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Section RulesAndroid - Devices

1. General Provisions.
    In the section "Android - Devices" are all validResource rules savagemessiahzine.com.

  • 1.1. The section "Android - Devices" discusses the technical characteristics and features of the operation of smartphones, phablets and tablets on the Android OS platform.
  • 1.2. Discussion of each device is conducted in a separate topic. Exceptions are replica devices for which there are general discussion topics.
  • 1.2.1. Discussion of marriage, repair and other technical problems identified during operation, occurs in the topics in the title of which there is an addition "Marriage" .
  • 1.2.2. Everything related to the purchase of devices is discussed in the topics with the addition "Purchase" . Such topics are located in the subsection. Buying devices .
  • 1.2.3. Accessories for relevant Android devices are discussed in themes with the addition of "Accessories" . Topics are in subsection Device accessories .
  • 1.3. In the absence of useful activity for more than 3 months, the topic can be closed and moved to Archive .

2. Creating a new topic.
3. Writing messages.
    When writing messages in the section Android - Devices Act 4. Resource rules in full.
  • 3.1. It is forbidden to discuss issues on which profile topics are created in the relevant sections and links to these topics are present in the topic navigator. At the same time, messages related to the firmware are fully extended to Rules section "Android - Firmware" .
  • 3.2. If the question is not related specifically to the device, but to the Android OS platform in general, it is necessary to clarify it in the section Android - First Aid .
  • 3.3. It is forbidden to discuss issues related to the choice of devices for specific users or for specific needs, as well as to compare the device under discussion with others. For this there is a section Selection and Comparison .
  • 3.4. All graphic images must be removed under the spoiler ( Working with Images on the forum ).
  • 3.5. It is forbidden to post payment details of users.
  • 3.6. It is forbidden to publish links to paid file sharing services, as well as resources that require registration to receive data, including links to groups in social networks and various instant messengers.
  • 3.7. It is forbidden to lay out in the topics section of the program and the game, for which there are topics for discussion in the profile sections of the forum, instead publish links to relevant topics.
  • 3.8. It is forbidden to post requests for joint assistance related to vote wrapping, signatures and other things. To do this, use a special theme. Please vote! . A link to a message from the specified topic, you are entitled to place in the topic section "Android - Devices", to attract users, without holding its discussion.

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