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pahandIn the profilethank07.04.19, 19:42
tigraaaMagisk Module Collection+07.04.19, 13:27
uti_putinFans Magisk Clubfor tulzu07.04.19, 11:28
GoshvitFans Magisk ClubMagisk_Manager_Recovery_Tool_v1.807.04.19, 05:49
Spiner88In the profilefor a tip-up to the site, to read the logs of connecting headphones on bluetooth07.04.19, 02:43
pablo9023® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interface+07.04.19, 02:15
WebtravellerXiaomi Redmi 6 - Discussionthanks for the answer07.04.19, 00:36
alexey.belarusIn the profile+07.04.19, 00:02
chtepaIn the profilethank06.04.19, 21:55
esleer®Discussion modules for MagiskFor active assistance in the branch.05.04.19, 15:52
woffkaMagisk Module CollectionEnergized Protection - Magisk Update31.03.19, 23:18
Nikolay NaimovPowerampThank you did not think31.03.19, 18:04
Bgast®Discussion modules for MagiskThanks for the module and for the podskzsku31.03.19, 10:59
n0rtLan®FeraDroid EngineFor advice31.03.19, 10:13
woffka®Discussion modules for MagiskLet's wait ...30.03.19, 23:17
eugene.vXiaomi Redmi 6 - Discussionandrobench30.03.19, 19:27
_vtk_In the profileFor a tip to optimize miui29.03.19, 00:33
eDumpFuncl Al - DiscussionThank! Wow from such a hack =)28.03.19, 23:43
MuJlaHaIn the profileFor humor28.03.19, 01:08
IracoolFuncl Al - Discussionfor help27.03.19, 00:15
GaSer2In the profilefor the help!27.03.19, 00:15
Ilyich 89Funcl Al - Discussionthank26.03.19, 23:18
woffkaFans Magisk Clubthank26.03.19, 23:08
Donkey® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfacePalych - big senks for tips25.03.19, 14:15
toxa246Xiaomi Redmi 6 - MIUI firmwarethank24.03.19, 23:51
sasha7610® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceThank you very much. Almost 2 weeks raped the phone. Everything worked.24.03.19, 19:30
Anatoliy sergeevichMagisk Module Collection+23.03.19, 20:32
washerronMagisk Module CollectionFor the constant updating and development of the topic23.03.19, 19:57
vassya363Xiaomi Redmi 6 - MIUI firmwareSometimes there are not enough words ....23.03.19, 19:52
Davy_J®Discussion modules for MagiskDetailed response22.03.19, 23:25
finovFuncl Al - Discussion+22.03.19, 23:05
Region (95)In the profileThanks for the clarification on the modules.22.03.19, 21:46
A.DoloridaHuawei Mate 10 Pro - DiscussionUseful information22.03.19, 11:26
yayzelop® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceTHX20.03.19, 08:55
Anatoliy sergeevichMagisk Module Collection+18.03.19, 22:20
konstr35Magisk Module Collection:)18.03.19, 20:39
Slang2Magisk Module CollectionHello from the telegram18.03.19, 19:49
woffkaMagisk Module CollectionNFS-INJECTOR [GodSpeed]18.03.19, 07:19
Goshvit® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceRegular help to users.17.03.19, 19:31
esleer® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceI completely agree. People have forgotten how to read, not what to translate.17.03.19, 18:59
mul'tik.66Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - Unofficial firmware+)) 👍😉15.03.19, 20:04
Psineur® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceCap for wimps))14.03.19, 18:57
woffkaMagisk Module CollectionLKT v1., 23:17
Mr.Angel.In the profilethank11.03.19, 09:52
SyngentaIn the profileTHX)10.03.19, 20:58
Obven iGoogle Pay does not workRaised the mood straight his post :-D10.03.19, 20:49
klavkin2010In the profile+10.03.19, 17:46
SergKul® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interfacethank10.03.19, 15:09
klavkin2010In the profile+09.03.19, 08:25
klavkin2010In the profile+07.03.19, 09:36
Grokg® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceFor a separate vansed. How I put it from the interisco once, she used it, knowing that it was separate)07.03.19, 00:52
Papa [BOP]In the profileBoard06.03.19, 00:24
klavkin2010In the profile+05.03.19, 21:31
pazzlxxxMagisk Module CollectionFont04.03.19, 10:07
DenSosed® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceFor responsiveness!03.03.19, 16:54
NomatterBluetooth-headset-Headphones-Hands-Free-Speakers, Select.Thank!03.03.19, 14:40
nikasaIn the profile+++ I believe, but the soul is heated when there is 44.1 and in poweramp 44.1)02.03.19, 21:23
Bond00736In the profileLtd. ... This is already serious. Pasib for info)))02.03.19, 01:49
Ilyich 89Funcl Al - DiscussionFunny you, however))01.03.19, 22:36
Ilyich 89Bluetooth-headset-Headphones-Hands-Free-Speakers, Select.well done)))27.02.19, 09:19
phpinfoGetting ROOTplus for understanding the subject matter26.02.19, 19:21
Fedot01Solid Explorer File Manager:)26.02.19, 04:03
Doctor Di @ BLOPowerampLaconic26.02.19, 02:46
tvvworkIn the profileFor the module.25.02.19, 18:41
Smart_ua® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interface+125.02.19, 13:52
Rusakaksu® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceThank you for your activity)24.02.19, 20:15
tvvworkMagisk Module CollectionFor mod lkt23.02.19, 18:33
Ilyich 89Bluetooth-headset-Headphones-Hands-Free-Speakers, Select.$ 46 Funcl Al is pretty good20.02.19, 22:28
kostolomus® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interfacethank19.02.19, 00:53
alisenko99® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceFor additional knowledge18.02.19, 21:19
maximon11023099® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interfacethank17.02.19, 23:00
Frost41Magisk Module CollectionFor lkt!17.02.19, 13:18
gardenerWhat is a sense of life..‽Thank you for your attitude.13.02.19, 12:37
bounce78Huawei Mate 10 Pro - Discussionthank13.02.19, 10:50
[-Aleksiy-]Magisk Module CollectionThank!13.02.19, 10:29
gardenerWhat is a sense of life..‽"Although it is strange from you, referring to Him, to read that you do not know the meaning of life."11.02.19, 19:04
rammsteinzPowerampThank!11.02.19, 00:11
woffkaMagisk Module CollectionLKT ™10.02.19, 10:56
example17In the profileInsult, perezod on the individual, intolerance to the opinions of others09.02.19, 14:24
timotvFuncl Al - Discussionperson!08.02.19, 18:41
ZetAlienIn the profileFumbles04.02.19, 19:07
selga1Bluetooth-headset-Headphones-Hands-Free-Speakers, Select.thanks for the answer04.02.19, 00:23
paraslovFuncl Al - Discussionthank03.02.19, 12:42
XBOCTHuawei Mate 10 Pro - DiscussionThanks for the answer about the search. So my search is lame, not because I switched to 9-ku without resetting.30.01.19, 10:18
Ilyich 89Mpow T5if the bodies are not at the priests29.01.19, 21:30
makler_dneprMagisk Module CollectionLKT28.01.19, 22:55
melburgerGoogle Play (Play Store)Ahaha, prorzhalsya, thanks)) Shkolota bothers, fact)28.01.19, 22:47
N0IIn the profileThanks for the tip, but no.27.01.19, 10:35
WinbladeBluetooth-headset-Headphones-Hands-Free-Speakers, Select.Thank you :) the price tag is just space :)27.01.19, 06:59
vovuskaHuawei Mate 10 Pro - DiscussionUseful25.01.19, 07:07
valpanukrHuawei Mate 10 Pro - DiscussionAnswer24.01.19, 00:00
esleer® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceFully agree colleague;)22.01.19, 00:43
cure72® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfacePassed)))21.01.19, 23:52
kotvmeshke008Huawei P10 - FirmwareYes21.01.19, 22:51
geogsmHuawei Mate 10 Pro - Firmware+ for correct reasoning bricks21.01.19, 10:51
stimul-temIn the profileThank you for your help.20.01.19, 22:05
esleer® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceFor active help constantly asking in the branch;)20.01.19, 16:04
tanyamazetkaHuawei Mate 10 Pro - DiscussionFor help18.01.19, 23:21
GoshvitIn the profile"schA will give both twrp and boot and custom" I already wanted to sleep, and now "under the table."17.01.19, 22:52
kotvmeshke008® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceFor indifference to the problem17.01.19, 22:02
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