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Robots-sprayers have long become an integral part of our life. But which model to choose? How to figure out a wide price and species diversity? In order not to overpay for the abundance of unnecessary functions, it is worth starting with a relatively simple but balanced solution. These include TCl Sweva 1000. We find out what this smart cleaner is capable of.


In the past, compact hair dryers were low -power and suitable for trips. But everything has changed. A striking example of this is the Laifen Swift model. It takes a minimum of space, but at the same time allows you to dry even long hair in a matter of minutes, protecting it from damage due to ionization technology. In addition, this hairdryer is also very quiet. 

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Even inexpensive robots learned to vacuum to vacuum to vacuum, but single models are able to wash the floors well. Wet cleaning usually comes down to wiping a napkin on which water is sprayed. With a classic mop, the result is not comparable. But Redroad G10 is different from competitors: this is the first vacuum cleaner in our review, which relieves the need to wash the floors manually. We tell how he works.

Sber returned the contactless payment for Android in Russia popular

The Sberbian press service announced the restart of the NFC payment function on smartphones running Android. With its help, you can both purchase goods and withdraw cash at ATMs with a simple touch of the gadget to the terminal. To use the service, it is enough to connect the Mir Sberov map in the Sberbank Online app.


Until recently, many rejoiced at the emergence of robots, but progress does not stand still. The most advanced models are able not only to clean on their own, but also to be cleaned, as a result of which human intervention is minimized. For example, Roidmi Eve Plus has a self -cleaning function, sterilization and deodorization of collected debris. This is especially useful for allergy sufferers. 

In Japan, they came up with a car for brewing the perfect Doshirak
18.09.22Andrey but

In the Japanese restaurant, That, Makasetei was developed - a device the size of a coffee machine professionally brews a quick -cook noodles. It eliminates the need to constantly be distracted by boiling water, to the level of hydration of noodles and other routine, on which the true connoisseurs of a fragrant dish would not want to be distracted.


The Xiaomi Chinese corporation introduced a new kitchen gadget, called Mijia Cooking Robot. According to the manufacturer, the novelty has 35 use options, a capacity for cooking 2.2 liters, a double boiler and an induction panel with a maximum heating temperature of 180 ° C. In addition, in the database of the device - more than 200 recipes and training programs for cooking.


Robots-sprayers greatly simplify life, but do not get rid of the need to independently get out in the house. To maintain cleanliness, you should have a regular vacuum cleaner, and it is better to be wireless to make it more convenient, and with a wet cleaning function. The new Dreame H12 just meets these requirements. In addition, he knows how to self -clean and is temporarily available at a reduced price. 


Robots-blasts have already simplified the maintenance of the frequency in the apartment, and the new models also become more and more independent. Already came out devices that can self -clean from collected dust, and now it has appeared Redroad G10, capable of yourself wash. In honor of the start of sales novelty You can buy at a discount. 

What is Aquagun's wireless sink of high pressure?

What do you know about high -pressure sinks? Most often they are expensive, bulky and require summarized communications. The Aquagun device debunks the described stereotypes. This is a light, portable, wireless gadget, which is also inexpensive. We spent several days with the novelty in the country. We talk about our impressions.

Midea vacuum cleaners: how to get a home assistant in a smart

Everyone has to get out in the house. But it’s good that now some of the responsibilities can be delegated to smart devices. Today we choose the functions that suit the functions and the method of cleaning the robot vacuum cleaner from the manufacturer of household appliances Midea. The company offers a wide selection of assistants for every taste and wallet.