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Be sure to check outGeneral Forum Rules!

1. Rules of communication

1.1 New topics must be created in the root section. My computer (desktop) - in the future, at the discretion of the moderator, they will be moved to the appropriate subsections. Subjects designed in violation of the rules will be closed.
1.2.1. The section "My Computer" discusses issues related to personal computers (PCs).
1.2.2. The section "Laptops and Tablet PCs" discusses laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks, their technical characteristics and features of their operation.
1.2.3. The section "Internet and Network Equipment" discusses issues on routers, modems, mobile access points and other network equipment.
1.3. You can create topics to discuss common problems associated with individual modules of the device, for example, with a battery, modem, etc. The creation of such topics should be coordinated with the section moderators.
1.4. It is possible to create separate topics dedicated to the discussion of a common problem common to many devices, for example, " Windows XP on gma3600 / 3650 �, � Cable for simultaneously charging the tablet and connecting peripherals " etc. The creation of such topics should be coordinated with the section moderators.
1.5. To discuss general issues that do not imply further development of the topic, as well as questions on a specific device problem (provided that there is no separate topic for discussing this device), for example, "the touchpad, sound, touchscreen, etc., do not work," refer to the topic "Ambulance laptop owners" .

2. Rules for topics

2.1 In all topics on programs, it is desirable that the download link leads to the official website of this utility or free resources (ya.disk and other file sharing services with free download without restrictions or torrents), where they do not offer to pay money for access to the file or greater speed. Links to turbo bits, deposits and their ilk will be deleted.
2.2. Discussion of navigation, navigation software should be conducted in the appropriate section of the forum "Navigation" , general technical issues are discussed in the section "Tehnotrepalka" .
2.3. It is forbidden to discuss issues related to the choice of devices for specific users or for specific needs - for this there is a section "Selection and Comparison" . This rule does not apply to topics that combine a large number of discussed devices, for example Build a non-gaming PC / Computer for work
2.4. If the problem, because of which you created the topic, is resolved, click the Complaint button and report it to the section moderator. If the problem is solved independently, tell "how" in the same topic. Perhaps someone will need it in the future.
2.5. If there is no response to the new topic for more than 14 days, it will be deleted, because irrelevant or not willing to talk on this topic.
If the topic has 10 or less posts, then it can also be removed at the discretion of the section moderators 90 days after the last post in the topic - as irrelevant.
If the issue is resolved and the topic is closed at the request of the topstarter or by the decision of the moderator, it is removed from the section within 10 days after closing. References to moved topics are also relevant.
2.6. If the topic is necessary to pick up important information in the header:
In the topic itself, leave a message in which you literally and as accurately as possible describe the specific solution and / or important data on the substance of the discussion. Or a link to the post, where, again, the solution is described as accurately as possible. After that, click on the "Complaint" button and report the request to enter data into the topic header.
The degree of importance and usefulness of your message to add it to the header is determined by the section moderators.

3. Pay attention

3.1.Software for PC, as well as the OS itself, is FORBIDDEN on the forum!
3.2. Do not distribute unverified or false information! Laying out reviews and articles, we kindly ask you to indicate the source.

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