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Samsung Galaxy Core VE FAQ

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The phone does not enter the "Download Mode" and "Recovery" mode. What to do?

Restore the phone from the state of "Brick"

If during unsuccessful flashing or during power outage during flashing by Odin program, as well as after unsuccessful update via Fota or Kies, the phone stopped turning on and the 3-button mode does not work, then the recovery instruction is for you.
You can transfer the smartphone to the mode "Download mode", which has just such a picture:

Phone -! - Computer
Attached Image

For this: buy a micro-USB plug type B, or a cable with such a plug.

Attention: Check that pin 4 in the cable is connected. It is not used on some cables. Next, you will need a resistor with a resistance of 301 kО© (you can use two resistors connected in series with 300 kО© + 1 kО©). It is advisable to use resistors with a minimum tolerance (the more accurately, the better).
A resistor (or pair) is soldered between pins 4 and 5 of micro-USB type B.Not in the phone and not in the plug inserted into the smartphone!
Pinout plug, view from the phone
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image
It is advisable to isolate the leads of the resistors.

So let's get started.

1. Turn off the smartphone and remove the battery for 5 minutes, insert the battery back. Do not turn on!
2. Insert the manufactured or purchased plug into the phone jack. It is advisable not to touch the resistors, as the skin has its own resistance.
3. After a few seconds, the device will go into download mode (Download mode). Do not press the power button!
4. We take out the plug, insert the USB cable from the PC and flash the necessary firmware using the Odin program.
The author of the instructions : qwertyrulit
Added instructions : NightSpirit184andgolos-donbassa

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How to install a modified kernel?


Instructions for installing an informal kernel

1. First you need to make a backup of the kernel. This is to recover in case of failure without loss.
2. Download the kernel.
3. We place the downloaded archive or image in the root of the memory device or card.
4. Turn off the smartphone and go to TWRP. To do this, press the volume up key + central + power button. All three buttons should be pressed simultaneously and hold for about 15-20 seconds.
5. Go to the "Install" (Install), click "Select Drive" and mark the type of memory where our kernel is located. If the file extension is "img", there are two gray buttons at the bottom of the screen. One of them is designed to select a file, zip or img, depending on the file format.
6. We find the core, click on it and find ourselves in the installation menu. During installation, you will be prompted to select a partition, mark the "Boot" and move the slider to the right. Waiting for completion. On average, it takes 5-10 seconds. At the end of the installation, the system will notify us and will offer to return to the main TWRP menu, or to make a reboot.

Important: For those who install the kernel for the first time, after installing the kernel, you should download two archives, SuperSU 2.66 Pro + init.d. Download files from fasting kernel author. The installation method is similar to the kernel, that is, we throw the archives into the root of the memory and install it through TWRP.

7. Congratulations, the installation is complete! If everything went well, go to "Settings" - "About the device" - we find information about the kernel.
Attached Image
Attached Image

The author of the instructions : NightSpirit184

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Does anyone use modified kernels? Share your impressions after prolonged use.

Clarc user test results

A large number of users, including me, use the kernel fromClarca and the impressions are only positive. Understandably, the battery life of the device has decreased (insignificantly), but this is a reasonable sacrifice that justifies itself. In addition, adjust the frequency is not necessary. However, if you do not play heavy games, then there is no point in installing an overclocked kernel.
Text writer : NightSpirit184
Test results, part 1

Yesterday I performed the manipulations with the core and decided to share my experience.

Core fromClarcstable, works no worse than stock. There is a performance boost in gaming applications. Gains frequency as the load increases, but in some situations it consumes too much energy. For example, while working with the file managerRoot explorerThe processor reaches the maximum possible frequency - 1500 MHz. This is clearly a lot for such an application. So I decided to take control of the frequency on myself. I downloaded one of the most popular programs -SetCPU. The results obtained during testing were upset of me. Despite the presence of several regulators, during the experiment, the frequency at minimum load reached up to 1300-1500 MHz, and the frequency range did not fall. Long operation in reinforced mode can lead not only to the rapid battery discharge, and will not be reflected in the best way on the processor. Apparently, the kernel does not support the modes that are in user intervention. For it failed to achieve a balance. I had to delete the program before getting rid of the saved settings. Returning to the "Interactive" regulator, which stood by default, the work of the processor stabilized. Although it is not possible to achieve a certain middle between energy saving and performance, alas. Based on the above, I concluded that the kernel regulates the frequency at its own discretion and any interventions do not bring due results, but only aggravate the situation.
The results obtained during testing are shown in the screenshots.
Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image
Test results, part 2

I continue to share experiences on adjusting the frequency of the CPU in order to reduce power consumption.

On the advice of our friendClarca , downloaded two programs, 3C Toolbox and CPU Master . I put up the regulator at the ONDEMAND and began to observe the condition of the processor. In deep sleep mode, energy consumption really decreased. But the active regime was accompanied by the uncontrolled behavior of the CPU frequency. All attempts to adapt the frequency range were failed. When exposing the norm, the processor goes beyond and continues to act at its discretion. Unfortunately, unpleasant moments did not end there. Repeated entry into the program drops all the settings and sets the level of the necessary frequency on their own, that is, the maximum 800 MHz move to 1150, and at least reaches the same number. At first I decided that the processor is junk, but after a series of tests and checking the temperature of the CPU it turned out that there was no deviations. It's funny that there is no difference in which program to use. The situation is similar. As I expected, the reason for this behavior lies in the nucleus itself, as it is in the level of CPU. This is confirmed by numerous experiments with available regulators. Perhaps the time has come to take stock. Our core is not adapted to adjust the frequency manually. Without a doubt, the accelerated core increases performance in game applications, but it is inappropriate to use it due to excessively high energy consumption.

The results of testing the kernel "Vegito" from the developer Dreamstar

New coreVegitowhich the developer gathered for usDreamstar , has established itself only on the positive side. In the initial versions, the author of the nucleus focused on performance. Thanks to which the first and second versions were dispersed to 1.60 GHz. However, in version 3.0, the frequency of CPU was reduced to 1.40 GHz. In a similar way, the developer decided to reach the balance between performance and energy conservation. Judging by the test results, Dreamstar managed to significantly extend the battery life, and without losing the previous performance. Surprisingly, in version 4.2 the Creator of the nucleus again increased the frequency of CP to 1.50 GHz, and in version 4.5 to 1.60 GHz. Unfortunately, there were not without flaws, in programs of the type CPU Spy time of use of frequencies is not displayed. Of course, you can close your eyes to this, because the core itself works fine.

Results of testing version 3.0

In version 3.0, the CPU frequency has been reduced to 1.40 GHz. Apparently, the author of the core decided to increase the duration of the device by reducing the energy consumed. It is worth noting that previous versions have shown themselves quite well in terms of power consumption, therefore, even more hope is placed on the new version. Unfortunately, there were no unpleasant moments. Still does not display the time of use of frequencies. On xda advised to install the programKernel adiutorHowever, it also does not show the time of use of frequencies. In general, the problem remains relevant.
Results of testing versions 4.2 and 4.5

I tested V.4.2 and 4.5 of the "Vegito" nuclei and was pleasantly surprised. The fact is that the developer for a long time could not correct the error, which was manifested in the form of not displaying the time of the frequencies used, and in version 4.2 there is no problem! However, the pleasant moments end there, because in the current version, 4.5, the error described above made itself felt and I have nothing left but to switch to the previous version. Also in the new versions, the Creator of the nucleus again decided to increase the frequency of CPU; In version 4.2, the processor is dispersed to 1.50 GHz, and at 4.5 to 1.60 GHz. For those who do not play games, this is a significant drawback, because increasing the frequency of CPU will entail an increase in energy consumed, which, in turn, will affect the duration of the device. Moreover, adding new frequencies (400 MHz, 300 and 200) in version 4.5 will not be able to prevent an increase in energy consumption. I hope that uv.Dreamstar will lower in new versions the frequency of the CPU to 1.40 GHz or 1.50 GHz.

Testing conducted: NightSpirit184

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I downloaded the firmware for Russia (SER), is it suitable for Ukraine?

What is SER, what is SEK is the same firmware, because within the regional part there are all five regions: SER-SEK-SKZ-CAC-CAU (Russia-Ukraine-Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan-Caucasus regions). The regional settings for Russia will be set by default, but if you have SEK registered in the "Sales code", then apply SEK.
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By the way, when Samsung writes that the firmware for Ukraine or Russia, or Kazakhstan, or Uzbekistan, or the Caucasian regions, he always shouted, because it is the same firmware for these regions, since they are all in the regional part and the application of the region after the firmware depends on the "Sales Code", registered in the EFS section, in the EFS / IMEI / MPS_Code.dat path file, that is, depending on what is written there, the region and will be installed, so if it says there - Regional settings are established for Russia, SEK - for Ukraine, SKZ - Kazakhstan, CAC - Uzbekistan, CAU - Caucasian regions.

Text writer : Enlightened grandfather

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How to make a full backup of the firmware along with applications, data and settings?

Backup system and user data can be done usingTWRP, Titanium backupandSmart switch. I personally recommend backup using TWRP, as this is one of the simplest and most reliable backup methods.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Is it possible to move the backup folder from the phone to the computer, and then, when necessary, return it to its place and use it?

Yes, you can move the backup folder to the computer. However, in the case of a bootlap (infinite cyclic reboot), you will need to go to TWRP and mount the partition for memory access via "ADB". In addition, you can copy the backup to a regular USB flash drive, connect the device with an OTG cable and restore the backup.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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When you try to upgrade "over the air", a notification appears: "An unauthorized modification of the operating system of the device was carried out."

After getting root-rights, installing TWRP or an unofficial kernel, you lose the opportunity to update the firmware "over the air". However, you can manually upgrade to the latest versions using the Odin program. In addition, if the firmware will be available for your region, you can connect the phone to a computer, go toSmart switchand update the software to the latest version. In this case, the root flies, but you can repeat the procedure for obtaining root-rights again, on the new version. By the wayEnlightened grandfather monitors updates and regularly updates its firmware with built-in root.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Tell me, is it possible to determine the firmware version on the locked "FRP Lock" phone?

Go to the standard "Recovery" and at the top will display the current firmware version.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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The loudness of the call signal is reduced to a minimum. What to do?

In the new versions of the firmware, a bug appeared, which manifests itself in the form of independently reducing the volume of the call signal to a minimum. This error was first detected on version G361HXXU0APJ1. While the developers have not fixed the problem described above, roll back with the help of the “Odin” program to an earlier firmware version, for example, on G361HXXU0APE2, or download the programAudio Adjuster(An analogue that, judging by user feedback, copes with the task much better:Persist +) and activate the function "lock the change in the volume of the call."
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Sim cards fall off periodically, what to do?

On earlier versions of the firmware, there is a bug of the SIM card dump. Upgrade the firmware over the air to G361HXXU0APA5 or higher. Starting with APA5, patches are fixed. If the upgrades continue after the update, download the single-file firmware and self-flash the phone using the Odin program.

Addition: on some official firmware versions with root embedded from Enlightened grandfather , for example, G361HXXS0AQD1, a modem is installed (CP section) from old firmware versions, where the error with SIM card falling off when using 3G networks was not fixed. For this, while downloading the firmware, pay attention to the country that is listed at the top of the list.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Advise which unofficial firmware is better to install?

I personally recommend installing Lineage OS 14.1. or Resurrection Remix N. Judging by the test results, the described firmware is completely stable and suitable for everyday use. However, you can install any other with “Stable” (Stable) status that you like.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Installed (a) unofficial firmware, and when you start the system there is no image, black screen. What to do?

The black screen arises as a result of a software failure, in which the display driver cannot be connected, and the continuous or infinite loading animation (BUTLUP) is due to the transition to a new firmware. First of all, you should restart the smartphone: remove the battery, insert back and turn on. If the black screen or the bootlup does not disappear, go to TWRP, clean all sections, with the exception of "Data" and "Device Memory", set the ZIP archive with the firmware re-and run the system. Before proceeding with more cardinal methods, check the integrity of the archive. Next, if you are 100% sure that the archive is not damaged, we flash using the "ODIN" file of the 4x file official firmware, we make wipes (cleaning sections that are listed ininstructions) and install the zip archive. The restart, accompanied by a black screen or bootlap, indicates a software error that cannot be resolved on its own, except when the black screen appears on all versions of the firmware / firmware. In such cases, the reason why there is no image may be in the display loop and to solve the problem, you must reconnect the cable, that is, disconnect and reconnect.
Text writer : NightSpirit184
Instructions for poking the loop

Attention! Before executing the data, be sure to disconnect the phone from the power supply, otherwise the road to the service center will be exactly. I do not answer for your wrong actions.

1. Disconnect the phone from power sources and pull out the battery.
2. Open the cover next to the flash on the left.
3. Very neat pry loop.
4. Paste back.
5. Turn on the phone, if there is no image on the screen, then you should go to the service center.

Video instruction:

Attached Image

Attached fileGaid.mp4(15.26 MB)

The author of the instructions : KirikHelperik

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Which version of the official firmware is better?

I will tell you a secret: there is not and will not be the best version of the official firmware. All firmware starting from G361HXXU0APA5 are stable, and on which version to be - the user chooses. For example, I was on the G361HXXU0APB2 for a long time and I was happy with everything. A few months after the release, the G361HXXU0APK1 decided to upgrade and see how much the firmware has changed since the previous versions. It turned out that there were not so many changes and it was possible to continue using APB2.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Can I use standard applications from the official firmware on the unofficial?

Unfortunately not. In order to be able to use standard (system) applications on any unofficial firmware, it is required to port the listed applications to a specific firmware, and this is only possible for those users who have the knowledge and programming skills. However, you cansearchtheme with an already adapted application or ask to port this or that program in the themeOEM software from device manufacturers.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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How to return the status of the system "Official" after installing unofficial firmware, TWRP, modified kernel, etc.?

By standard (standard) means it is impossible to do, and with the presence of the root you can install the programXposedand moduleWanam Xposedwhich allows you to fake the status of the system on the "official". However, employees of the service center will not be able to be deceived with the help of such tricks, since they are aware of all the tricks of users and have repeatedly encountered similar situations. In this regard, before contacting the service center, you need to reflash the device through the programOdinsingle-file or 4-file official firmware to restore the system partition to its original state.
Screenshot of the "Security" section
Attached Image

Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Why in the "Lock screen" section, the items "Disable lock" or "Swipe across the screen" are inactive?

Items may be inactive for several reasons:
  • One of the installed programs performs the functions of the device administrator and restricted the user access to certain settings.
  • Encryption policy or virtual private network does not allow you to access the settings.
  • The credential storage for security purposes restricts access to changing lock settings.
Problem clearly
Attached Image

In the first case, you need to go to the "Security" section, the item "Device Administrators", find the application to which you have provided too many questions, and uncheck it.
The second is to disable encryption or remove the virtual private network.
In the third you should go to Applications - Settings - Security - Delete credentials. After that, all items will become active.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Bluetooth does not turn on or does not find other wireless networks, what could be the problem?

The causes of problems with Bluetooth can be both hardware and software. First of all, you need to flash the smartphone with a single -file firmware using the ODIN program or replace the Bluetooth system application with another official firmware along the System/App/path. Then, if the problem does not disappear, you should delete all the data on the device and check the performance of the wireless network. In the absence of the proper result, the reason is the hardware, namely the Bluetooth module, which could well fail. To solve the problem, you must contact the authorized service center.
The folder of the system application "Bluetooth"
Attached fileBluetooth.rar(1.66 MB)

Note: for the application, set permissions 644, and for folders 755.

Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Are there any battery analogs for the SM-G361H with increased capacity?

Yes, there are Chinese counterparts with increased battery capacity, which can be ordered from online stores or found on websites of ads by However, the quality of these batteries is significantly inferior to the original battery and among Chinese counterparts there are many defects. For this reason, I do not advise buying a battery with increased capacity. As for me, it is preferable to buy the original battery for SM-G360H / G361H in the official service center "Samsung" or in a certified store, where the quality of the goods is monitored.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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