> Announcement: Rules section and FAQ on creating and updating topics
Rules section and FAQ on creating and updating topics

Android OS FAQ- read if you are new to the system.

Topic creation
Before creating a topicread the recommendationsand make sure that:
The following applications are prohibited for publication:
  • mobile earning goals: earning onreferrals, mining cryptocurrency, advertising clickers, etc.
  • containing obscene and pornographic information
  • Themes with the presence of a large number of erotic content screenshots can be either deleted or edited by moderators to bring them into proper form.
  • themes with applications whose sole purpose is only to view the web page of a website, without additional functionality. PR third-party resources, veiled under the application will be stopped.
  • Topics created using on-line services, for example, AppsGeyser.
Also in the sectionAndroid - Programsfully operationalForum Rules

Rules for creating topics:
  • Availability of files on the serversavagemessiahzine.com:
    - apk-files
    - exe-files for PC applications
    - zip-archives with files for installation viaCWM
  • The presence of a brief description in one line, in Russian, in one sentence clearly and concisely describing the purpose of the program
  • Availability of the description in Russian or English (when placing the description in English, it is recommended to leave a request for translation of the description inspecial topic), reuploading machine translations is prohibited
  • The presence of full-sizescreenshots.
    Animated screenshots and screenshots with tags from other sites are not allowed. Please note that the size of the application icon / logo inthe wizardshould be no more than 200x200 (and at least 120 Г— 120) pixels.
  • The presence of a link to Google Play, and in the absence of an application there - a link to the source with the obligatory indication of authorship. If the author is an application releaser, then this should also be displayed in the subject.
  • No changes to the standard templateTheme Masters(eg inserting a logo in front of the program name)

If one or several points of these rules are not fulfilled when creating a topic, the moderator writes in the topic a list of violations that need to be corrected. If violations are not corrected - the fate of the topic is decided by the moderators.
Also please note that when creating a topic, the button "complaint" is not necessary to press! The moderators themselves will look at the design of the topic and transfer it to the desired section.

Software update

Release a new (or translated) version
To properly lay out a new (or translated) version of the program, you need to use the toolReleaser.(link is clickable)
If it is not in the quick response form, you must perform the following steps:
  • upload apk (exe, zip) file to new post
  • clearly indicate the version of the program
  • be sure to add a list of changes
  • publish the post and report it to the moderators on the button "complaint" (If the topic has a curator, the "complaint" button should not be pressed )

Attention! If you personally update the program in the header, do not forget to change the version number, the date of the last edit and hide the old version under the spoiler. The "complaint" button in this case is not necessary to press.

Update and add screenshots
To properly lay out new screenshots, you must perform the following steps:
  • load full size into postscreenshots
  • do not write any important text in the same post
  • publish the post and report it to the moderators on the button "complaint"
  • When adding screenshots to a message, remove the images in the spoilerHow to clean the image under the spoiler

Publication prohibited links to:
  • paid file sharing.
  • resources requiring registration for data retrieval.
  • social networks and instant messengers.

What else you need to know about the releases in our section
  • Not paint messagesdifferentflowersRbutdatgand, don't write them in letters different sizeandnachert Hania- Your messages are already clearly visible.
  • publication of modified versions of the application (mods) in the subject where the author / developer of the application is actively present is allowed only with the consent of the author.
  • if the installation files are too large to upload to the forum, they can be downloaded to free file sharing services like narod.ru or clouds like dropbox. Links to paid file sharing services will be deleted, and their especially active posters will be punished for commerce.
  • each program is a separate topic. Release of application collections is prohibited. However, you can create a separate post in the project.Custom Application Directoryaccording to the cap.
  • The forum has an automatic QR code system. To do this, you must activate the function inforum settings. The publication of QR codes by images is prohibited.
  • If you want to share news about Android OS applications, welcome to the topic.News from the world of software for Android OS
  • Our resource is not intended to completely and completely duplicate information from Google Play. The version of the program indicated in the header of the discussion thread indicates the version of the file that is available for downloading fromsavagemessiahzine.com. In this regard, the version indicated in the topic header may differ from the latest available on Google Play.

Information for software developers

If you are a developer and actively participate in the discussion of your own program, answering questions from users, then you canin my profile (with the obligatory indication of links to topics dedicated to your software) to place information with details for donation (donations) for the development of programs. In the header of your topic, you can write about it with a link to your own profile.
Directly in the header of the topic and messages, it is strictly prohibited to indicate the details for donation!

These rules are mandatory for all users of the section.Android - Programs. For malicious violation of certain points may be followed by punishment. And most importantly - remember that releasing programs, posting new versions, helping to update descriptions and screenshots you work for users.

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