> Announcement: Information for future curators
Dear forum users who want to supervise the topics in the sectionAndroid - Programs

To become a curator of a topic, you need:
1. To get acquainted withTextbook "School of Curatorssavagemessiahzine.com" and Rules and recommendations for curators
2. To knowResource Rules and Rules section and FAQ on creating and updating topics
3. Place an application in the section:I want to be curator
4. Examine and comply withFAQ for curators and topic themes of the Android section - Programs

Our requirements:
* Group not lower"Friendssavagemessiahzine.com" ;
* The term of stay on the Forum from the moment of registration is not less than 3 months;
* The number of pages in the topic - at least five with a standard display of 20 posts per page. (We draw your attention to the fact that topics that, although they fall under this requirement, but are inactive, do not need a curator);
* The minimum number of useful messages in the topic - at least ten (considered individually in each case, depending on the volume of the topic);
* The presence of useful "responses" from the topic;
* No high level warnings.

Applications for supervision, sent to the QMS and through the "complaint" button, are not considered by moderators.

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