> Announcement: Information for future curators
Dear forum users who want to supervise topics in the "Android Games" section!
To become a curator of a topic, you need:
1. To get acquainted withRequirements for candidates for the curators of the forum
2. To knowForum Rules
3. Place a request in the subject:I want to be curator
Our requirements:
* Group not lower"Friendssavagemessiahzine.com";
* The term of stay on the Forum from the moment of registration is at least 3 months;
* The number of pages in the topic - at least 10;
* The minimum number of useful posts in the topic - at least 10 (depending on the size of the topic is considered individually);
* The presence of "useful" responses from the topic;
* No increased (no more than 20%) warning level (or at least a month from the date of the removal of the last UE).
Also please study the topics:
- School of curators ;
- Textbook "School of Curatorssavagemessiahzine.com"
- Rules and recommendations for the curators of the forum
Applications for supervision, sent to private messages, moderators are not considered.

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