> Announcement: Rules section "Devices for home and entertainment"

1. General provisions:
  • The section "Devices for home and entertainment" discusses stand-alone electronic devices designed for use at home, as well as devices for entertainment.
  • In all topics of the section are fully operational.Resource rules .
  • These rules are not exhaustive in all possible matters and are subject to change without notice.

2. Rules for creating topics:
  • Each device is discussed in a separate topic. If necessary and at the discretion of the moderators, additional topics may be created to discuss specific aspects of the device (for example, firmware, purchases or accessories).
  • New themes are created for devices on the market. Announced but not released devices are discussed in the section.New items .
  • New topics are created at the root of the section usingMasters .
  • New topics for programs, games, content for the device are created in the relevant sections of the forum.
  • You are welcome,Do not create a topic if you are not going to seriously discuss the device for a long time. For "I only ask" we have Stupid Smart Device Questions .
  • To facilitate the search, a system of markers works in the section, which are assigned to a topic when it is created. The list of markers with explanations is located below:
    directory of section markers with comments
    [Drone] - devices on remote control (quadcopter and multicopter and other drones);
    [Game] - game peripherals (gamepads, controllers, accessories);
    [Headphones] - smart headsets and headphones;
    [Health] - home devices for health (smart tonometers, thermometers, scales);
    [Hoover] - robot vacuum cleaners;
    [Robots] - robotics in a broad sense (programmable designers, blocks, controllers);
    [SmartHome] - components of the system "Smart Home";
    [Vape] - electronic cigarettes;
    [Vehicle] - smart transport (mono-wheels, electric bicycles, electric cycles, scooters, etc.);
    [VR] - virtual reality systems;
    [Other] - other devices not listed in the categories above.
  • When creating a theme, a template for the header is automatically generated. Deviations from the design template are allowed only in agreement with the section moderators.
  • Before creating a theme, please useSearch : perhaps a similar theme already exists. Duplication of topics in the section is not allowed.

3. Message creation rules:
  • Before creating a message, please use the search on the topic: perhaps your question has already been discussed.
  • It is forbidden to deviate from the topic, creating messages that do not carry useful information (flood, offtopic).
  • It is forbidden to discuss issues related to the search and selection of devices for specific needs - for this there is a sectionSelection and Comparison .
  • Prohibited publicationreferral materials , links to paid file sharing, resources that require registration to receive data.
  • The publication of private ads for the purpose of buying, selling or exchanging devices, accessories and other things is allowed only in the sectionFlea market .
  • Large text and images must be removed in the spoiler. Check out the topicWorking with Images on the forum for information on this.

4. Final provisions:
  • To facilitate access to information and improve its quality, topics in a section can be closed as irrelevant, moved to other sections of the forum or archived, connected to other topics or shared. For the same purposes, moderators can format individual messages and move them.
  • The removal of topics and messages that violate these Rules is made without any notification of the author.
  • Maintaining order is the prerogative of the administration. If you see a violation - please use the button.Pictureto communicate with the moderator. Do not try to resolve the conflict yourself: the moderators will take all necessary measures.
  • If you decide to try yourself as a curator and meetRequirements for candidates Hosts Forum - submit an application in the subject I want to be curator .

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