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greatswordIn the profilemiui30.12.18, 23:06
batman9286In the profileThank you for helping with the settings.30.12.18, 14:59
ReksusMotorola Moto G / G Plus 5th Gen - DiscussionThank!30.12.18, 04:28
KrazeeIn the profilefor the dialer :)29.12.18, 23:22
odessa PiratesIn the profileAll the best in the new year!29.12.18, 15:26
KaragandA-29In the profileThank you for your help. Holiday greetings! Igor29.12.18, 09:49
batman9286In the profileThank you for helping with the TV.28.12.18, 19:42
delovoi85In the profileFor the mod Fullscreen photo !!!27.12.18, 22:37
KrazeeIn the profileas always - thank you so much!27.12.18, 20:28
batman9286In the profile;)27.12.18, 10:55
RusmMotorola Moto Z Play / Moto Z Play Droid - Modification and decorationsModified widget "Command Center"25.12.18, 02:18
$ uicide_boyIn the profileFor instructions24.12.18, 19:40
snuk182Motorola Moto Z Play 2th Gen - DiscussionGood advice23.12.18, 23:36
Muxa52In the profileEUI 6.1 FINAL23.12.18, 08:20
alekcey32aIn the profileShare a program21.12.18, 18:40
hcjbMotorola Moto Z Play / Moto Z Play Droid - Modification and decorationsThanks for the firmware and for the help.19.12.18, 15:53
BORETS24Editing framework-res.apkFor help in fixing icons17.12.18, 22:56
OutsIn the profileThanks a lot for your help..17.12.18, 20:57
Errorr dataMotorola Moto Z Play 2th Gen - DiscussionFor help in the forum17.12.18, 20:08
HtimenMotorola Moto G 5th Gen S - DiscussionMighty mod17.12.18, 18:53
pipplIn the profilethank17.12.18, 18:45
CHeauNMotorola Moto Z Play / Moto Z Play Droid - Modification and decorationsThanks for the great widget!17.12.18, 16:55
Peterm123454Editing framework-res.apkThanks for pointing to dimens.xml)17.12.18, 15:49
Slavik1000In the profileFor responsiveness!17.12.18, 13:14
BulBul075In the profileFor help!16.12.18, 14:46
Mirage74In the profileThanks for the help +16.12.18, 12:56
iuwknNm8In the profilethank you very much16.12.18, 11:54
KaragandA-29In the profileI thank Igor for the help!14.12.18, 18:02
lubik1In the profileas usual, for help!)13.12.18, 22:04
Slavik1000In the profileThank !!!12.12.18, 22:04
aliwarisIn the profileThanks to the autonomous11.12.18, 21:07
K0SM0CMotorola Moto Z Play / Moto Z Play Droid - Modification and decorations+11.12.18, 19:36
Slavik1000In the profileThank !11.12.18, 15:05
lolexSony Xperia Mod Clubthank you11.12.18, 11:53
albertichMotorola Moto Z (3th Gen) - DiscussionFor files on the volume11.12.18, 09:44
Ts sunriseMotorola Moto Z Play 2th Gen - Discussionquite an interesting infa)11.12.18, 03:27
2_unlimitedMotorola Moto Z Play 2th Gen - Discussion+ For an educational program;)10.12.18, 23:57
shekanyaMotorola Moto Z Play 2th Gen - DiscussionThank you for the information. Paranoia receded.10.12.18, 20:30
KDAISIn the profileFor help10.12.18, 16:32
Mirage74In the profileThanks for the help in editing +10.12.18, 16:30
Slavik1000In the profileThanks again for your help!10.12.18, 11:03
aliwarisIn the profileThank you for your Samsung camera08.12.18, 19:08
R4shIn the profileThank you for the excellent and assembly work! I came back after the experiments with 9 AOSP your sink with buns. The new android - need nvy device obviously.08.12.18, 13:52
Slavik1000In the profileThank you for advice and help, and do not refuse!08.12.18, 13:28
lubik1In the profileVery helpful!08.12.18, 10:57
holzmaIn the profilefor fullskrin07.12.18, 16:57
mcarrowlawIn the profileButtons response to the dialer!06.12.18, 23:57
Slavik1000In the profileThanks for the tips!06.12.18, 21:58
odessa PiratesIn the profileThank you for your help and hard work!06.12.18, 19:27
McbrookeEditing framework-res.apk+ I have this hnyu a month on the forum looking for ... see everyone likes to stretch the curtain)06.12.18, 16:02
runelsIn the profileAnswer buttons in the dialer06.12.18, 00:24
Slavik1000In the profileFor help!05.12.18, 21:04
mcarrowlawIn the profileDo not forget about FulSkrin !!!05.12.18, 20:56
$ amuelIn the profileSorry, I lost his temper. Pardonte ...05.12.18, 15:20
ninja88In the profileI agree completely.05.12.18, 15:03
shekanyaMotorola Moto Z Play 2th Gen - DiscussionIntelligible03.12.18, 18:25
Matrom73rusMotorola Moto Z Play / Moto Z Play Droid - Modification and decorationsfor much modification and rapid assistance)02.12.18, 12:37
proscritIn the profileKick))01.12.18, 14:40
odessa PiratesIn the profileThank you for your help!01.12.18, 11:32
lubik1In the profilefor the help!30.11.18, 23:39
SyndicateRSSIn the profileThank you for fashion watches XZs29.11.18, 21:29
mcarrowlawMotorola Moto Z Play / Moto Z Play Droid - Modification and decorationsAlmost manual dialer for full-screen !!!
One small lacking
29.11.18, 14:46
/ Helix /In the profileThanks a lot for your help.29.11.18, 12:01
odessa PiratesIn the profileThanks for the instruction!28.11.18, 22:58
greatswordIn the profileEditing system resources28.11.18, 19:23
n-ilyasIn the profileThank!27.11.18, 21:09
vitas_ZEMotorola Moto Z Play / Moto Z Play Droid - Modification and decorationsModified widget "Command Center"27.11.18, 16:04
KaragandA-29In the profileThank you27.11.18, 15:21
djoi251In the profileGravitybox27.11.18, 14:41
greatswordIn the profileFor editing navbar'a26.11.18, 18:37
$ uicide_boyIn the profileFor help25.11.18, 11:24
KrazeeIn the profilethank you, thank you very much24.11.18, 18:42
vladreversIn the profileThanks for pointing method;)24.11.18, 03:46
XsHaWnXIn the profileThank!23.11.18, 18:12
proscritIn the profileMutually)))
where I'm from here I go?)
23.11.18, 10:03
mcarrowlawIn the profileFor victory over CardView in SberbankOnlayn !!!23.11.18, 00:27
ivanvanovEditing framework-res.apkThank you very much for the work done to finalize the dialer, use as is, in any case, it is better than it was before your modifikatsii.spasibo!22.11.18, 10:41
SvatSVEditing framework-res.apkThank you for your hard work! It is a matter of respect and admiration.
21.11.18, 21:27
/:-)In the profileHonored curator!20.11.18, 22:05
djoi251In the profileRAM-MHz20.11.18, 09:23
KrazeeIn the profilefor their continued desire to help!19.11.18, 22:55
... PA ...Editing framework-res.apkthanks! sorry (I stupidly deleted a row, I will be corrected19.11.18, 22:15
greatswordIn the profilefor an explanation of deodeksirovaniyu18.11.18, 20:37
ArthurIn the profileThank you very much!17.11.18, 19:48
velikashkinMotorola Moto Z Play / Moto Z Play Droid - Modification and decorationsThank you17.11.18, 19:30
djoi251In the profileThanks for the help.16.11.18, 22:13
ma.loyIn the profileAs always, thanks for your help and responsiveness!15.11.18, 22:57
Spike_kgzEditing framework-res.apkFor assistance framework-res.15.11.18, 10:34
Cobra11111In the profileOnce again, thank you very much for your help and support.14.11.18, 17:26
KrazeeIn the profilefor the bright muzzle face! :)14.11.18, 11:25
mcarrowlawEditing framework-res.apkIt should be read most of your messages - useful !!!14.11.18, 00:47
Cobra11111Editing framework-res.apkabout transitions cond I know how to edit registers know. And I did not take offense at anyone. Just the author silent all. And thank you for the help13.11.18, 16:53
grandfather MopozMotorola Moto Z Play 2th Gen - DiscussionThanks for the help! Everything worked out!)13.11.18, 14:47
KaragandA-29Editing framework-res.apkdialog box at the bottom of the screen12.11.18, 01:10
ivanvanovEditing framework-res.apkI express my gratitude to the man otnosshemusya sympathetic to my request, edit the settings of the original cover .spasibo!11.11.18, 23:27
OutsEditing framework-res.apk+11.11.18, 21:19
art0502verOffline settingsThanks for the work you've done!11.11.18, 08:44
destroyer71In the profileShake your hand. Respectfully!!!11.11.18, 02:27
cherva70In the profileFor the principled stance10.11.18, 22:43
zorin94In the profileYou're very brave protested10.11.18, 22:39
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