Review DDPAI X5 Pro: Top registrar with two cameras

The X5 Pro DVR is a flagship novelty from DDPAI. The model received all the functions that the motorist may need. Here is a high -quality matrix from Sony, a 4K entry, the ability to shoot at once from two cameras, night mode, 32 GB of memory and various smart options. We find out how the accessory works.

HTC Vive Pro 2 Review: Best game experience in VR

The development of VR is greatly limited by the technical characteristics of gadgets - the low resolution of the displays and small viewing angles make the picture not as high quality as we would like. Vive Pro 2 can fix this situation. The novelty received the best filling in her class: two displays with a total resolution of 5k, a frequency of 120 Hz and a field of view of 120 degrees. What is the helmet of the new generation capable of and how does it change the experience of interacting with virtual worlds?

Review DDPAI Z40: The registrar who will cover the back

A rare driver travels on the road without a DVR, because during an accident this gadget will indicate the culprit and protect the victim. But traditional solutions make only what is happening in front - what if the dashing will enjoy the back? To fix the situation on both sides, the DDPAI brand released the Z40 model. We find out how two of a casket work.

Bose Frames Tenor Review: Glasses for Melomania

Bose has released a non -standard accessory - glasses with miniature speakers. Frames Tenor allow you to listen to your favorite tracks without headphones. This is the second model of the manufacturer. The novelty, which has received an ergonomic case and increased autonomy, gives out a more voluminous sound. We study the unusual gadget in the case.

Review Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6: Big Step forward

Xiaomi fitness bracelet is a hit that gets more and more functions with each new version. Mi Smart Band 6 is even closer to the ideal: the bright Amoled-screen has become larger, and the number of functions for tracking health has increased markedly. The global version is not on sale yet, so we got a device for the Chinese market. Is a fashionable accessory good in case?

Sony Alpha 7c Review: Ready for everything

In December 2020, the most compact and light full -frame jerking camera - Sony Alpha 7C appeared in Russian retail. We received it complete with a full-time zoom objective and checked in practice what opportunities she offers a lover, traveler and blogger.

Steelseries Nimbus+review. For those who play iOS

Mobile games have long ceased to be unicellular entertainment of the format"Gather three crystals in a row". Now this is a full -fledged industry with different hits: from classics like GTA: San Andreas to the new products of Apple Arcade. However, it is difficult to fully enjoy games if you have to take a finger on the screen. There is a way out - connect the Steelseries nimbus+ gamepad directly to the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Jetpet Doggy Review: The Dog is Fasting - And this is the essence of the dog's life

Dog tracker is useful. Especially if your dog can get scared on the street or excessively get carried away with something and break off the leash. In general, cases are different. The main thing is to prepare for them how to prepare for them. The gadget helping to find a four-legged friend, wherever he is, is one of the best ways not to lose a pet, even if he faded somewhere while you read the news from the smartphone. Not all boys are good.

Steelseries Stratus Duo Review: One for everyone is done well

We mocked games on mobile phones, considered entertainment for children and housewives. Then - bam! - Classic GTA appeared on the phones, then technological hits like Shadowgun Legends. And now, the full -format releases of the PUBG and Fortnite caliber are moved to gadgets. Of course, peripheral manufacturers could not pass by the trend. We test the Stratus Duo gamepad, optimized for Android devices and PCs.

Xiaomi smartphones are named, which will receive Miui 14 popular

The network has an insider list of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco devices, which will switch to the current firmware MIUI 14. It is officially not confirmed, but based on these insiders with a good “track record”. In total, the list includes 58 gadgets, while the number of “applicants” for a new shell varies noticeably in different regions.

Overview Gmini GM-STD3200B: STE Like a pro

Over the past couple of years, the quality of shooting on a smartphone has grown so much that even jokes about a “professional photographer with an iPhone” do not seem so ironic. Now on mobile devices they shoot films, advertising, short shows. To improve the image quality, additional equipment is often used, and the most popular stabilizer for video setting remains. It is understandable, because this is the easiest way to get a clear and smooth picture for relatively little money. Today we find out how well the Gmini GM-STD3200B is suitable for this.

Hyperx Allty Elite RGB Review: Almost the perfect keyboard

It happens that the device seems to be good for everyone, but still something is missing. For example, individuality in part of the backlight. The game periphery has long crossed the technological line - customization and design sometimes solve no less than “iron” when assembling a dream computer. This was guided by Hyperx, releasing the update of the Gamer Alloy Elite line. What's new in the latest audit of the Hyperx Alloy RGB game keyboard - we will tell you in today's article.

GINZZU R62/R2 Dual: confident reception

When closer to the summer, thoughts are carried away to outdoor activities, it becomes clear: the glamorous smartphones have no place in the tent, kayak, or on a waist carbine. Here we need a hardy and unpretentious button mobile phone, which will withstand falling on the stones and immersion in water, and tenaciously grab a signal from a distant tower. There is no deficit with the choice of such gadgets, but not everyone can operate in 400–470 MHz range as a PTT. Protected Ginzzu R62 can, and his twin brother R2 Dual is equipped with a LED tunics instead of an antenna. Well, we will watch the devices in their natural habitat.

Review My Passport Wireless Pro: more than just hard

The abundance of multi -format devices per capita, as well as the continuous growth of the volume of data used, increasingly make you think about how these data are best used. The well -known player in the market of hard drives, Western Digital, offers an interesting solution that is suitable not only for those who work professionally with gigabytes and even terabytes of information - photographers and video operators, but also users in need of disk space for mobile devices. Let us figure out whether such positioning of the external hard drive WD My Passport Wireless Pro justifies himself.

TP-Link Vivid Review: Always on the Pickle

Active users of mobile gadgets do not have a question why PowerBank is needed, especially when a powerful smartphone or a tablet with a large screen is at hand. It is clear that additional charging is needed, but which one to purchase? Capacious, but cumbersome or compact-barter? In the first case, there are many options, but in the category of small and light accessories, a clear deficiency of interesting and reliable decisions. This, however, includes TP-Link Vivid Series with capacity3350and6700Mach. Let's check how effective and convenient these mobile energy storage facilities in everyday use are.

Overview of OneTto car holders: without unnecessary questions

Having broken the next cheap mount for a smartphone in the car, you ask the question: again take the first thing that turns into the arm, or choose a reliable, durable thing. But which holder is ready to clearly fulfill his main task and at the same time will not call the eyes with a bulky design? The editorial office got a whole line of pretty car holders from the Korean companyOnettoWith different types of fixation and a very democratic price. The author grabbed them on a trip on roads and bumps, and is ready to share his impressions.

Review Kingston Mobilelite Wireless G3: Swiss knife among gadgets

Mobility imposes a number of restrictions on devices: it is impossible to make a compact productive smartphone with a huge battery capacity by adding a full USB port for a convenient connection of drives and an Ethernet port for wired Internet access. There are accessories that solve some of the tasks, but carrying several gadgets with you is a dubious pleasure. Kingston understands this well and is already producing the third generation of Mobilelite Wireless, a unique multifunction accessory, which will be discussed in the review.

SCOSCHE MAGICMOUNT Review: Durable Neodimal Relations

Most motorists know that when using their smartphone or tablet on the road as a “mobile navigator”, special fasteners must be used. The market offers a huge selection of available solutions, mainly Asian origin. But how does an unreliable mount that breaks exactly in the middle of a long journey breaks out! Another thing is the products of one of the leading American brands - Scosche. And if someone now got a wallet, then this is in vain. The magnetic holders of Scosche Magicmount are not only reliable and comfortable, but also quite affordable.

Sandisk Extreme 500 Review: at full speed

Many consider the use of external SSDs meaningless - after all, you can buy a regular flash drive of a large volume, and not know the problems. For infrequent use, this is quite suitable, but for many people such a solution will not be enough. First of all, we are talking about professionals and those who often need to transmit large volumes of data between devices - in this case, SSDs are simply irreplaceable. The high speed of the drive significantly saves time, and time - an non -renewable resource ...

Review of external batteries Hiper: Take energy with you

Manufacturers of smartphones rarely indulge us with truly long-lived gadgets, and a large capacity of large-capacity batteries, as a rule, are not the most powerful, ergonomic and attractive externally. If you are not ready to compromise, but you don’t want to find yourself in an unpleasant situation “oh, the battery”, the acquisition of an external battery will become the way out. Today we will look at the devices from Hiper, which offers models of “energy boards” of various capacities, but at equally affordable prices.

Xiaomi earned almost $ 2.5 billion per day popular

The founder and CEO of Xiaomi Lay Zyun reported on the results of World shopping Day, held on November 11. According to him, Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones occupied a leading position on the sale of 11.11 at all four main trading floors of China.

Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick: Flashka from the future

Manufacturers of computer technology gradually accustom us to the "clouds", limiting the volume of memory on devices. But not all users have a desire to upload their files to third -party servers or permanent access to high -speed Internet. External drives do not always help out: in some smartphones there are no memory cards, and ultrabooks are often equipped with a minimum of USB ports. Sandisk offers a solution by rethinking the concept of flash drives itself: Wireless Stick can be connected not only to the PC, but also to any other gadgets, and by Wi-Fi.

Overview of the films and glass Onext: Say “no” scratches and cracks

If five years ago, the purchase of a protective film for the new communicator was a mandatory business, now many rely on the capabilities of the hardened glass of Gorilla Glass or the like. To protect, at best, acquiring only a cover. However, even Gorilla Glass is not a panacea. For example, on the beach you have sanded sand in your pocket - and hello, scratches. Or lay a smartphone on the table with a screen down, moved it by accident - and scratched it again. Well, you never know that on the table under it can be: keys, scissors, paper clips scattered ...

Review DF Universal-03 and DF Universal-06: High-quality protection for your tablets

Despite the abundance of offers to buy all kinds of films and bags, a high -quality cover is still one of the most reliable and probably in the most universal way to protect its tablet. Owners of popular models of tablets can purchase branded covers from manufacturers, but far from the fact that they can provide the device with reliable protection, not to mention all kinds of Chinese crafts of dubious quality. The company DF offers its exit from this position, in the arsenal of which there is a whole line of universal covers for tablets, which will be discussed in our review.

Sandisk Ultra UHS-I 200 GB review: flagship among memory cards

The new Sandisk memory card of the Ultra series is a kind of flagship among Microsd cards. At the moment, this is the only map of such a form factor with a volume of 200 GB. Not only did this indicator have recently been available only for full-format SD and CF cards, but the new Sandisk Ultra supports data on the UHS-I high-speed tire for quick exchange with a PC and for streaming high-resolution video. In the review, we will talk about the tests of the new map in various conditions and about the pitfalls that customers of flash drives may encounter.

Exequ Helping Review: “Rescuing” for iPhone

Each IPhone owner will sooner or later think about acquiring an external battery for a favorite smartphone, because the full -time time of the full -time is not enough for the whole day of active use. Suppose that the owner of the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus does not leave the house without an additional battery and, just in case, charging. And so, as an alternative, he was offered three 3300 mAh accumulators: EXEQ Helping-OF08, EXEQ Helping-F11, Exeq Helping-maf10 and EXEQ Helping-IS08. Is it possible to refuse to wear all additional accessories in favor of the Exeq case? Read in our review.

Sandisk IXPAND Review: Flashka for iPhone

As you know, you cannot use memory cards in iPhone and iPad, but you can connect an external medium. It is such a device that is Sandisk IXPAND. Designed to increase the iPhone or iPad memory and simplify the transfer of files between these devices and the computer. Here for the seeding several IXPAND trumpers, which may come in handy: fast backup photos and cleaning memory for new pictures; Password protecting photos and videos; Watching films on the screen of iOS device and listening to music directly from the disk. How it works in practice - we read in a review.

Polaroid Cube review: Legend's attractiveness

When preparing this review on the spot, we did not sit. And all because they tested the action camera Polaroid Cube, which is made in the form of a tiny cube and knows how to shoot video with a resolution of 1080 rubles. A magnet is built into the chamber case - this means the ability to fix the device on any iron surface, for example, on a bicycle. This (and not only) we did, and are ready to tell and show you what we did.

Sony HMZ-T3 Review: Personal 3D cinema

Sony HMZ-T3 is the third generation of helmets in the Sony HMZ line. This device can be called a very personal computer: no one will ever know what exactly you see on the screen of your naked display. But, of course, his main purpose is to show a movie, including three -dimensional. If you invest in the purchase of such a gadget, then for a long time it will be possible to save on tickets in a 3D cinema. It remains to understand how convenient it is to use this gadget in everyday life - this will help to understand our review.

Review Mio Fuse: Physical Cultural Ura

Only functionality, only hardcore! The main problem of most modern fitness trackers is useless during an intensive (or at least some) training, since they do not know how to monitor the pulse, at best, doing this once every few minutes, and at worst-demanding an additional accessory-pulsometer. Mio Fuse can show the current pulse, count the burned calories, keep records of training and register steps. It costs a lot - 11990 rubles - but there are no special alternatives on the market yet.

ARCHOS Music Beany Review: Knitted Gadget

Winter outside the window. The ears are freezing, a snowdrift on the head does not add optimism. And the French company Archos, meanwhile, in the fall, launched an unusual headset on the market, which, unlike ordinary headphones, can warm you in the cold season. Archos Music Beany is made in the form of a knitted hat with built -in headphones and a microphone, which are connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth 3.0. It turns out to test, we will also be for frost resistance: does it warm? This chapco gate is worth from 1690 rubles.

Overview of external batteries DF: for every taste and color

There are situations - for example, long trips or departments outside the city - when no smartphone or tablet simply can withstand the necessary time without recharging. And the socket will be found far from everywhere and not always. In this case, external batteries of increased capacity with the possibility of charging several devices at the same time may come in handy. Today we will consider six DF batteries that can solve such problems.

Topon battery review: from small to great

The dependence of many mobile devices on sockets is sung in hundreds, if not thousands of jokes and jokes. Therefore, there are special devices - external batteries. True, if we are talking about portable batteries, we usually imagine something miniature and not very capacious, which is convenient to wear everywhere. But what if we show you an 800-gram portable battery with a capacity of 33,600 mAh? This is 18 and a half sixth iPhones ... or five MacBook Air 13 ’’. In short, a lot.

Sber returned the contactless payment for Android in Russia popular

The Sberbian press service announced the restart of the NFC payment function on smartphones running Android. With its help, you can both purchase goods and withdraw cash at ATMs with a simple touch of the gadget to the terminal. To use the service, it is enough to connect the Mir Sberov map in the Sberbank Online app.

Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30 Review: They are smart and quick -witted

Talk to the clock? Why not. Sony craftsmen equipped the new SmartBand Talk SWR30 with a speaker and a microphone, as well as a curved display on which notifications are displayed from the connected smartphone. It turned out its branch on the wrist: smart watches with which you can respond to the challenges, leaving the device itself to rest in the bowels of the bag or pocket. Add to this fitness function-Shagomer, sleep accounting, smart alarm clock-and get the device, at least, deserving.

Review Draco 6, Draco Tigris 6 and Draco Ducati 6 P: Unrivaled protection for iPhone 6

If you buy a smartphone for 32 thousand rubles - namely, so much now costs the Apple iPhone 6 - you should think about its protection. Repair of the device, which suffered from the owner’s negligence, will not be a warranty case and will fly into a penny. Many may stop the fact that the use of a cover or bumper hides the noble features of a new Cupertino device. In order not only not to hide the excellent design of the latter iPhone, but also to add originality to it, Dracodesign has released a series of exclusive bumper and covers: Draco 6, Draco Tigris 6 and Draco Ducati 6 P.

Micromax MMX 440W Review: Your hotspot is always with you

In the modern world, there are many gadgets designed to make life easier for its owner, and this is far from always a computer technique like smartphones or tablets. One of these devices is the Micromax MMX 440W overview. The gadget combines the functions of a wireless router, a Wi-Fi access point and an external battery. At the same time, the modest dimensions and the weight of the device, which is placed without problems in any pocket, allow you to take it with you on any trip. In the review, we will find out what exactly it will be useful for the owner and what functions have.

Overview of DF IARMOR for iPhone: Beautiful and serious

"Why hide the divine IPhone design?" - Many Apple users say about various kinds of bumpers, covers, protective films and other accessories designed to protect and decorate the precious gadget. They, of course, are right in their own way: safety is security, but for the most part, the covers do not decorate the products of Cupertinsky designers. With accessories from DF, which came to the editor for the test, things are exactly the opposite. They objectively go to the smartphone, they sit almost perfectly on it, and most importantly - they really protect. The bumpers and covers of the IARMOR and IARMORCASE series, compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5s, are made of an aluminum alloy of 6063 and are able to protect the gadget from almost any blow of fate.

Review Huawei TalkBand B1: Speak strap

Huawei TalkBand B1 got its name for a reason. Band - “strap”, talk - “speak”, and in total the bracelet is obtained by which you can speak. In other words, a hybrid of a fitness tracker and a Bluetooth headman. The transformation of one into another is simply extracting a capsule from a rubber strap. In addition, TalkBand B1 can notify the owner of the incoming call and display the name of the calling subscriber on the display. Standard fitness functions are not forgotten-calculating the number of steps passed and burned in the movement of calories, collection of sleep statistics, a smart alarm and vibro-memorable about the need to get up and move. In general, a solid gentleman's set.

Of course, first of all, interest is an unusual combination of functions. Let's try to figure out whether it is realistic to use a fitness bracelet as a headset, and is there any meaning in general.

Exequ Helping Review of Covers: Turn a smartphone into a long -liver

Every year, smartphone processors are becoming more powerful, and displays are getting better. Nevertheless, all modern gadgets have their own Achilles heel - a battery. Development in this direction noticeably lags behind the pace of "iron". And no matter how optimize the charge consumption by a device, and sometimes it is not even for a full time. And just for those who lack the charge until the evening are designed by EXEQ Helping covers with an integrated battery. They significantly extend the battery life and protect it from scratches and other damage. True, while they are protected and prolonged only for the iPhone or Galaxy, but this is already a lot, right?

Review of Draco S5 Supernova: premium bumper-now for S5

What owner of an expensive smartphone does not want to extend his life by protecting the device from scratches? And who does not want to highlight his smartphone among hundreds of similar devices? Dracodesign kills two birds with one stone, releasing the bumpers that not only protect the smartphone, but also perform an image function. Recently, the company introduced another model called Draco S5 Supernova - a bumper for the new product of this year Samsung Galaxy S5.

Sony SmartBand Review: Your Life Journal

The owner of this accessory does not have to be an athlete and spend evenings in the gym or on the treadmill. Sony SmartBand SWR10 is a more advanced accessory than just a tracker. It is worn on the wrist, and he registers almost everything you do: how much you move, with whom you communicate and how you have fun. In addition, he can help his owner - switch the track, notify important events or wake up, set goals and monitor their achievement.

Review of 3G Wi-Fi Marshrutizers TP-Link M5360 and M5250: different from the outside, similar inside

The TP-Link company recently introduced a line of portable mobile 3G marchrutizers, which consists of three models: M5250, M5350 and M5360. The only difference between the first two is that the M5350 has a full-fledged OLED display, while the M5250 is only small LED indicators reflecting the condition of the device. But the senior model of the line, M5360, deserves special attention. It is not very different in functionality, but has a more pleasant design and can perform the functions of a portable external battery with a capacity of 5,200 mAh.

Review Kingston Datatraveler Locker+ G3: Hide the files from outsiders

Despite the rapid development of cloud services, USB flash drives remain one of the most popular ways to store and transfer information, whether it be photos from vacation or confidential corporate information. The problem is that in the basic version, these devices do not provide absolutely no protection of your information. The flash drive can be quietly copy, and even worse - lose.

The hero of our review - Kingston Datatraveler Locker+ G3 32 GB - is just needed to exclude such unpleasant scenarios. This is a compact device in a metal case with support for hardware data encryption, combining the convenience of traditional USB carriers and modern information protection methods.

Review of external batteries Energizer: For everyone and everyone

Energizer is known not only for its batteries, which (advertising will not allow you to deceive) the pink rabbits are the longest. The manufacturer produces and, for example, external batteries that will allow you to write down smartphones, tablets and laptops for a long time for a long time. The XP line will allow you to choose an external battery corresponding to your "energy" needs.

Gmini Mpower Case: Let's live until Monday

Modern smartphones are good for everyone except the time of autonomous work. If you actively use all functions during the day, sooner or later you have to run to the outlet. One way to extend the life of your “mobile assistant” is an external or spare battery. But it is not always convenient to carry a separate device with you. Then an alternative option for recharging can come to the rescue - a cover with a built -in battery. Gmini offers covers of various form factors and containers for different smartphone models. We will talk about them in our review.

Pelican Progear Vault - Protecting Military level iPad

Those who use the tablet not only at home and in the office are forced to protect it from dust, dirt and water. This lesson takes time and spoils the nerves. Pelican Progear, preserving the first and saving the second, released the Vault protective case for the iPad Air and iPad mini. Progear Vault provides iPad certified by military standards Protection from strikes, falls, dust and moisture.

Sony WG-C10 Review: A Wireless Server for Mobile Mobile

What does a technically advanced traveler take with him on the road? At a minimum, this is a smartphone, but often a tablet, a player, a camera and a bunch of charging devices that occupy a lot of space and adding excess weight that could be spent with benefit, for example, on useless souvenirs to friends. So we, going on another trip to the exhibition, were puzzled to facilitate our baggage.

The solution was found thanks to the Sony WG-C10 wireless server. More precisely, not even a server, but a mobile data storage device during travel, but also part -time accumulator. Why did we opt for Sony WG-C10? Everything is simple - a small box performs several functions at once and is compatible with devices based on iOS and Android. That is, everything can work with her, or almost everything.

DF tempered glass for smartphones and tablets

Many of us, only having bought a new smartphone, first of all acquire a protective film for the screen for it, which should prevent the appearance of scratches on the display and help maintain the product type for as long as possible, for example, for subsequent resale. There are a huge selection of such accessories on the shelves of stores: you can buy both ordinary film and mirror or matte, made of special materials. It turned out that there are rather unusual types of films, for example, protecting the smartphone screen from external power influences or made in the form of protective glass - they are offered by DF.