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In our sections the system of markers works. In social networks, this is called hashtags. These markers allow you to select among the devices you are interested in, programs or other thematic discussions.

List of markers in sections
My computer (desktop)

Laptops and Tablet PCs
  • [notebook] - Ordinary laptops
  • [tabletpc] - A laptop that can be used in tablet mode without using a keyboard.
  • [netbook] - A small sized notebook (about 10 inches) that has a weak iron.
  • [umpc] - Ultra mobile laptop with weak iron and a screen of about 5 inches.

Internet and network equipment

Search instructions. Parsing a marker link, or how to do it yourself
The search engine itself:

& query = [MARKER] . Here is the name of the marker. In the case, if you need to find, for example, all the firmware of the Huawei brand, we add the huawei to the search marker, i.e. part of the search link gets view & query = firmware + huawei ( ready link )

& forums = ID_FORUM . Select the ID of the section in which to do the search. For example, you are not satisfied with the search, which uses a combination of markers, then you can change the link in the part of the search for a specific section. Subsection Huawei has an ID of 922, you, as before, need Huawei network equipment firmware, then this part of the link changes to & forums = 922 ( ready link ).
Let's complicate the task a bit. For example, you needed to find firmware from two manufacturers at the same time, for example Huawei (partition ID = 922) and ZTE (partition ID = 919). In this case, comma-separated, we write the partition ID and get& forums = 922,919 (ready link).

& subforums = 1 . This option allows you to search even in all subsections of the section, if any. If you are interested in searching only by the root of the section - 1 is changed to 0.

& sort = SORT_PARAMETER . For example dd - by the date of the last message. There are also search options: rel - by relevance, da - from old to new.

& result = topics - Search only in the header and description. Search by marker works correctly only with this value.

& nohl = 1 - this parameter removes the yellow highlight in the search results. If you want to customize the search in a graphic form - just delete this part.

& noform = 1 - hides the search forum.

Section structure

  • My computer - this is the main [main] subsection, it discusses various operating systems, programs, games and news of the IT world. Also in this subsection, you can consult on the choice of components on the desktop PC, solve your problems and just chat with like-minded people. The root partition is placed Section Rules , the administration’s feedback with users and other topics, for example, "Laboratory" - a kind of “smoking room” of IT people, a topic for sharing interesting information, announcements of new products in the IT industry, discussing technical issues that are not covered by any of the existing topics and other things

  • Laptops and Tablet PCs - This section is devoted to laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks and similar devices. The root section discusses general device issues.

  • Internet and network equipment - in this section we discuss problems related to networks, as well as routers, modems, firmware for them, we solve problems that arise and so on. The root section discusses network settings, Internet access, fixed routers and other network equipment.

New themes are createdat the root of the section you need . Provides a convenient wizard to create a new theme. In the future, new topics will be processed by moderators.

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