Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic Review: Step forward and two back

The new smart watches of the South Korean company came out with an upgrade. Instead of Tizen in them, Wear OS 3 is an operating room created jointly by Google and Samsung. The Galaxy Watch4 Classic model with stainless steel housing, a bright Super Amoled screen and a mass of advanced options to control activity and health have visited our testing. The characteristics are impressive, but what's in practice?

Realme Watch S RealMe Review: At least Navorotov, Maximum Autonomy

For two and a half years, the Realme brand has won a considerable share of the market of smartphones and headphones. And recently, the company announced the launch of the second model of smart watches - Realme Watch S. The novelty received a high -resolution color screen, sports modes and health monitoring functions. The main trump card is a record 15 days of autonomy. We find out if the novelty is good in business.

Zepp Z Review: Premium smart assistant

During the day, we regularly take out a smartphone, look for a while and check the notifications. Smart minutes will help smart minutes. Smart hours will help. The Zepp brand has released a flagship novelty that adopts part of the phone’s functions and promises to become an indispensable assistant. Is it so? Find out in the review.

Zepp E Review: Is the new brand a new success?

The Russian market appeared The new brand is smart hours - Zepp. The Zepp E ruler is positioned as a premium.Designers tried to fame: from the gadget with anthracite-black The eyes of the eyes cannot be torn with a slightly curved screen. We understand what else the clock can please.

Amazfit Stratos 3 Review: faster, higher, stronger

The Amazfit brand was founded in 2015 by the Chinese company Huami Technology. A series of popular Mi Band fitness scraps is her brainchild. But the manufacturer also has various smart hours, the line of which has recently been replenished by the novelty-Amazfit Stratos 3. This is a gadget with an unusual screen and many functions for sports lovers. Let's see if the company was able to create another bestseller.

Review Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5: The excess was removed, the necessary was added

Xiaomi is gradually moving away from the image of a brand of cheap electronics: its gadgets become more expensive, but at the same time they receive advanced chips. The trend is most noticeable in the smartphone segment, but other devices did not stand aside. The new Mi Smart Band 5 is better than the predecessor in almost everything. We tell how interesting this fitness tracker is.

Fossil Sport review: smart, fashionable and with Google Pay

Who said that smart watches cannot be beautiful? Can! And it’s also convenient to pay for purchases through Google Pay, install applications and listen to music. And all this without a smartphone. Fossil Sport is these: with a large amount of memory, a bunch of functions and an affordable price. What else can this watch, check on the model provided by the largest watch store in Russia and

Review Huami Amazfit GTS: Watch is better than a bracelet

On the left is the popular Mi Band 4 bracelet, on the right is no less popular Apple Watch, and in the middle is the new Huami Chinese brand. The very one that produces smart gadgets for Xiaomi and at the same time releases something interesting under his brand. We tested Amazfit GTS watches for two weeks and found out what they are capable of and how long they do without recharging.

G-SMART SPRINT: smart manual control overview

Basically, the market for wearable devices today is represented by two categories. One is an expensive smart watch of famous brands, and the other is numerous fitness trackers. There are intermediate gadgets that have incorporated all of all from both varieties of devices. An example of this is Geozon G-Smart Sprint.

Jet Kid Gear Review: Fashionable Child, Calm Parents

When the child goes to school, the issue of security becomes the main one. How to track that the child got to the class? You can buy a smartphone and oblige him to call, but it is easy to break or lose. The best option is a children's watch, such as Jet Kid Gear. They will be able to call them and track where the child is. What else do they know?

ASUS Vivowatch BP Review: Health and Sports Watches

ASUS Vivowatch BP is positioned as a universal gadget for athletes and those who monitor health. The tracker watch is compatible with smartphones on Android and iOS. The device will monitor physical activity, including in training mode. It reminds of the need to stretch or take the necessary medicines. Analyzes the quality of sleep and tells how to change the daily routine for the better.

Huawei Watch GT Review: Runner, Swimmer and Long-Liver

Achilles heel of many smart hours is low autonomy. As if not only have to be charged with a smartphone every day, but the clock should also be carried to the outlet! However, the new Huawei Watch GT promise to be long-livers thanks to the AmoLED screen, the cape of the battery and the OS Lite operating system. What this gadget is really capable of - we will check in the case.

Review Elari Kidphone 3G: Children's watch with Alice and camera

Children's smart hours in the eyes of many parents look like an unaware: they provide a connection with the child, show his whereabouts ... And that’s it. But what if you add a couple of useful functions and make the color of the case not for girls and boys, but universal - red and black? It will turn out something more interesting, namely -Elari KidPhone 3G. Why with this watch “adult” Internet, and are it so accurate in determining the point where the child is located, like their “children's” rivals?

Review Makibes G07: Firstly, sports, and only then-smart

In the era of “smart” watches with bright amoled screens, virtual (and even real) “SIM cards” and advanced operating rooms, the hero of the review may seem old-fashioned. But it is worth recalling that Makibes G07 is primarily a sports clock, and only then “smart”, everything immediately falls into place. For them, the main thing is to monitor the state of the body of its owner, to efficiently work out sports tasks in the room and on the street and not be discharged at the most inopportune moment. Whether Makibes G07 cope with this and what else are capable of - read on.

Lexand Kids Radar Review: Anti -Delasse for the Child

With the advent of mobile phones, restless parents were able to exhale: you give the child the pipe - and you can call him at any time. True, sometimes children lose their devices, break them and forget to charge them. GPS hours come to the rescue, allowing to track the child’s movements in real time. But the clock is discord. Obviously, parents, grandmothers, nannies need a reliable gadget who will work in any environment and show where the child is exactly. This device is dedicated to our review.

Review Ginzzu GZ-501 and GZ-503: Spions watches behind the

Most smart watches are only an addition to a smartphone. Children's watches without a parent smartphone are also useless, but with it they turn into a high -tech and non -annoying beacon suitable for use in any conditions. Before us is the Ginzzu GZ-501 orange clock and the blue-blue Ginzzu GZ-503, a little more powerful. Is this a gift to the child or another beautiful trinket?

Experts have found the reason for overheating of Android Smartphones popular

Smartphones are heated not only with intense andespol -use, it is much more annoying if this happens when sending electron letters or communication in the messenger. It was suggested that more often v, devices on Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200 are overheated. But the cause of the Trottling, as experts found out, lies not in the chip itself.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic Review: New Classics of Smart hours

It seems that smart hours are a very recent invention that has to prove his viability. But this year, Samsung has released no less than the fifth generation of its smart hours-Galaxy Gear S3 Classic. The South Korean manufacturer did not return to the use of a curved display, but the gadget, which received a new “filling”, and, most importantly, the rotating non -steel to control the device, noticeably “pumped”. How convenient the innovation turned out to be, and what other surprises the Gear S3 prepared - we will tell you in the review.

Garmin Vivoactive HR Review: Master of Sports

Garmin produces devices with a sports spirit to different taste and color: hours, bracelets and fitness trackers. Garmin Vivoactive HR, which records the daily activity of their owner and measuring his heartbeat, record GPS tracks, show notifications from a smartphone and make friends with a sophisticated application for iOS and Android. At first glance, a rather standard set of functions, but Garmin is constantly improving its “smart” clock, and the novelty is probably worth a closer look at.

Overview Moto 360 second generation: the golden age of smart-hours

The world sales of the new Moto 360 watches began last fall, but the accessory came to Russia with a delay. Despite this, I would like to thank the team of the Moscow office of Moto, the guys were not afraid of a difficult time and brought not only smartphones, but also hours.

The Moto 360 of the second generation is available in two sizes, which will necessarily delight the beautiful half of users - the smaller option is organic on a female hand, which is a rarity for "multiplicas". In addition, the resolution of the display has become higher, the working hours are more, and in a beautiful round case there is a more powerful processor.

Garmin Forrunner 235 Review: Garmins, forward

Modernity is full of miracles: the watch can be not only smart, but also sports. The functions of the fitness tracker today are performed by many “wristwalks”, sending data on the daily activity of their owner to his smartphone-numerous models on Watchos and Android Wear immediately come to mind. But what if the soul requires movement and victories over itself, and I want to have a faster with a sports gadget - both in functionality and in appearance?

The tests of the Garmin Forerunner 235, similar in terms of the 230th model, just with the heart pulse sensor visited the test on the test.

ASUS VIVOWATCH Review: Clock of Life

There are no good hours, and, perhaps guided by this, after the announcement of Asus Zenwatch 2, the Taiwatch company offered the world another “smart” watch - this time working not under Android Wear.

ASUS Vivowatch, rather a fitness tracker in the shape of a clock than smart hours, correspond to most requests of users who want to monitor their physical condition, and even offer something unusual in this regard. In addition, they show time and transmit notifications from the smartphone. And most importantly, they do not need to be charged every day. Well, intrigued?

ASUS Zenwatch 2 (Wi501Q): Wander Zen

Asus Zenwatch 2, as it is easy to guess from the name, this is the second generation of “smart” watches from the Taiwanese company, which was announced exactly one year after the first - in September 2015. The updated model looks stricter, has changed a little in size, but the “filling” remained almost unchanged. All the same processor, almost the same screen and body is also made of stainless steel. What did ASUS do for a whole year, and why is the new watch better than the previous ones?

Garmin Fenix ​​3 Sapphire Review: in the forests, in the mountains, in the gym

When it comes to sports gadgets, Garmin will surely be one of the first brands coming to the mind - the American company has long become a recognized authority among manufacturers of devices to accompany an active lifestyle. In this review, the most “advanced” sports smart hours of the company. The gadget is literally stuffed with sensors and wireless modules and has many functions for help in training, various sports and even to provide navigation during tourist or climbing campaigns.

Huawei Watch Review: Stainless Classic

The Huawei Watch, announced in March 2015, was met positively: the classic round shape in a stainless steel case with a modern Amoled display was liked by many. In Huawei, four versions of the case were offered at once: golden, silver and black, as well as a premium modification with a 24-carat gold coating. For the first time in the watch under the control of Android Wear, sapphire glass was used to protect the screen. What are the advantages of Huawei Watch, so similar to ordinary mechanical watches?

Samsung Gear S2 Review: Correct forms

Despite the fact that in terms of design, smart watches are close to ordinary wristwatch, in their hardware and software filling they are becoming more and more complicated. The Smart Watches rapidly turn from a little of the right companion of a smartphone into a more or less independent device. A vivid confirmation of this is Samsung Gear S2. On the one hand, there is a round dial and a separate version with a classic design, on the other, a powerful processor, an optional 3G module, its own “operating room” and a completely new system of interaction with the interface.

ALCATEL ONETOUCH Watch Review: An hour smarter

The “smart” clock Alcatel OneTouch Watch was presented in January of this year at the CES 2015 exhibition, where they became object of close attention. Firstly, because, having rich functionality, they belong to the budget segment. Secondly, they can work not only with Android smartphones, but also with iOS devices. Manufacturers of wearable devices often ignore Apple products. But the clock from Alcatel, having its own OS, may well become the budget alternative to Apple Watch.

Review LG Watch Urbane: Korean mind with a Swiss accent

Smart watches are a new wave of development of the technological market and an attempt to slightly change the principle of using a smartphone using the usual accessory on the hand. If yesterday we sought not to let the phone out of our hands, today, putting on a smart watch, you can put it in your pocket and pull it out only as necessary.In any case, this is a new segment and new brands. LG, for example, releases the third generation of its smart hours, and LG Watch Urbane onThe Android Wear platform is a new step for the company, a step towards the premium design of these devices.

ASUS Zenwatch review: steel, leather, time and pulse

The smart watch market is not yet too saturated, but its clear division into inexpensive mass models with simple characteristics is already traced-and more original devices with a highlighting design and unusual electronic components. It is such smart hours that Zenwatch from ASUS can be attributed, which, without a doubt, can draw attention to their owner when they are on the wrist.

Basis Peak Review: Fitness Tracker Plus Smart Watch

Most entry-level fitness trackers have perhaps a gyroscope and special software for processing and analysis of measurements in their arsenal. Any smartphone can cope with this task, but if you really want to do your health seriously, you should pay attention to specialized devices that, thanks to the extensive set of sensors, will be able to provide complete and accurate information about activity. One of these gadgets is Basis Peak, combining the functions of smart hours and fitness tracker.

Neptune Pine review: Swiss knife among smart hours

Neptune Pine smart watches have become one of the most popular and successful KISKStarter projects in 2013. What is the site and what is the principle of its operation, as well as about the course of crowdfunding campaign, weThey told in detailIn the article “Neptune Pine Review: Kickstarter Campaniya Lengers per year”. And here and now we present to your attention a detailed overview of the device itself. We evaluate how the first pancake turned out to be young developers, and what such an unusual gadget can be useful at all.

Sony Smartwatch 3 SWR50 Review: Time according to the new style

Having shown the third generation of Smartwatch, Sony, apparently, wants to stake a certain part of the promising smart watch market. From the predecessor with index 2, only the name remains, everything else is new: large and better screen, compact dimensions, the presence of a stepomer and a built -in GPS. How successful was the work on the mistakes, how the transition to the new Wear rails went - let's try to figure it out.

Review LG G Watch R: The first round

Since the Google company introduced a platform for wearable Android Wear devices, smart hours began to move from the category of “toys for geeks” to full and multifunctional electronic devices. Having at its disposal a unified environment, within which it is difficult to achieve complete customization, gadget manufacturers began to pay more attention to the design of smart watches. One of the new trends in this area is a watch with round displays. Previously, such hours have already been released by another manufacturer, but the cut at the bottom of the screen did not allow them to be called completely round. This drawback was taken into account by LG, and its new device, LG G Watch R, can be safely called the first smart clock with a truly round display.

Lifetrak fitness review: for every taste

The Lifetrak fitness-watch bag arrived in the editorial office for the test. To be precise, we received all five models that are released at the moment - from the first Core C200 to the latest Brite R450 with a sunlight sensor and the ability to connect to a smartphone. All watches automatically consider steps, calories, the distance traveled, measure the pulse-in general, everything that is supposed to be considered fitness trackers. And also protected from blows and waterproof at a depth of 30 meters. You do not need to charge them: the battery is designed for a year. In general, you will not lead to functionality. We have only one question: which is better? Let's understand together.

Big changes are coming on the Russian IT market popular

The publication "Kommersant", referring to information from representatives of the Russian IT industry, reports on the already occurred and future changes in the domestic information technology market. Thus, the deficiency of specialists observed for many years in the foreseeable future can be replaced by their rejection. In addition, a decrease in financing of this sphere is expected.    

Casio G-Shock GBA-400 Review: ... also music

Today, few have not heard about various kinds of “smart” watches and bracelets that are created as accessories for smartphones and tablets. However, few representatives of the smart watch family can boast not only a strong and hardy corps, but also a long-term autonomous time. Still, devices operating under Android Wear have to be charged at least often a smartphone itself-in a day or two. But the clock is “smart” not only from the side of the gadgets, but also from the side of ordinary watches. For example, Casio G-Shock in recent years has been getting more and more functions, while maintaining an original corporate design and reliable design, and most importantly, high autonomy.

Review Motorola Moto 360: Unique smart hours

The idea of ​​smart watches has not seemed to be something from the category of science fiction for a long time: several dozen models from both famous brands and small companies are already represented in retail. Motorola, perhaps, was more likely to surprise buyers, which was the first to release the only smart hours with a round display-Motorola Moto 360. But the whole charm of the device is not only in an unusual display that best describes the word “intriguing” . Officially, hours in Russia are not sold, but you can order Motorola Moto 360 from the "States" ...

Texet TW-120 review: so that no one can guess

The idea of ​​“smart” watches clearly interested the developers of mobile devices. Some go along the difficult path, trying to transfer the maximum of the functions of the smartphone from the pocket to the user’s wrist, others take the classic watch as a basis, supplementing them with the necessary minimum. Each of these approaches has the right to life, and its own positive and negative aspects. Today, the second type-Texet X-Watch TW-120 came to the review. In fact, this is ordinary watches with the possibility of notification, there is no special screen, but the battery life of such hours is measured not for days, but for months and even years. Let's see and try to figure out how justified this approach is.

Overview LG G Watch: Caution, they are addictive

LG G Watch is the first “smart” watch with Android Wear, officially entered in Russia. Of course, they attracted a lot of attention - fans of gadgets are in a hurry to try out a new operating system, and fashionistas - to get a new pretty accessory to their smartphone. Although the smartphone with which they are fraught with “smart” hours makes this watch. Without it, it is just a “short -playing” chronometer with the function of the Shagomer and the compass.

ICONBIT Callisto 300 Review: Chasophone for Specialsagent

IConbit Callisto 300-the second clip in the line after the Callisto 100 model, which visitedtestingin February. The frequency of the processor and the amount of RAM increased, the option with the red strap has been added, the aluminum corps received protection according to the IPV56 standard, which objectively lacked the first device. And this is not just an accessory that complements the main device, but a real smartphone with a camera and a GPS module. Only small, manual ... more precisely, the wrist.

Review Qumo Smartwatch One: smart watch at a modest price

Qumo entered the smart watch market with Smart Watch One. This device can not only receive notifications of incoming calls, SMS and Facebook messages, but also consider steps and burned calories passed by the owner. In the clocks, a height, a thermometer and a barometer are built into the hours. Why Smart Watch One will appeal to self -fans, whether it will be possible to drown the clock, and how they help not to forget the smartphone at home or at work - read this review.

Overview of Martian Victory:

A modern person looks at the smartphone screen on average 150 times a day. The developers from Martian have come up with “smart” Bluetooth hours that allow you to not get a smartphone for recruiting SMS or calls once again, redirecting a significant part of the everyday routine to voice control.

In 2012, Martian's watches were raised on the Kickstarter 221,298 Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, which is more than twenty thousand more than it was planned, and already in January 2013 they shone at the CES with a demo version. Using Martian watches, the user can answer calls, receive SMS, display various display notifications, as well as transfer voice commands on a built-in Bluetooth headset.

There are several models in the Martian line now; One of them, Victory from a limited issue, we tested paired with the iPhone.

Casio STB-1000 smart watch review: Two years without recharging

Wearable electronics smoothly enters into everyday life, especially for “smart” watches. The problem is that most of them are not very adapted to this daily life. A stumbling block becomes ambiguous design, uncomfortable management or excessive functionality (provoking a high price), but most importantly, a critically low time of operation from the battery. A week is already a record, and most of the models hardly “live” until the end of the third day.

Casio STB 1000Demonstrate exactly the opposite approach. First of all, it is a convenient clock for every day that do not require additional care, and already in addition to this - a “smart” device that can work in a pair with a smartphone. What is especially pleasant, the surcharge for newfangled functions in the case of this model is very small.

Review: IConbit Callisto 100 watchmaker

Before the IConbit Callisto 100 test, I was extremely skeptical of watchmakers. Firstly, it is not very clear for what purposes they are needed, and secondly, it is difficult to imagine the normal work of Android on such a small and low-power device. There were also doubts about their autonomy. What was my surprise when the device first captured me with my head, and then at all for two hours the work of the whole office was paralyzed. In practice, the scartphone clock exceeded all expectations.