information01.02.12, 17:37
Anton22Owners Club Samsung Galaxy Ace.Proper tsyfry written!01.02.12, 01:45
rcbHTC Wildfire S - Discussion+27.01.12, 11:37
AliskevichOwners Club HTC Desire SFor nanotechnology;)24.01.12, 21:22
iXusQAOwners Club HTC Desire SFor stylus. Zachotno. We must poprbovat.24.01.12, 20:08
GridzillaIn the profile+ For the picture!14.01.12, 18:36
Doktor_2003Owners Club Samsung Galaxy Ace.thanks for the help08.01.12, 20:55
UctacOwners Club Samsung Galaxy Ace.for help)07.01.12, 19:15
Anton22Owners Club Samsung Galaxy Ace.for the help!07.01.12, 19:07
AliskevichIn the profileFor comparison07.01.12, 15:27
Biven5Screenshots Home Screenfor icons06.01.12, 21:44
menruIn the profileGood conversationalist: wink_kind:05.01.12, 21:49
SamtScreenshots Home Screenfor icons05.01.12, 12:18
default user 45Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubthanks for the picture for the header.04.01.12, 23:56
zhoganSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat club+ Great picture!04.01.12, 17:07
HAVESOVIn the profileHappy New Year everyone!!!!01.01.12, 16:26
Southern crossHTC Leo - Community OwnersHappy New Year! )))01.01.12, 12:37
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