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Do not buy a gaming laptop until you see this one. What is good MSI Pulse GL66

The assembly of a powerful PC is a painstaking and definitely not cheap, because the system unit needs an appropriate periphery. The situation is ambiguous with gaming laptops: finding the optimal balance between performance, convenience and price is not easy. But a great option already exists: MSI Pulse GL66. Now we will tell you what such a model is interesting.

Learn more about MSI Pulse GL66

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Calm reportsretailersandanalytical firmsIt is indicated that sales of laptops of Chinese brands have rapidly increased in Russia. Several factors contributed to this, such as leaving the market of many key brands and, conversely,The arrival of companies from the Middle Kingdom. Some are sure that Chinese laptopes are no worse than the analogues of the perpetity manufacturers, and the bonus also cost cheaper, while others are apprehensively belonging to the computers of Mida in China. Voice and tell in the comments how you feel about Chinese laptops and are you ready to buy one of them.


GS Group analysts published a report on the state of the Russian laptop market for the first 11 months of 2022. It turned out that in comparison with the same period of 2021, the supply decreased by as much as 65% and amounted to only 2.76 million devices. At the same time, the list of leaders has not changed. 


The other day, the USA \ npatents and trademarks have published a new Apple patent application dedicated to development of a new keyboard for MacBook branded laptops. Its key feature will be the lack of a reference to any of the existing layouts: the necessary characters will be displayed on the keys from the inside using a special technology.

MacBook on M1 and M2 disconnected from Wi-Fi. But there is a solution

According to Meter, users of macbooks on M1 and M2 processors complain about malfunctions in the Wi-Fi Module. Problems happened after a recent software update, although some laptops with an older MacOS Ventura are also subject to problems. The company's specialists found the reason for the error and proposed the procedure for correction before the release of the official patch.


For 40-50 thousand rubles, you can buy a good laptop for home and working tasks. But there are nuances: either the memory is soldered, then the volume of the built -in drive is negligible, then the processor is weak. We get a convenient and beautiful machine, suitable only for tables and browser. In Maibenben M547, a different approach is visible - we will talk about it in more detail.


In connection with the approach of the New Year holidays, Infinix launches a large -scale sale, offering attractive prices for its devices. So, smartphones from all popular lines will be available at a discount of more than 40%. With benefit, you can buy brand laptops. In addition, the company spoke about an extended two -year guarantee for all devices purchased before the end of 2022.

Week with Huawei Matebook X Pro: Healthy Ultrabook

Even the most detailed tests do not reflect real impressions of using the gadget. It often happens that the top laptop is upset by an uncomfortable keyboard, frizes in the system or marking plastic - the shortcomings are opened during operation, which is doubly offensive. Ivan Krylov, editor PC Hardware, spent a week with Huawei Matebook X Pro, studying its features. And what are the impressions? We convey the word to the tester.


XPG announced the start of sales in the Russian laptop market Xenia 14, 15 and XE on the Intel Evo platform. Younger models have a metal case with a thickness of 11 to 15 mm and graphics Intel Iris XE, and the most powerful Xenia 15 is notable for the processor Core i7-11800h, mechanical keyboard and video card NVIDIA RTX 3070.


The company updated one of its patents related to the proprietary laptop in the original performance. Its features will be a glass case and a keyboard of the same material. The apple engineers have been engaged in the creation of such a device since 2018 - and the recently appropriate patent portfolio has replenished over 20 new applications.


The new NVIDIA video cards for laptops will be presented only on January 3, 2023, but they have already lit up in the database of a popular benchmark. Thanks to this, not only the names of the models preparing to release, but also the results of their testing became known. Judging by the numbers, the status of mobile solutions will not prevent them from bypassing the “desktop” GPU of the previous generation.

Mobile Office: Testing Huawei Matebook X Pro

Huawei Matebook X Pro is a premium laptop in a thin and durable case. He received a bright 3K display with a frequency of 90 Hz, a productive filling with a fresh processor and a long-playing battery. It also flaunts a powerful set of video communications tools. Was the perfect ultrabook for calling with colleagues and trips? We check in practice.

One day with a laptop: no longer needed a socket?

The main task of most laptops is to provide the user with a full -fledged PC function without binding to a place and outlet. Huawei Matebook 16s with an 84 -entry battery got into the editorial office. We decided to spend all day with him and find out how long this model has been working without recharging and how convenient it is in various situations.


Bygiven retailers, Russians began to buy game models of laptops more often. This is not surprising, because in recent years they have become noticeably compact, more restrained in terms of design, but all the same powerful, which means this gadget remains relevant longer. On the other hand, there are ultraportative solutions that have a long -term battery life. And what is important for you in a laptop? Tell us what you pay attention to when choosing.