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Explanation of different ways to sort and search using a list of users.
The list of users opening the 'Users' link located at the top of each page is a list of all users who have registered on the user forum.

Simple search
If you want to find a specific user by his name, you can enter the user name in the leftmost field. The 'Starts with' field allows you to find all users whose names begin with the letters entered, and the 'Contains' field will search for user names containing the specified letter combination.

If you want to find only those users who have a photo in their profile, tick the field "Must have a photo". You can also narrow the search by specifying the user's gender or his minimum rating.

Advanced Search
By clicking on the "Open more options ..." button, you will see fields with additional user search criteria.

The homepage contains: a search for users will be organized with a homepage in the profile containing the search characters.

Signature contains: by analogy with the field Homepage contains, search in users' signatures will be organized.

Messengers: In this field you can search for user names in the main messaging programs used (messengers)

Message and date range: Allows you to narrow your search by specifying a specific message or date options, for example, users registered after a certain date, or users who posted more than a certain number of messages.

Immediately below the search field is a set of fields for sorting the results. You can select a specific group (or All users) in the first field, and then sort the search results by Name, Messages, Registration Date or Rating (if enabled) either in ascending order (AZ), or in descending order (ZA ). In the last field you can specify the number of found users displayed per page of results.

a list of users
Below are short profiles of users that match your search criteria. Briefly displays the basic data about the user and photos, if available. By clicking on the user's photo or his name, you can view his full profile, add him as a friend, send him a LAN or find all his messages.

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