> Announcement: A guide to help the user to repair.
Welcome to the section"Repair and Service".

In this section and in this topic, you will find everything you need to successfully solve problems with the repair of your device.

Below are useful links to topics from other sections of our forum:

1.0. Service for our machines
1.1. Problems with BB
1.2. Schemes and service of PDAs
1.3. Service, exchange and return of PC and other equipment
1.4. Purchase, warranty, and return / exchange of your devices.

1.5. Questions and problems with the battery or charger
1.6. Questions and problems associated with touchscreens, screens
1.7. Bluetooth headsets and troubleshooting
1.8. Memory Cards - Problem Solving.
1.9. Hangs up or does not turn on the PDA
1.10. Ask any questions not related to mobile technology!
1.11. Unsoldering, rapinovka connectors at the PDA

1.12. Help me fix the device! Independent repair of all types of mobile equipment.

1.13. Spare parts stores for PDAs and other mobile equipment
1.14. Purchase / sale / replacement parts

2.0. Terms and jargon

If you have a desire to talk, ask for advice on how to properly repair this or that equipment - ask your questions, according to the subject, in the above topics or in the sectionTehnotrepalka.
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