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In the section are all without exceptionForum Rules .

1. General provisions and recommendations for communication

1.1. Section Trepalka is designed to discuss various issues - all that does not fit into the framework of the profile, technical sections of the forum and just friendly communication between users.savagemessiahzine.com.
1.2. Communicating in the section Trepalka, use literary words and expressions. Communicate culturally and politely. Otherwise, the Administration reserves the right to edit your messages, and in some cases apply appropriate measures for their writing. Please do not turn the forum into a social network “wall” or chat.
1.3. In connection with the frequent cases of the so-called "reputation wrap" (when users begin to raise their reputation for each other just like that), we remind you that when such situations are revealed, all the advantages that violate the rules will be canceled and the participants will be held accountable according to the Forum Rules. We sincerely believe that you come here for interesting and friendly communication, and not for "quickly write something and get a bunch of plus signs in the turnip."
1.4 Message counter in our section is disabled.

2. Rules and guidelines for creating topics and posts

2.1. New themes are created in the root section of the Trepalka. Later, after moderation, the topics will be transferred to the appropriate sub-forum or closed by the decision of the section moderators.
2.2. When creating a new topic, be careful. Perhaps this (similar) topic already exists.
2.3. Topics and messages implying a holivar in any manifestation should be created in the section "Meat grinder" .
2.4. The creation of topics and messages causing interracial, interethnic or interfaith enmity is prohibited.
2.5. It is forbidden to create topics and messages related to a request for material assistance, regardless of the purpose to which it will be sent.
2.6. It is prohibited to create topics and posts with links to resources containing obscene materials, pornography, sect resources, etc.
2.7. It is forbidden to create topics and messages of a political nature. Breaker - out of politics.
2.8. It is forbidden to upload archives with a password.
2.9. When creating a new topic, we ask you to use common sense. No need to create a new topic just for the theme. In the section there are already topics where you can simply communicate ( Fludilka-Boltalka , "indulge" ( Ward № 6 ). Pofludit free topic can be here Skin color change<- Joy prof. flooder , and at the same time to pass Flooding test . A more complete list of existing topics in the section you can find in Trepler Guide .
2.10. Topics that have lost their relevance (meaning), or communication in which is reduced to "hello - bye", "gygykanu" and smileflood, are closed by the decision of the Section Moderators.
2.11. Analogs (doubles) of existing themes are unconditionally closed or merged, or deleted (a topic with an earlier date is considered a priority).
2.12. Allowed the creation of forum games:
  • implying a certain model of the "virtual world (life)", subject to a clear description of the requirements and acceptable models of the "virtual personality";
  • implying a logical ending (victory), i.e. must be clearly specified conditions or events that reveal the winner.

3. Rules for cleaning the section:

3.1. Topics in which there is no activity for one to two weeks, or containing less than ten posts, are closed.
3.2. Closed topics are deleted / transferred to the archive after five days.
3.3. Topics that are not intended for the section "Trepalka", are transferred to the appropriate sections.

The resource administration reserves the right to change existing rules without warning!

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