Realme 9 Pro review: Smartphone Hameleon

The flagship smartphones are getting more expensive every day, so more and more people pay attention to mid -budget devices. The new Realme 9 Pro is a bright representative of this class. The gadget attracts with a balanced filling without compromises: a powerful processor from Qualcomm, a decent battery, a 120-glass display. But how does the apparatus shows itself in business and what about the photo surveys?

Nokia G21 review: in simplicity, but not offense

Recently, Nokia has emphasized folk smartphones affordable. Last year, the G20 model was the most popular brand device. Now she received an update. The current version of the device was equipped with a 90-glass screen and a 50 megapixel camera. The manufacturer promises that the gadget will receive system patches for three years. Check the phone in the case.

Poco M4 Pro review: Middle class with flagship ambitions

It is becoming more and more difficult to deal with the neiming of smartphones Poco. It would seem that more recently we met M4 Pro 5G. And now a simplified model has come to the editor without support for fifth -generation networks. The gadget differs from the older brother in size, processor, screen and cameras. We find out how significant the changes turned out to be.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Review: A slight upgrade or something more?

In the world of Android Smartphones, every flagship Samsung is perceived as an event. However, this year everything is different: the announcement of the Galaxy S22 did not cause much hype. Maybe marketers did not try enough? Or is the gadget itself almost no different from its predecessor? We spent a week with the novelty, studied it from all sides and are ready to share my impressions.

Oppo A55 Review: Cosmetic update

At the end of 2021, Oppo introduced the heir to the A54 model. The design has slightly changed in the novelty, the processor and camera were updated, but the screen diagonal remained the same. Also, the OPPO A55 was equipped with a 5000 mAh battery and the NFC module. How did the device get and what is it capable of?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe: a real semi -flagman?

According to rumors, the Galaxy S21 Fe was canceled, then again prepared for the release - and finally presented officially. This is the second version of the fan model, which has gained great popularity. However, not everything is so clear with the novelty. She lost her memory card, and her characteristics almost do not differ from the basic version of the S21. So is it worth paying attention to a simplified flagship?

PoCo M4 Pro 5G review: Productive work on errors

Exactly six months have passed since the announcement of the Poco M3 Pro. The predecessor came out controversial because he had many shortcomings. Recently, the company released the continuation of the line - the M4 Pro 5G model. The device received updated processor, display and camera module. Has the company eliminated all the imperfections of last year's apparatus?

VIVO Y21 Review: Cute, Available, with NFC

For those who are going to purchase a simple smartphone for the main tasks, Vivo introduced the update of one of its most affordable series. The Y21 model received not only a large bright screen and a powerful battery, but also support for contactless payment. Let's get to know her better.

Realme GT Neo2 RealMe Review: Smartphone, which is difficult to find fault

The line of smartphones GT NEO from Realme belongs to the middle class, but the gadgets are close to flagships in terms of technical characteristics. Recently, the company introduced the second generation of the sensational series. The new model received the top-end Qualcomm processor, 120 Hz amoled screen, a triple camera and a capacious battery. Are these trump cards enough to become a hit? Find out in the review.

VIVO X70 Pro+Review: Maximum Cameron

The new Vivo X70 Pro+ is the most powerful, advanced and expensive device in the flagship line of the brand. The developers managed to integrate four fashion moduli into the elegant case with stabilization on each lens and 5-fold optical zoom. The rest of the characteristics did not disappoint: the top processor, the last generation amoled mature and much more. We check the capabilities of the gadget in the case.

Infinix Hot 11s NFC: A smartphone that can surprise

A special version of the Infinix smartphone appeared in Russia. In the Asian market there is no NFC module in it, but for us the developers made an exception. So now it is not only an affordable model with a 90 Hz screen, but also a gadget with which you can pay for purchases. What else is notable for the novelty?

Review Xiaomi 11t: almost flagship

For many years, Xiaomi smartphones were deservedly considered a “top for their money”, but what about this with the brand’s new products? The mid -budget model 11T offers a 108 MP camera, cool iron, a 120 Hz screen and a powerful battery. Is such a set enough to claim leadership in your class?

Tecno Camon 18p Review: Flagship in Middle Class

Tecno Camon 18P is ready to fight for the attention of customers in the most rich market segment. The novelty of the middle class offers a 6.8-inch IPS screen for 120 Hz, a 5000 mAh battery with fast charging, a productive chip Helio G96 and 8 GB of RAM. Developers focus on autonomy and quality of mobile shooting. Can the device make serious competition to rivals?

Oppo Find X3 Review: A guest from the Celestial Empire with a camera-microscope

The main sales of the year recently died out. At this time, many ordered gadgets on AliExpress. Including smartphones, which for some reason are not officially sold in the Russian Federation. We also managed to purchase a rare device: the Oppo Find X3 with a camera-microscope and the Snapdragon 870 processor and was it worth it to spend money on an unusual gadget? We understand the review.

The disassembly of the Apple cable showed the reason for its high cost popular

Presented in March with the Mac Studio computer and the Studio Display display, Apple Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cable is offered at a price of $ 129 for a 1.8-meter option. Many were embarrassed by such a price tag, especially against the background of more affordable alternatives of third-party manufacturers, but the authors of the Chargerlab YouTube channel decided to find out everything Personally, having dismantled the accessory.

Realme 8i review: Why pay more?

The eighth line of Realme smartphones was replenished with a model with index I. To make the novelty the most affordable device in the series, the manufacturer had to simplify some characteristics. Nevertheless, on paper, the filling of the gadget looks interesting: a 120-state matrix, a 50 MP camera, a powerful battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh and a fresh processor. We figure out what other trump cards are sported at Realme 8i.

VIVO Y53S Review: Reasonable choice

Vivo continues to conquer the market of inexpensive smartphones in Russia. The brand has balanced devices that have interesting characteristics. We evaluate the novelty of the Y53S, which attracts a powerful battery of 5000 mAh, a large bright display and a worthy filling.

How to draw up a foreign bank card? Keep 4 working methods popular

On March 6, Visa and MasterCard announced the suspension of all operations in the Russian Federation. Since then, paying Russian cards on foreign services is either extremely problematic or impossible at all. However, there are several ways to make a card from other countries. Here are the main options for leaving the situation.

Honor 50: Qualcomm spread my shoulders

After the lull, Honor takes a new smartphone to the Russian market. It resolved in it an acute question for users about Google services, and a fresh solution from Snapdragon has been selected as a processor. The display with a high hertzovka and a memorable design also attract attention. We get acquainted with the device closer.

Review Xiaomi 11t Pro: Flagship for reasonable money

Top smartphones are growing rapidly: the cost of many models has already exceeded all adequate limits. As usual, Xiaomi comes to the rescue with its gadgets at a reasonable price. 11t Pro is an almost full-fledged flagship with the Snapdragon 888 processor, a 120 Hz screen and a 120-vertic charge. What did the company do this time? “Top for your money” or another phone with a bunch of compromises? Now we will tell.

Review Xiaomi Mix 4: top smartphone for those who do not like selfie

Xiaomi continues to conduct experiments in the Mix line. In the first model, the frontal line was transferred to the lower panel, in the third they hid in the sliding mechanism, and in the fourth they built under the screen, and the camera is almost not visible. It seems that this is an ideal solution for those who do not recognize cutouts. Another novelty can boast of a ceramic case, top -end filling and indecently fast charging. The characteristics are impressive, but in practice there were many nuances.

Realme 8 5G review: almost perfect middle class

Realme produces smartphones of different classes, trying to take all the niches on the market. The novelty of Realme 8 5G occupies an intermediate place between an inexpensive and medium segment. It seems that the device is ready to provide a maximum for its money: a matrix with a frequency of update 90 Hz, a triple chamber, a productive iron and a capacious battery. How does everything work in practice? Find out in the review.

TCL 20L+Review: A bright view of the usual functions

The TCL company, still a newcomer in the Russian smartphone market, continues to expand the line of gadgets in Russia. The TCL 20L+ model is equipped with a large IPS screen with a screen technology NXTVision, which makes the picture brighter and more saturated, as well as a quadrocamer with a main module of 64 megapixels. We understand what else is curious the device and what is capable of.

RealMe GT Review: The New Flagmers Kille remake

Top smartphones are growing rapidly. At the same time, a serious gap was outlined between the flagships and the middle class: there are disappearingly few devices with a powerful filling and moderate price on the market. This gap is designed to replenish Realme GT - a telephone with an expressive appearance, a Snapdragon 888 processor and a screen of 120 Hz. We check that the novelty can.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Review: Okay, flexibly complicated

Folding smartphones have been sold for several years, but they are not very popular - buyers are scaring off the high price and fragility of the structure. The first Samsung problem has not yet been solved, although Z Fold3 is a little cheaper than its predecessor. But everything related to the reliability of the gadget received a serious upgrade. We studied in detail the novelty and are ready to tell about her strengths and weaknesses.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Review: Motion

An increase in the number of megapixels in the chamber, the extension of the processor performance and the acceleration of the duke of the screen have already been bored with the order of many. Gadgets with flexible displays can become a breath of fresh air for technology lovers. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 pumped on all fronts. The device has become more reliable and cheaper. It seems that folding devices cease to be something fragile and inaccessible. But how does the new cot behave in real life?

RealMe C25 Review: Inexpensive Autonomy King

In the budget line Realme, replenishment: The manufacturer released an apparatus with increased autonomy. The novelty, in addition to a capacious battery, is notable for the NFC chip, relatively productive processor MediaTek Helio G70 and a 48-megapixel camera. Find out the pros and cons of an inexpensive model.

Nokia XR20 review: Protected on all fronts

Now there are little protected gadgets, especially under well -known brands. So the Nokia XR20 immediately attracts attention. This armored smartphone is not afraid of water, carries solid iron on board, a camera with Zeiss optics and supports wireless charging. Let's see how the novelty works in everyday life.

VIVO V21 Review: Night Selfie Master

The characteristics of the new Vivo smartphone are pleasantly surprising: the 90th AMOLED screen, a 44 MP frontal line, optical stabilization at a selfie module and the main camera, improved night shooting modes. We understand what the device is capable of in business.