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Last week, SEGA announced Sonic Origins, a collection of old Games about Hedgehog Sonic. Alas, the details overshadowed the good news, in particular - the need to buy various kinds of DLC and the presence of Denuvo. As usual, gamers scolded the publisher for bad business solutions and calmed down. However, another surprise awaited them.


The release date of Starfield is slowly but correctly approaching, but Bethesda SoftWorks is in no hurry to arrange full -fledged demonstrations of its cosmic epic. Instead, the company publishes a video with the stories of the upcoming blockbuster - and recently it released a third of the developers' diaries.


Looking at the fresh announcements of the film adaptations, you might think that the success of the series Arken and the Dilogy “Sonic in the Cinema” noticeably spurred the interest of Hollywood producers in the production of films based on the famous IP. It would seem that it is time to speed up the production of already announced projects - but Nintendo has other plans.


Today, in many high-budget releases, you can find RPG elements-the search for equipment and weapons, a gradual improvement in the character, and so on. It is clear to engage in the optimization of the build, but on the second and third passages it bothers. Therefore, they came up with New Game+-a mode that allows you to start the adventure of a re-“pumped” hero. Soon it will reach Dying Light 2: Stay Human.


Everyone heard about King Arthur, about his sword and knights of the round table. So, Neocoregames studio took familiar legends and turned them into an unusual tactical game, the release of which will take place today. And in honor of such an event, the final trailer laid out on YouTube. Meet - King Arthur: Knight’s Tale.

The disassembly of the Apple cable showed the reason for its high cost popular

Presented in March with the Mac Studio computer and the Studio Display display, Apple Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cable is offered at a price of $ 129 for a 1.8-meter option. Many were embarrassed by such a price tag, especially against the background of more affordable alternatives of third-party manufacturers, but the authors of the Chargerlab YouTube channel decided to find out everything Personally, having dismantled the accessory.


Спустя долгие годы после изначального релиза шлемы виртуальной реальности остаются очень нишевой вещью, а библиотека релизов не спешит пополняться выдающимися тайтлами. Поэтому энтузиасты самостоятельно переносят в новое измерение поистине легендарные игры. Например, Half-Life 2.


Контент-мейкер «Неважно, Кто» продолжает свой «крестовый поход» против GSC Game World. Недавно он показывал кадры из слитого билда S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 для презентации на выставке E3, которые показали, что вышедший ранее трейлер был целиком постановочным. А теперь блогер рассказал детали сюжета предстоящей новинки.


The Borderlands series has been associated for many years for many years, primarily with endless shootings and hundreds of different guns. However, the Telltale Games studio once showed the other side of the planet Pandora-the one that is more like a bright interactive comedy with sparkling humor and bright characters. We are talking about Tales from the borderlands-spin-off, which, as it turned out, will soon acquire a sequel.


Some games come out incredibly quickly. It would seem that there was just an announcement, and then once - and now the day of the premiere. Other projects are less lucky: announced in the distant 2019 Roller Champions, for example, the release date will not still have a date. Fortunately, this is fixable.


The announcement of the restarting Saints Row was ambiguous - the audience was divided into opinion about action. Some people believe that the developers were very far from the roots of the series. The Volition company decided to prove the opposite, and therefore first transmitted, and then published a new trailer - both were devoted to the creation of its unique character. The editor, as it turned out, is designed in the best traditions of the franchise.