> Announcement: Principles of "Technotracks" and useful links
principles and rules of the section

0. Basics of the basics

When registering, you are familiar withGeneral Forum Rulesand pledged to comply with them. If you have not done so - it's time to do it now.
Remember that some topics may have specific rules (for example, message design requirements). Always read the caps, announcements, official messages of curators and moderators to be aware of.

1. About the idea of ​​"Technotrepalki"

In "Technotalker" communicate on any topic, one way or another connected with technology. And, although flooding and offtopic in "Tehnotrepalka" is allowed more than in the main sections of the forum, remember that it is worth adhering to a given topic. The main thing in "Technotrepalka" - "Techno", and not "Trepalka", well, and for completely free communication there is a special section"Breaker". In addition, for especially heated debates on any topic there is a section."Meat grinder"

2. This should not be done

2.1 Holivar.Not here. One boy was doing holivar under a blanket at night, and then he was shot in the knee. Holivar can only be done in the section "Meat grinder" .
2.2 Buying / selling.It is useless to try to sell, change and buy something here. Any trading on the forum is allowed only in the section. "Flea market" .
2.3 Paid exchangers, coupons, referrals, advertising, PR.Everything that gives a hidden benefit from clicks, downloads, views, transitions - under the ban. Unconditional promotional codes, giving only a discount, this, of course, does not apply.
2.4 WaresThe operating system and PC programs are not allowed. It is forbidden to directly discuss and publish hacking tools, cracks, keygens, keys, patched and cured versions of software. It is not forbidden to refer to someone else's experience in dark deeds, hiding the link in the [hidе] tag.
2.5 Flood, offtop.Despite the fact that the flood and offtopic in the "Technotalker" is allowed within very wide limits, it should not be misused.

3. Menu "Technical Repairs" and links to useful topics

Help with smartphones, phones, computers, laptops, network devices
  • The forum has a special category of topics - "First Aid", created specifically for "stupid" questions. When you cannot deal with a computer, smartphone, software, etc. - contact the "First Aid", do not hesitate: they will help you find the answer or prompt the desired topic. "First aid" in matters of smartphones is for:
    Windows phone
    Windows mobile
    In addition, in these sections will help you with the search for programs.
  • If you want to find a firmware or discussion of a specific mobile device, then find the device incataloggo down to the bottom of the page, and if in paragraph"Links" you see "Discussion", "Firmware", etc. - contact there.
  • With the computer will help you in sections"My computer (desktop)"(in the subject"Problems with BB"), with a laptop - in the section"Laptops and UMPC". Network equipment (routers and modems) is discussed in section"Internet and network equipment".
  • Additionally, you can view topics with a marker.[help]located in the sections "Technotrepalki".

Silly questions
"How to wash a cat?", "Who killed Kennedy?", "Is there life on Mars?" boil kettle (instructions for dummies) "and other issues we discuss in the topic"First Aid" Tehnotrepalki ". Yes, this is our little topic with all the answers.
In addition, see the search by marker.[help].
Help me choose the best device.
For the selection and comparison (not only smartphones, but also computers, laptops, televisions and in general, everything, even players and headphones) there is a section"Selection and Comparison". In addition, there are topicsSelection of network equipment, Selection of components for BBif you need to pick up computer hardware or network devices.
Tag Cloud
[help]- help.
[technoblabla]- Technotrap as it is.
[Sbc]- Single Board Computer (computer on one board).
[power]- power supplies, batteries, charging.
[service]- repair and service
[hardware]- okolozhelezny chatter: mobile processors, SoC, GPU.
[technology]- technologies: BT, Wi-Fi, USB ...
[problem]- a problem that, for some reason, is being discussed here.
[how-to]- how to do it.
[MNO]- cellular.
[hand-made]- made by hands

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