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Rules section "Android - Firmware"

1. In the section "Android - Firmware" are all Resource rulessavagemessiahzine.com and Terms of Information if givenRulesnot set otherwise.
2. Rules for creating themes:
2.1. The section "Android - Firmware" discusses firmware (including unofficial ones), kernels, unlocking the bootloader, getting root rights for smartphones and tablets.only on the platform Android .
2.2. The Android platform includes devices of any version of the Android operating system.
2.3. Discussion of general issues of flashing, kernels, unlocking the bootloader, getting root-rights of each device is conducted in the firmware topic of this device.
2.4. Discussion of specific firmware issues, their flaws and other issues related to these firmwares is conducted only in the themes according to the firmware data..
2.5. Before you create a topic, check out a list of similar topics; perhaps a similar one already exists! To do this, go to "Search", type in the search box the name of the device and mark "Results in the form of topics." Also, all the topics in the section are cataloged, to view the catalog you need to go toNavigator to the catalogs of the Android section of the device - Firmware , choose a manufacturer, go to the catalog of systematization of the subsection of this brand. Duplication of topics is punishable (at the discretion of the moderator: PO for 1 day, in case of repeated violation for a period of 3 days).
2.6. It is forbidden to create topics in which there is no discussion subject (firmware, kernels, ways to unlock the bootloader, ways to get root-rights).
2.7. It is forbidden to create topics with violationsRules for the design of headings .
2.8. Creation of topics not covered by Section 2.1. - 2.7prohibited !The topic will be closed, and its author can be punished at the discretion of the moderator.
2.9. Administration of the forum reserves the right to create in the section of topics devoted to the subject section and / or the work of the section and forum.

3. Rules for writing messages:
3.1. Before asking a question, read the FAQ on the Device and the Firmware (the link to the FAQ is located in the header of the discussion thread of the device firmware), if there is one. If you did not find the answer to your question in the FAQ on your device, or it is missing, then look for similar questions in generalAndroid FAQ and only if there is no answer ask. Users asking questions, the answers to which are listed in the FAQ can be punished at the discretion of the moderator (PO from 1 to 3 days).
3.1.1. If you are a beginner, we recommend to start by asking your questions in the subject.Android - First Aid .
3.2. It is forbidden to ask questions that are not directly related to a specific topic, do not carry a semantic load and have a clearly stimulating character (especially such as "When will you lay out?", "How long should the firmware be?" And similar).
3.3. To discuss the general issues of operating Android devices, there is a section.Android - Devices .
3.4. Embellishments are discussed inAndroid - Ornaments .
3.5. Placing payment details and links to electronic payment systems is prohibited.
3.6. It is forbidden to post ads for the sale and purchase of something. Any trade on the forum is allowed only in the section "Flea market ".
3.7. It is forbidden to discuss any issues related to the repair and service. For this there is a sectionRepair and Service .
3.8. It is forbidden to publish graphics in bmp format. For pictures and screenshots, use the formats png, gif, jpeg. All graphic images must be cleaned under the spoiler (Working with Images on the forum ). In the description of the content, except for the topic header, it is allowed to place a logo outside the spoiler of no more than 200 pixels on the larger side.
3.8.1. When publishing logs (device operation code logs, change lists, etc.) in open form, it is recommended to remove them into the code tag - "code".
3.9. It is forbidden to publish links to content (firmware, files, instructions, etc.) located on third-party resources that require registration, including direct (invite) or indirect links to groups in social networks and popular instant messengers (such as VKontakte, Viber, Telegram, etc.). .), paid file hosting services (access to which is carried out exclusively on a paid basis), including those that require installation of any utilities / managers for downloading. It is also prohibited to upload archives with a password if there is no password explicitly in the topic header, or in a message with the file. All content is provided freely, as an act of goodwill, on an “as is” basis.
3.9.1. It is forbidden to publish messages containing a description (including graphic - screenshots, logos, teasers, etc.) of firmware, kernels, various utilities and other software, without placing the content itself, or a link to download it.
3.9.2. When publishing a message with firmware:
- the name of the firmware and the version of the Android operating system must be indicated;
- it is recommended to create a complete description of the firmware using the followingClearance template .
3.10. It is forbidden to publish links to content (firmware, files, instructions, etc.) for the purpose of advertising your own website or any other third-party resource without prior approval from the Administration of the Forum. Links to joint withsavagemessiahzine.comprojects (devdb.ru, devfaq.ru) are allowed.
3.11. It is forbidden to distribute content (firmware, files, instructions, etc.) for commercial purposes, both on the forum and through personal messages.
3.12. It is forbidden to place requests for reloading files from sites, trackers, slow file services to a forum or to any other file sharing service convenient for you. To do this, use a special theme.Perezalete ... .
3.13. It is forbidden to post requests for joint assistance related to vote wrapping, signatures and other things. To do this, use a special theme.Please vote !. You can place a link to a message from the specified topic in the topic of the section "Android - Firmware" to attract users without discussing it.

3.14. For violation of rules 3.1 - 3.13, users can be punished at the discretion of the moderator.

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