The situation with the game periphery today is not easy. Prices are growing rapidly, some brands reduce supplies or completely disappear from radars. Well, companies that can offer a humane ratio of quality and price come to the fore. We will consider one of these options in the review.

Review of Urbanears Alby: Beauty in Swedish

The Scandinavian style is popular in interior design and architecture. People are attracted to simplicity, unobtrusive and visual comfort. Urbanears headphones are created with the same approach to design. We have written more than once about the brand products, but now we will get acquainted with the entry-level TWS model, which competes at the price with the products of Asian vendors.

Review JBL Reflect Flow Pro: six microphones, IP68, adaptive noise reduction

What functions are important for good headphones for active people? They must be reliably fixed on the head, have effective protection against moisture, sweat and blows, as well as maintain the mode of listening to the environment, not to mention high -quality sound. But there are many similar models in the market. What is the novelty of JBL on their background?

JBL Tour One Review: A day of work of effective noise reduction

In the life of JBL Tour One, they look cooler than in the photo: harmonious outlines emphasize a silky finish resembling a film, which is glued by expensive cars. However, the appearance of the dignity of the headphones is not exhausted - not without reason at the CES 2021 exhibition they are marked with an award for innovation.

Big changes are coming on the Russian IT market popular

The publication "Kommersant", referring to information from representatives of the Russian IT industry, reports on the already occurred and future changes in the domestic information technology market. Thus, the deficiency of specialists observed for many years in the foreseeable future can be replaced by their rejection. In addition, a decrease in financing of this sphere is expected.    

Sennheiser HD 400 Pro review: how to listen to music professionally

Nowadays, noise with noise -agitors and other sound improvements will not surprise anyone. The headphones acquire more and more complex electronics and the most compact emitters. But full-size models are still relevant, because only they offer an uncompromising quality audio. Such accessories in the move to musicians, sound engineers and all those who want to get a natural sound without embellishment.

The disassembly of the Apple cable showed the reason for its high cost popular

Presented in March with the Mac Studio computer and the Studio Display display, Apple Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cable is offered at a price of $ 129 for a 1.8-meter option. Many were embarrassed by such a price tag, especially against the background of more affordable alternatives of third-party manufacturers, but the authors of the Chargerlab YouTube channel decided to find out everything Personally, having dismantled the accessory.

Audeze LCD-5 Review: Journey to Everest

The release of the flagship model is always a loud event, especially when we are talking about companies that everyone has to be heard. Audeze California brand is deservedly considered a leader in the field of magnet -planar sound. Therefore, the update of its coolest headphones clearly pulls on the sensation. Moreover, the fresh model had to wait for six years.

Soloud Sabbat E12 Ultra: Powerful BAS and Bright Design

The wireless headphone market is full of offers for every taste and wallet. Soloud Sabbat E12 Ultra is an affordable TWS model with an interesting design and saturated sound. The headset operates about seven hours without recharging, supports Bluetooth 5.2 and received an advanced noise reduction system for microphones. We evaluate the possibilities of the novelty.

Amazfit Powerbuds Pro Review: Music pulse

Wireless headphones have become an integral companion not only on traveling, but also in training. There are many models with a sports slope, but most manufacturers are limited only to a bright design. They decided to go further in Amazfit: they released TWS hobby with a pulsometer. Is it really a useful function or another trick of marketers?

Review Elac Solano BS 283: a reliable foundation of the audio system

The technique is neither expensive nor cheap. It either corresponds to its price by capabilities and quality, or not. It's a shame when you buy a thing for a ruble, and it works for five cents. Even more offensive when he gave a lot and eventually disappointed. The acoustics of Elac is not available to everyone, but if it is in the means, there will be no regrets.

Audeeze Euclid Review: Tsarist Way to Mobile Mailing

The sound of magneto -planar headphones is considered practically reference. But there are features that prevent you from enjoying the right audio in any situation. For example, their design is almost always open, and diaphragms have a large diameter. However, Audeze recently made a real breakthrough: she introduced the first truly compact isodynamic plugs.

Audeze LCD-4Z Review: Mobile Hi-End

Big columns need a powerful amplifier - everyone knows that. This rule also applies to high -class headphones. They usually listen to them at home, sitting next to an impressive desktop system. But what if the uncompromising sound wants to have with you on vacation or on a business trip?

Review JBL Tune 760NC: Light and silent

These full -size wireless headphones weigh only 220 g. They are lungs not only by weight, but also in price, given the solid brand and the presence of demanded functions, including active noise reduction. It remains only to find out how convenient they are, whether they work steadily and whether they sound good.

Honor Earbuds 2 Lite: TWS for all occasions

Honor Earbuds 2 Lite-A balanced TWS harp with a successful set of characteristics. On the spot, all the most important: active noise reduction, convenient ergonomics and a powerful sound for your favorite tracks. The novelty works up to 10 hours without recharging - this is one of the best indicators in its class. Everything is attractive on paper, but let's see how the device works in practice.

Overview Mi True Wireless Earchones 2 Pro: Full Races without overpayments

Over the past five years, the TWS-hobby has won the love of millions of consumers. In many ways, this is the merit of Xiaomi, which issues inexpensive advanced models from year to year. These include the new Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro - headphones with an interesting design, noise reduction function and an attractive price. Did Xiaomi have a “top for their money” again?

Sennheiser ambeo review: one in three dimensions

Soundbars are now very popular. After all, they are easy to install, take up little space, usually do not afford to afford, and sometimes they sound good - certainly more interesting than the frail speakers of the TV. But their capabilities are often judged by the simplest devices. And completely in vain, especially if you get acquainted with the Sennheiser Ambeo premium model.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Review: powerful sound and noise protection

Samsung is actively developing the direction of TWS hobby. The new model received all trendy chips. There is active noise reduction, wireless charging, two -pine speakers with deep bass and powerful batteries. The headset mode was seriously pumped: now the interference is reduced by the bone conductivity sensor and machine learning options. Together with the adequate Galaxy Buds2 price, they look extremely interesting. But is the gadget so good in real life?

Sennheiser CX TW Review: Habitter to Good

What do Sennheiser headphones love for? First of all, for an impressive sound. And for the fact that in the assortment of the brand there is always a model on a pocket that will play more interesting than competitors for the same price. Let's check if the company managed to save the previous approach in the new CX TW model.

Sony SRS-XP700 Review: Cool sound always with you

Life without music would be boring. Do you listen to your favorite hits in the background, whether you arrange a party or karaoke - in any environment the sound should be on top. For such situations, you need a Sony SRS-XP700 column, which was endowed with a steep sound and outstanding autonomy. Let's talk about the novelty in more detail.

Audeze LCDI4 Review: How are the intra -channel hi end magnetlanars

The market is flooded with hundreds of headphones. It would seem that there is something to choose from. But not everything is so simple. Say, a music love that aimed at a high -class novelty. However, I do not want to carry a bulky structure on my head. But there is a desire to listen to music on a smartphone, where the strengthening is quite modest. The task is not simple, and therefore “ears” are needed non -trivial.

Audeze Penrose review: flagship sound for gamers and music lovers

Often, game headphones differ from ordinary models only by aggressive design and cannot boast of outstanding details of music. Audeze undertook to break this stereotype. Although the new Penrose headset is positioned as gaming, it is able to compete in sound quality with audiophile solutions. Did the California brand be implemented? Let's figure it out in a detailed review.

Review Huawei Freebuds 4: Master of sound without unnecessary noise

Despite the popularity of headphones, many prefer so-called inserts because they more convenient. However, they have mediocre sound insulation and weak recoil at low frequencies. Many are convinced that with such models the system of active noise reduction is devoid of meaning. It increases the cost of the gadget, and there is little use from it. But Huawei engineers have a different opinion. Therefore, the company released Freebuds 4-open liners with the ANC system. Let's check the headphones in the case.

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds Review: We are not afraid of excess noise

Manufacturers love to report innovations that they use, but rarely talk about the authors of these technologies. The American brand Bose is an exception: everything that comes out under it is built on a scientific base created by the founder of the company Dr. Amar Bowe. Including TWS high-name Quietcomfort Earbuds. We will tell you more about them.

VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones Review: Hi-Res Audio and moisture protection

TWS dushniki almost supplanted models with our mount from the market. But the latter has many advantages: you do not need a charging case, it is better to autonomy, and it is difficult to lose a headphone. Therefore, it is nice that not all manufacturers follow the TWS track. So, Vivo has released the Wireless Sport Earchones model in our design with LDAC support and moisture protection. Let's take a closer look.

Sony SRS-RA5000 Review: Thin waist, wide sound

At first glance, this acoustics are designed to decorate the interior rather than to play music qualitatively. But Sony, with all the attention to the appearance of technology, never did “purely design” things. We again became convinced of this when we met the SRS-RA5000 system.