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Destiny81Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - PurchaseThere are no problems with perception. Be tolerant of forum users. And politeness will return10.11.18, 12:45
maks3362Huawei P20 Pro - Purchasethank02.11.18, 15:57
ssscorpionHuawei P20 Pro - Purchasethanks for the answer21.10.18, 01:22
FeumumSaga of Elyunah [3D, Online]Thanks for the advice01.12.14, 22:16
seregei456Pebble - Discussionthanks for the link to review31.01.14, 18:42
misha-mzsLenovo P780 IdeaPhone - DiscussionThank you for the detailed information.03.07.13, 18:46
Foxtrot_KZLenovo IdeaTab A2107 - Firmwarethanks for firmware! Will the new version?13.04.13, 23:03
MiguelonLenovo IdeaTab A2107 - FirmwareThanks for the quick response06.04.13, 12:09
mihadomSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - ICS Firmware (OS 4.x.x)thank03.02.13, 11:39
edkozutoIn the profileso it's easier to live) in a joke: "As my uncle Izzy: better when laugh at you than when you cry over"29.08.12, 22:07
bschepanUSB Host for Samsung Galaxy S IIGood USB-OTG review for sheet music. We are waiting for 4 Andrew)26.06.12, 23:04
nebrnarIn the profileyou wellcom25.05.12, 21:02
Jackblack777In the profilePoor people do not exist)25.05.12, 16:10
SormSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - ICS Firmware (OS 4.x.x)well done!23.05.12, 21:37
Breath_deadSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - ICS Firmware (OS 4.x.x)+21.05.12, 20:12
alexseyushSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - ICS Firmware (OS 4.x.x)+21.05.12, 19:29
Talich52Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - ICS Firmware (OS 4.x.x)Thanks for the answer!17.05.12, 20:20
z_igorSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - Custom firmware (OS 4.x.x - 7.x.x)brief and to the point!14.05.12, 22:31
Incognito +Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - Modified builds + online designer of custom builds from Incognito +well done. famously organized with kitchen!28.04.12, 15:07
navigator7788SwiftKey KeyboardThanks for the link02.02.12, 20:56
MontenAmazon Kindle Fire - FirmwareThanks for the help)03.01.12, 17:06
powercrimAmazon Kindle Fire - FirmwareThanks for the tip about Ruth03.01.12, 11:47
lexxoneAmazon Kindle Fire - FirmwareThanks for the link03.01.12, 09:10
ezhatinaSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Firmware from Team Nyx (OS 4.0)good comparison kastomov 426.12.11, 09:33
hohohohoIn the profilethanks for ssіlku)18.10.11, 19:14
A.S._idSamsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S - Catalog and review of firmware / modsother than the latest fashion.22.07.11, 19:58
BarinjoeIn the profileThanks for the quick response04.04.11, 22:52
diller12FBReaderthank!11.09.10, 22:05
buryatSlideScreenThank you for the quick response :-)20.08.10, 11:47
freemsk1CALC +Thank you for the file calc + free!12.08.10, 14:38
alex86deeSamsung GT-i5700 - Discussion mods OS 2.1Thank you for TURBO. Continue!11.08.10, 23:27
solvekQCodes (ex Solvek Faster)Thank you for an excellent program! (But the size of the lines increase, please :-)09.08.10, 23:18
SOLOVEYuFlowersThanks for the program!05.08.10, 08:43
plush salmonuFlowersfor a sense of humor :-)04.08.10, 22:18
Kostyann96In the profilenot restrained and rude in his statements in relation to other users of the forum. An example of this topic: http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=180942&st=004.08.10, 13:02
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