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Xiaomi smartphones are named, which will receive Miui 14 popular

The network has an insider list of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco devices, which will switch to the current firmware MIUI 14. It is officially not confirmed, but based on these insiders with a good “track record”. In total, the list includes 58 gadgets, while the number of “applicants” for a new shell varies noticeably in different regions.

Sber returned the contactless payment for Android in Russia popular

The Sberbian press service announced the restart of the NFC payment function on smartphones running Android. With its help, you can both purchase goods and withdraw cash at ATMs with a simple touch of the gadget to the terminal. To use the service, it is enough to connect the Mir Sberov map in the Sberbank Online app.

The present in Android has become available on Google Play popular

Now in Android is an open source Google project, focused on creators of mobile software and enthusiasts. The application helps to find solutions to problems that other solutions cannot cope with, as well as keep abreast of various fields of development. Recently, all Google Play users received the opportunity to download Now in Android.


The Edifier brand, which specializes in consumer acoustics, introduced an audio system of 2.0 format called Edifier S1000W. The novelty is notable for high -quality sound, a wide range of interfaces to the signal source and support for the functions of a voice assistant for work as part of an ecosystem of a smart home.