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AlexPechkin®Discussion modules for MagiskA plus)18.09.19, 19:59
Celeznev1985Power consumption (autonomy) Xiaomi mi5112.09.19, 06:49
UncleBlueStacks App PlayerThank you from the green mobile10.09.19, 09:04
esleer®Discussion modules for MagiskFor an explanation of the mechanisms of interaction.08.09.19, 14:24
SafronYch®Discussion modules for Magisk+ Thanks for the info, bratelnik! : Good:: friends:: drinks:08.09.19, 09:39
MrKorhutIn the profileHelp with voice recorder07.09.19, 21:52
Anch®Discussion modules for Magiskthank06.09.19, 13:53
LexarinHelp in finding programs for Android OSThanks for the answer!05.09.19, 09:40
p1p3cXiaomi Mi5 - MIUI firmwarethank20.08.19, 16:08
iva1959Club Mod APKStraight in the eye: - Thank you for a quarter to nine14.08.19, 12:02
XPOHOPower consumption (autonomy) Xiaomi mi5Thanks, corrected08.08.19, 12:36
tech378BlueStacks App Playerfor advice on the virus scanner04.08.19, 19:39
Stanislav55555LG G3 - DiscussionThank!24.07.19, 11:49
rus1973LG G3 - Marriage and Repairhow to make testpoint? hsiomi on redmi 5+ I have done so and on the ski 3?15.07.19, 18:10
Arhangel0Help in finding programs for Android OSprompted about the weather M812.07.19, 08:24
rus1973LG G3 - Marriage and Repairthanks for the advice10.07.19, 20:13
Tolik SolovyovMiXplorerPermanently - can not be restored (overwritten)07.07.19, 11:31
serega1985gIn the profilethanks for the advice12.06.19, 19:27
savagemessiahzine.comoops®Discussion modules for MagiskInteresting11.06.19, 12:22
russkeyXposed framework modulesTHX06.06.19, 10:51
Rom93® Xposedhelp in xposed04.06.19, 05:54
kizir® LuckyPatcher by ChelpuSSense of humor26.05.19, 07:01
GoshvitFans Magisk Club"Executed in the morning - all day free." Strong.24.05.19, 14:37
Rosewell® Xposedshchshosshdot24.05.19, 11:38
the4esterXiaomi Mi5 - MIUI firmwareThank;)23.05.19, 11:10
Arhi61Club owners Xiaomi Mi5 / Mi5sFor help! operational assistance!)23.05.19, 11:08
Tip03033Help in finding programs for Android OSThank!!!22.05.19, 12:19
♦ SERGEYPearls of Our Forumclassroom21.05.19, 20:40
esleerFans Magisk ClubClarification of the issue.21.05.19, 13:16
serega1985gIn the profileThank you, I will try19.05.19, 15:21
06211997In the profileexactly19.05.19, 01:23
Krueger74ES File Explorer File ManagerFor guidance to an alternate file manager, Mixplorer. ES replacement test.17.05.19, 13:21
0TanK0The operator blocks the distribution of the InternetTHX :)17.05.19, 01:15
bzz11g® Xposed+08.05.19, 18:44
velikashkinHelp in finding programs for Android OSThank you from Luxury.00106.05.19, 12:32
serega1985gIn the profileThank you very much04.05.19, 15:22
Seryj32Help in finding programs for Android OSFor help in downloading the application02.05.19, 22:53
-Blue-® Titanium BackupLeft)01.05.19, 12:38
vnature.® Titanium Backup+01.05.19, 12:32
master1274In the profileMore likely the bug, in the X-plore the sizes of all are display.01.05.19, 11:45
Child of eternityIn the profileFor the module30.04.19, 14:44
CMAPTOCClub Mod APKHaha ➕28.04.19, 22:02
finecamES File Explorer File ManagerFor a hint28.04.19, 21:48
VaginologMiXplorerThanks for the documentation.28.04.19, 19:10
Lonely_knightES File Explorer File ManagerThanks for the information! (Lonely_knight)27.04.19, 15:35
SafronYch®Discussion modules for Magisk+ thanks, buddy! I also searched already, so I decided to ask in the subject ... what if ...: good:: friends:: drinks:26.04.19, 23:06
skip100In the profile+24.04.19, 07:16
✪Che✪® Titanium BackupYes)23.04.19, 22:21
stealth_sIn the profile+20.04.19, 21:55
✪Vell✪® Titanium BackupFor help18.04.19, 16:27
Child of eternityXposed framework modulesTHX16.04.19, 16:49
venko1970In the profilethank12.04.19, 20:17
phoenixraIn the profileAttentiveness Thank!12.04.19, 11:26
ferhad.necefHelp in finding programs for Android OSthanks for the help11.04.19, 10:44
ArtemBraginIn the profileFor competent assistance10.04.19, 08:09
@Ruslan MirnyjIn the profileThank you for the clarification!09.04.19, 08:29
kirattIn the profile: rofl:09.04.19, 00:53
djigit_91Help in finding programs for Android OSTHX07.04.19, 11:28
Anatoliy sergeevichXposed framework modules+06.04.19, 15:31
voprak1986In the profileFor Xposed06.04.19, 09:17
Al goreMiXplorer+05.04.19, 12:25
Kirilkin73In the profileHelp04.04.19, 16:49
rock8844In the profileMagisk installation tip 19.0, huge plus, thanks for the help04.04.19, 11:54
webastMiXplorerATP already understood)04.04.19, 11:48
StageDiscussion topics for MIUI v10thank!02.04.19, 16:02
vlad433Kate Mobile Users Clubaha;))31.03.19, 18:14
selivanoffIn the profileFor the dialer30.03.19, 14:48
varvar87ES File Explorer File ManagerThanks for the tip on Mixplorer.30.03.19, 11:13
radleydarkXiaomi Mi5 - DiscussionThe comment is ridiculous, but the situation is terrible29.03.19, 19:51
Anatoliy sergeevichXposed framework modules+29.03.19, 15:51
ShakirovichIn the profileA plus28.03.19, 21:27
OblakoLive®Discussion modules for MagiskThanks for the help28.03.19, 16:48
esleer®Discussion modules for MagiskFor help in the branch.28.03.19, 13:38
KibishevDiscussion topics for MIUI v10Fine ;)24.03.19, 16:59
Anatoliy sergeevichXposed framework modules+24.03.19, 14:02
RusmXposed framework modulesCustoMIUIzer24.03.19, 08:32
lanatIn the profileFor help22.03.19, 13:07
Child of eternityXposed framework modulesPasib22.03.19, 07:39
77pirateXposed framework modulesfor CustoMIUIzer21.03.19, 10:42
ROMIKS73Xposed framework modulesCrediting module.21.03.19, 09:46
russo69Discussion topics for MIUI v10for the test, thanks21.03.19, 08:13
yayzelopXiaomi Mi5 - DiscussionTHX20.03.19, 08:55
al.chib® XposedTHANK))19.03.19, 16:17
woldyMiXplorerAnd thank you.)16.03.19, 13:57
AXD91ForPDA Newhelped16.03.19, 12:31
Smoker.94In the profileThank!15.03.19, 15:07
yura1967® XposedThank!11.03.19, 16:20
DISPLAY® LuckyPatcher by ChelpuSFor fix)11.03.19, 02:28
SolnischkoIn the profileAccept my thanks28.02.19, 12:32
VvictoriaIn the profilethank28.02.19, 12:30
igorl4146® XposedCorrectly written, I support.26.02.19, 19:48
ValentinusXiaomi Mi5 - MIUI firmwarethank! I'll try it in the evening :) I'm afraid to stay without communication26.02.19, 10:30
utyf69In the profile+19.02.19, 14:33
max77.LG G3 - DiscussionFor the answer on the forum. Thanks, I will try12.02.19, 14:39
alnim549® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interface+12.02.19, 08:59
kos_DHDViber: Calls and MessagesFor humor))09.02.19, 10:01
most771Viber: Calls and MessagesFor the wit! Well done !!!!09.02.19, 09:09
olha2007In the profileHave fun in the topic of varnishes))08.02.19, 10:15
Semen2010In the profileFor help07.02.19, 22:33
STEPATRONPower consumption (autonomy) Xiaomi mi5Thank07.02.19, 18:10
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