Review of Huawei Matepad: A tablet instead of a laptop - utopia or reality?

Huawei Matepad is another model in the popular brand tablet series. The peculiarities of the novelty were stereoodynamics, a capacious battery, a large display and a proprietary HarmonyOS 2.0. At the same time, the gadget came to the review with a full set of accessories - a keyboard, a mouse and a stylus. Let's check how this ligament works and how it will please potential buyers.

Nokia T20 Review: A tablet without unnecessary bells and whistles

Nokia, after a large break, returns to the tablet market. The moment has been selected successfully: now such gadgets are actively buying due to the popularity of remotes and online learning. Model T20 should interest those who want to get a large display for web surfing, launching simple applications and watching films, but do not want to overpay for extra options. What is interesting for the novelty and what shortcomings had to be faced with?

Huawei Matepad 11 Review: First Swallow on Harmonyos

In the market of tablets, which is now experiencing difficult times, there are practically no iPadam alternatives. Huawei is one of the few tries to resist Copertines and does it successfully. Matepad 11 is the first tablet of the manufacturer working under the control of the proprietary OS. In the review, we will consider in detail what the nimble but affordable novelty is capable of.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+: Alternative to laptop

Recently, Samsung has released a new flagship tablet. Galaxy Tab S7+ received a 12.4-inch screen Super AMOLED, a top-end Qualcomm chipset, a lot of memory, a double main camera and four speakers. The kit includes a modified pen S Pen, and among the useful additional accessories there is a keyboard case. We find out if such a tablet is able to completely replace the laptop.

ALLDOCUBE IPLAY 20 Review: a large display without overpayments

The tablet market has decreased in recent years. Many brands have gone, and the choice was significantly reduced. It is all the more pleasant to see new devices such as Alldocube IPlay 20. This is an inexpensive 10-inch model with LTE support and vocal calls, an eight-core processor and a metal case. Read in our review how successful the gadget turned out.

ALLDOCUBE X Neo Review: good iron and decent screen

There are no past variety on the tablet market for a long time, so each novelty is of interest. Especially if we are talking about an inexpensive model with the Snapdragon processor and the Super AMOLED display. Fresh Alldocube X Neo looks interesting, but is inexpensive. We figure out what compromises the manufacturer had to go for for this.

Honor Pad V6 Review: Top tablet at an affordable price

Honor introduced the first tablet for the Russian market. PAD V6 is a flagship with a 10.4-inch frameless display, four loud speakers and close integration with brand smartphones. In addition, the novelty was one of the first gadgets with support for Wi-Fi 6. The characteristics and cost of the model look attractive, but how does it work in real life? We evaluate the Honor Pad V6 in the case.

Huawei Matepad Pro Review: Creative without frames and restrictions

The tablet market is no longer the same as before: there is a hard competition from smartphones. To survive, it is necessary to adapt. Huawei Matepad Pro is a vivid example of how the usual tablet PCs change. The device was equipped with a top chipset Kirin 990, wireless charging, advanced stereo sound and a good camera. A light magnetic keyboard and stylus will make a quick sketch, create a colorful presentation or make notes at least a blind method. We evaluate the novelty in the case.

Overview Xiaomi Mipad 4 Plus: Hold it tight, do not drop

During the decline in the popularity of tablets, one of the most interesting copies was the Xiaomi Mipad 4 presented in June. The device turned out to be compact, nimble and, most importantly, affordable. A few months later, without without loud announcements, his Plus version appeared: with a 10-inch display, similar characteristics and still an attractive price tag. It was this model that came to the review.

Review Chuwi Hi9 Pro: 4G and 2K in the spotlight

Is the tablet to replace the smartphone? The characteristics of the recently represented Chuwi Hi9 Pro hint at a similar opportunity. Judge for yourself: two SIM cards with 4G support, a clear 2K display, a 5000 mAh battery, compact size is quite compact-and all this at a reasonable price. It sounds interesting in words, but how did it happen in practice?

Review Chuwi Hi9 Air: 2K, 4G and 8000 mAh battery

What is the main thing in the tablet? One is important a large screen, and the other is powerful iron or capacious battery. Separately, these chips can be found in hundreds of models, but only a few of them combine all the advantages. Arriving at the Chuwi Hi9 Air editor - just for connoisseurs of everything at once. The screen 2K permits, two 4G-slots and a two-band Wi-Fi, and the games lovers are good iron and a 8000 mAh battery. It sounds promising, and for the details of the IRL, welcome to the cat.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review: Refracting the tablet

The new Samsung tablet received several interesting functions at once, which can make buyers remember this category of devices. He has a large Super AMOLED display and narrow frames, a powerful processor and S Pen stylus. And the highlight was a special DEX mode, which turns the device into a full-fledged working tool without a special dock. How the top tablet of 2018 works - read in our review.

Review Huawei Mediapad M5 Pro: for work and entertainment

For a long time, tablets have been trying to become a tool for work and replace inexpensive laptops. But the gadget with the functionality of the smartphone cannot be a full -fledged working machine. Huawei understands this, and therefore they provided their tablet “for professionals” with an advanced stylus connected by a keyboard and, of course, powerful “iron”. We meet and study the Huawei Mediapad M5 Pro.

Review Lenovo Yoga 720: Transformer with 4K screen

For several years, the Chinese company Lenovo has been promoting the idea of ​​transformer devices that combine the advantages of tablets and classic laptops. With the advent of the eighth-generation Intel Core processors, Lenovo had an excellent occasion to refresh the model range of her “laptops-yogis”, which she did not fail to do. On paper, as always, everything looks very tempting, so we immediately started testing, and now we share the results of acquaintance with the Lenovo Yoga 720 transformer.

Irbis NB116 Review: Your Personal Transformer

Not so long ago onreviewas amendedsavagemessiahzine.comI visited the business class ultrabook from the Russian manufacturer IRBIS, and now it was the turn of the transformer of the same brand, but from the budget category. The NB116 model is made in the laptop form factor, the cover of which is capable of all 360 degrees. The novelty works under the control of a full -fledged Windows 10, equipped with an Intel four -core processor and a capacious battery, which allows you to spend six hours away from the outlet. What else can Irbis NB116 - read in the review.

Review Huawei Mediapad M3 Lite 10: Vocal Star

Smartphones and tablets for Android are similar, but still different devices, and the requirements for them are also different. Many manufacturers abandoned the fuss with tablets, without finding the right combination of characteristics, prices and opportunities - many, but not Huawei. The Chinese giant of the electronic industry not only did not turn the development of such gadgets, but also regularly updates the range of models in various form factors and price niches. One of the latest new products, Mediapad M3 Lite 10, looks relatively affordable and universal. Let's check the tablet in the case.

Review Xiaomi Mipad 3: Can I clean the karma by updating the processor?

Xiaomi Mipad 3 was presented to the public in March this year. Despite the decent period after the announcement of the predecessor, the difference between Xiaomi Mipad 2 and Mipad 3 is not so great. Outside, tablets are identical, their main differences are in the filling. Considering that the second Mipad was not quite successful and did not become as popular as the first, Mipad 3 can be considered a result of work on errors. The tablet now works on an ARM processor. Did he benefit him?

Review Huawei Mediapad T3 10: Ten inches - compactness is not a hindrance

Huawei increasingly pleases us with excellent smartphones, and now the Mediapad T3 tablet has updated models with eight and ten-inch displays. Despite the noticeable actual difference in size, with a cursory look at the older version, it is easy to confuse with the youngest, only thin frames around the screen are given. The compact metal case, inside which the Snapdragon 425 is hidden, plus the current version of Android Nougat with the proprietary firmware of EMUI and the prospect of updating to the new version of the OS - let's see how all this gets along and works in Huawei Mediapad T3 10.

HP Spectre X360 Review: Unknown Transomer.

The form factor of laptops, turning into a tablet and vice versa, obviously found his consumer, since he lasted so much time in the market. One of the oldest and most famous computers' manufacturers Regularly updates several model lines of 2-V-1 devices at once. They all have a marking "X360" in name. HP Spectre X360 is a new transformer with a productive “filling” based on an economical processor of Intel i7 ULV series and a capacious battery. Let's try to find out how good it is as a laptop for everyday tasks and is able to replace the tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review: almost perfection

After nearly two years of a break, Samsung produces a new flagship tablet on Android - Galaxy Tab S3. The novelty is impressive with a set of characteristics that will satisfy the most demanding user: the juicy 9.7-inch display Super AMOLED, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4 GB of RAM and thin glass case. A pleasant bonus was the S Pen stylus that comes with the tablet and has become even better. Read more about the Galaxy Tab S3 in our review.

PHILIPS TLE821L Review: Practical Minimalism

Sometimes the mobile device requires exceptionally simple everyday tasks. But it is completely wrong if when buying such a device you have to choose between quality and low price. Therefore, the release of an inexpensive tablet from a trusted manufacturer, and besides, in a metal case is an event that should not be passed by just like that. So, there is every reason to get to know Philips Tle821l, which fully meets the listed requirements.

Cube Mix Plus Review: Seventh Coming

Chinese company Cube is no longernewbieIn the market of tablets and laptops. One of the last creations of the manufacturer is the 10-inch tablet transformer Cube Mix Plus. Presented in November last year, this device differed from competitors in that he worked on the basis of the newest (and today) of the seventh generation Intel Kaby Lake. What else can hook this gadget, read in our review.

GINZZU GT-1160 Review:

Sometimes we need a compact device that can fully perform most functions of a desktop computer-then transformer tablets come to the rescue that combine these two advantages. In this capacity for testingsavagemessiahzine.comGinzzu GT-1160-a tablet with a keyboard, Windows 10 on board and an Intel processor.

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Review: New look at the tablet ... or laptop

Watching the tablet market is quite entertaining: budget models occupied the niches of color “reading rooms” and children's entertainment “pills”, compact 7-inch tablets do not withstand the pressure from the phablets, and the so-called transformers slowly ousting low-performance netbooks. One of the representatives of laptop tablets is Chuwi Hi10 Plus. Mobile and desktop OS, Iron from Intel and a metal case with a 10.8 inch screen - is this a new page in the evolution of tablets? Let's figure it out in the review.

GINZZU GT-8010 Review: Double Tabletophone

The convenience of a tablet with its large screen will not replace even the most expensive smartphone when it comes to reading, meaningful web-stand-up and watching the video. Moreover, to complete these tasks, you do not even need to spend money on an expensive device-a budget device, for example, Ginzzu GT-8010, is also suitable. For a small amount you can get a workhorse with an eight-inch IPS screen, 4G support, a complete set of “telephone” functions, a separate slot of memory card and two for SIM cards. Of course, budget devices are not perfect-what can and what GT-8010 can not, read in the review.

Review Teclast TBook 16 Pro: a tablet with a serious character

Yes, exactly like that: Teclast TBook 16 Pro creates the impression of a “serious tablet” as soon as it falls into your hands, and it is not at all in the prefix Pro. The impression is built from the little things: the device received a strict design and a metal case, works with two operating systems at once, Windows 10 and Android, has a connector for the dock and supports working with the stylus. However, all this does not interfere with the use of TBook 16 Pro and for entertainment - in the review we will tell you how the tablet copes with its tasks in various scenarios.

ACER ICONIA Talk S Review: Budget class conversational tablet

Acer Taiwan Taiwanese Taiwan Taiwanese line is an inexpensive seven -inch devices that can be talked about. We have the latest version of the compact tablet, which can call, differs in the test, is distinguished by the support of LTE for quick Internet surfing and an unprecedented 13-megapixel camera for tablets of this level. In this review, we will check how good the updated Acer Iconia Talk S is good for each of the three directions. Can he claim a place under the sun among other compact multimedia tablets?

Acer iconia One 10 Review: A modest with secrets

Purchase A tablet with a large screen and good color reproduction is not always an expensive pleasure. Top devices with such displays are really not cheap, but there are compromise options. For example, the tablet from Acer, at a small cost, has come to us the other day, offers the user a 10-inch IPS screen, the actual OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow and two more surprises.

Review Huawei MediaPad M3: record holder and music lover

At the IFA 2016 exhibition, Huawei showed an 8.4-inch Android planet with the highest screen resolution in class. The remaining characteristics are well balanced: serious electronic filling, a thin metal case, an advanced audio subsystem, two chambers. But for a long time there is enough battery with such a high screen resolution? As the novelty showed in the case, and whether we managed to find its weaknesses, read in the review.

GINZZU GT-7810 Review: Four to three

It would seem that if you do not plan to play and solve complex problems on the tablet - why not save, choosing the most affordable and practical device? Everything is logical in words, but is it so just in reality? To understand what this device is actually capable of, and what is given to it with difficulty, we took Ginzzu GT-7810 to test, captivating the low price and reasonable set of the declared capabilities of the 7.85-inch tablet.

Rexp Ursus KX210i Review: Transformer pocket

Today we will pay attention to the representative of the popular segment of two-in-one devices-Dexp Ursus KX210i transformer tablet. Despite the fact that the device has good characteristics and comes complete with the keyboard, it belongs to the class of ultra -budget devices. That is why it was decided to take a closer look at him and understand what it is actually and what can be useful.

ACPLE IPAD PRO 9.7: All Pro and Contra

Like a MacBook Pro laptop series, the Apple iPad Pro tablet consists of models with different diagonals. The gigantic 12.9-inch tablet can be carried with you, but difficult. But the 9.7-inch version turned out to be universal. A thin and light device leads a series of medium -sized Apple tablets. Among the advantages of the iPad Pro stands out “worthy” (read, high) price in Russian stores. If you dream about the new iPad, but do not want to give several of your salaries for it, then order it from the USA. It turns out much cheaper even taking into account the forwarding and course, which is still difficult to get used to. We, in fact, did so, and helped us with this serviceWeship2you.

Review Huawei Mediapad T2 7.0 Pro: along with the elders

In the spring of 2016, Huawei introduced light and thin 10-inch Android planes of the new T2 series, one of which-T2 10.0 Pro-we have already tested. In July, their “younger brother” with a seven -inch screen entered the Russian market. Its filling largely coincides with the mentioned ten -inch model, and by equipping cameras, he even surpasses it. What else will please, or maybe disappoint, this new product, read in the review.

Review Chuwi Hibook: Two -Faced Tablet

Manufacturers of smartphones and tablets have always strove for universality so that we, having bought one device, could use it in various situations. Sometimes, to expand the functionality, they go to rather unusual steps, for example, to install two operating systems at once. This is what turned out to be the new tablet of Chuwi - Hibook. The device received an Intel four -core processor, 4 GB of RAM and Full HD display, and in the review we will try to figure out in which situations the possibility of choosing the operating system will be useful.

HP Pro 608 G1 Review: Eight-inch Windows 10 Pro

A tablet operating on the basis of the Windows 10 Pro 64 operating system is already interesting in itself. How suitable for an 8-inch tablet is suitable for a desktop OS? And can it really be called a full -fledged computer? The answers to these questions were obtained as a result of the test we conducted.

Review Chuwi Hi12: Universal Soldier

Chuwi is no longer a newcomer among manufacturers of mobile devices running Windows, and its new gadget called Chuwi Hi12 is not just a tablet, but, in fact, replacing an ultrabook. The apparatus in the transformer form factor can be used along with the keyboard dock, in favor of such use both a 12-inch display and a large number of expansion ports. The purpose of the new testing Find out whether Chuwi Hi12 can really be a full -fledged replacement for a working laptop.

Overview Huawei MediaPad T2 10.0 Pro: mysterious coming

At the last MWC exhibition, Huawei did not demonstrate this tablet, perhaps that is why its recent appearance on sale was quietly and imperceptibly. The novelty has little in common with the previous generation Huawei Mediapad T1 - the device looks like Huawei Mediapad M2 10.0 Premium, about whichsavagemessiahzine.comalreadywroteBut in terms of technical characteristics, it differs very significantly from it. What kind of beast is this that manufacturers modestly silent about?

Review Dell XPS 12: 4K transformer

This year, Dell replenished the line of its “frameless” ultrabooks with a new device-the Dell XPS 12 transformer. The device created for the business segment received an all-metal case, a powerful filling from Intel and 4K display. At first glance, the device looks very attractive. Let's figure it out together if this is really.

Acer Iconia Talk 7 Review: Budget Luxury Subject

The budget tablet based on Android today looks almost always the same: a rectangular frame with a diagonal of 7, 8 or 10 inches, a thickness of order of a centimeter and a plastic body. At the same time, it is obvious that the vendors (with the exception of Chinese copies) are not at all comme olphs to release devices that are similar to each other to the extent of mixing and they try to add diversity to the exterior of the tablet. The hero of our review - the budget apparatus of the Acer Iconia line - is distinguished from the total mass precisely due to such design. Is there anything else in it that will make you open your wallet?

Acer Predator 8 GT-810 Review: Gamer Predator

The Acer Predator game line includes laptops, monitors and desktop PCs, and not so long ago it was replenished with a new device-an eight-inch tablet Acer Predator 8 GT-810 with a characteristic aggressive design. Specialized gaming tablets in the market once, two and expected, so the appearance of a new model for gamers is of increased interest. Let's play and see what the new device from the "predatory" family is capable of.

Review Xiaomi Mipad 2: The second coming

Presented by the public in November last year Xiaomi Mipad 2 is a logical continuation of the previous model of the tablet without the number “2” in the name. The gadget is capable of working under the control of Android and Windows 10 to choose from, it is dressed in an all-metal case, equipped with a new iron from Intel and a new-fangled USB Type-C connector. Will these innovations have enough to repeat the success of the first model that does not lose relevance even two years after the release? Let's check the gadget in the case.

Voyo VBook V3 Review: Transformer in your backpack

There are a lot of reliable brands from the Celestial Empire, not inferior in quality of devices with any other. But trying to save and choosing a product of little-known Chinese manufacturers, there is still a risk of getting an apparatus with poor assembly and “iron”. It is all the more nice to meet an inexpensive, but a worthy device with a quiet name. Such, for example, as a VOYO VBook V3 ultrabook-transformer with a sensory IPS display FHD and the ability to work in a tablet with a complete stylus. In the review, we will tell you what this “machine” is capable of and for what purposes it is suitable.

Review Huawei Mediapad M2 10.0 Premium: when in full abundance

While analysts predict the death of the tablet market, the Huawei company released a light and thin 10.1-inch Android Planet with a powerful processor, LTE, support for Wacom pen, a dactyloscopic camera, a 13-megapixel camera, four speakers and a number of other “features "For the most demanding users planning to actively use a" tablet "for work, creativity and entertainment.

Rexp URSUS GX180 Armor Review: Extrem tablet

The winter season of 2016 is approaching their logical conclusion, and manufacturers of portable gadgets continue to delight us with new products that are often radically different from faceless devices coming from the Middle Kingdom. For example, DEXP introduced the new URSUS GX180 Armor tablet, related to the category of protected devices for fans to operate gadgets in extremely strict conditions. We decided to examine this “pill” in detail, make out all its pros and cons, to understand whether the manufacturer managed to create a real “SUV among tablets”.