> Announcement: Internal Rules for Button Phones
Rules section "Push-button telephone"

1. In the section "Push-button telephones" all apply Forum Rules

2. In the section there are three main subsections:
2.1 Phones - Talk- Discussion of push-button phones, models, characteristics.
2.2 Phones - Firmware- Discussion of the firmware / decoupling from the operator / unlock.
2.3 Java programs and games- Discussion / search programs and games.

3. Rules for the creation of topics in the section push-button phones
3.1 Create topics in subsections according to their subject.
3.2 Topics that do not fit under any of the subsections on the subject are created in the root section (for example: general questions about phones, solving problems)
3.3 The title of the topic should be as informative as possible and at the same time brief.
3.4 It is not allowed to create themes with non-informative names (example: "Help to flash the phone")
3.5 The creation of topics not related to the subject of the subsection is not allowed (example: topic about firmware phone in the discussion section )
3.6 If you have any question, the problem is with the device. A separate topic dedicated to your device. not, then do not rush to createseparate topicin order to get one single answer. Ask your question in the topic Phones - Help, and you will be answered.
3.7 Themes about comparing or choosing a phone should be set in the section: Selection and Comparison

Hope for your understanding.
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