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The game monitor is not cheap pleasure. The price of a high -frequency of update and resolution UWQHD will send an unlucky gamer to knock out more than which Mohammed Ali treated George Forman. What to do, take a loan or continue for the old 2008 TN Cabinet? As usual, a compromise in the middle. We study that Digma DM-Mong3410 is able to be a curved monitor with a quick matrix and interesting options.

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Porsche Design demonstrates the creative potential of the German concern outside the auto industry. The corporate identity is also recognized in the AGON PRO 27 monitor - this is the first model of the series entered the Russian market. The novelty received a 27-inch matrix with QHD resolution and a frequency of 240 Hz. But she also has other features - let's talk about them in more detail.


Acer introduced on the Russian market the new Predator CG437KS game monitor with a 42.5-inch display. It is focused on gamers, and has appropriate characteristics: high resolution and update frequency, an impressive brightness supply and support for G-Sync Compatible. In addition, the model is equipped with a wide range of technologies to protect the eyes during long gaming sessions.

Team game: six ideas for gamer Gamer from MSI

It is always nice to please yourself or loved ones with a gift. February 23 - a good reason to update the arsenal for virtual battles so as not to think about upgrade for a long time. The MSI catalog has many ready -made solutions for gamers. The most interesting options were collected under the cut.


HP expanded the range of branded monitors for home and office. The list of new products of 2022 includes several models with different technical characteristics at once. All of them also acquired built-in webcams, which became especially relevant during the pandemic and the growth of the popularity of remote work.

For game and business: what have been prepared in MSI for the New Year

Soon holidays, which means that there is little time left to choose gifts. Usually, in such a situation, people are limited to trinkets that will be forgotten in a few days. But relatives and close friends need to present something really valuable and useful. Such options are offered by the MSI brand: here the advanced technique for gamers and devices for effective work.