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Samsung Galaxy Core VE FAQ

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1. General issues

2. Hardware

3. Software

4. Firmware

5. Communication

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General issues


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  • Manufacturer:Samsung
  • Model:Galaxy core prime VE
  • Year of release: 2015
  • Operating system:Android 5.1.1
  • Battery capacity: 2,000 mA / h


  • Dimensions: 68.4 x 131.3 x 8.8 (width, height, thickness)
  • Weight: 130 g


  • Processor Type: Spreadtrum SC7730SE
  • Clock frequency: 1 300 MHz


  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Built-in memory: 8 GB / 64 GB


  • Phone: GSM (850, 900, 1800, 1900), UMTS (900, 2100)
  • Bluetooth: 4.1
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 (b, g, n)
  • Other: 2G 2, 3.5G (HSDPA, HSDPA +, HSUPA, HSPA), 3G UMTS / WCDMA, GPS, GLONASS, Supports 2 SIM cards


  • Screen size: 4.5 "
  • Screen Resolution: 480 x 800 px
  • Screen Type: TFT
  • Video accelerator: Mali-400MP2
  • Rear camera: 5 Mpx
  • Autofocus: Yes
  • Photo flash: Yes
  • Camera front: 2 Mpx
  • Speaker: Mono
  • Headphone Out: 3.5
  • Other: FM radio, G-Sensor, Proximity Sensor

Management and input

  • Touch screen: capacitive
  • Buttons: physical buttons


  • Memory cards: microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC
  • Connectors: microUSB


  • Work time: (according to the manufacturer)
  • Audio playback time: up to 40 hours
  • Video playback time: up to 9 hours
  • Talk time (3G WCDMA): up to 10 hours
  • Internet time (3G): up to 9 hours

A source: Devdb

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What do the last two letters in the name "VE" mean?

VE is just an abbreviation for Value Edition (reissue), that is, Galaxy Core Prime VE is a reprint of last year’s Galaxy Core Prime.
Text writer : serg_from_dar

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Contents of delivery:

  • Smartphone (Gray or White);
  • Battery;
  • Stereo headset (white, regardless of the color of the device);
  • Charger;
  • Micro USB cable for charging, syncing and transferring files;
  • Documentation;
  • Warranty card;
  • Package and set of available accessories may vary in different regions and are determined by the service provider.

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I'm going to buy a phone, describe the advantages and disadvantages of this model

Review on Samsung SM-G361H Galaxy Core Prime VE

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Good day. Recently, too, became the happy owner of this device and I have something to write to future buyers, or have already bought the device.

The design is standard, as for all Samsung smartphones, there is nothing outstanding, but the device itself looks decent. If the image plays an important role for you, then this is another reason to take phones from the South Korean manufacturer. Surely everyone knows that Samsung is betting on the design of their devices. The thickness of the device is 8.8 mm, and the weight is 130 grams. It feels like the smart turned out to be quite thin and light. In the first days of purchase, I constantly checked the presence of a phone in my pocket. Since it seemed to me that there was nothing there. : D

Let's start with the face of a smartphone that has a fairly large screen, as for a budget device. The screen diagonal is 4.5 inches, and the resolution of the display is WVGA, that is, 480x800 pixels. The viewing angles are not bad, the screen brightness is acceptable. Regarding the brightness, many users complain that the screen is dim and does not cause pleasant impressions, but it is my device that does not suffer from this "ailment". Perhaps it depends on the user, because everyone will find something to complain about.

It is also worth mentioning the presence of two slots at once under micro-Sim. The first is located with a memory card and to extract a SIM card you will need to remove the battery, and the second is on the side, which greatly simplifies the process of quick transition from one SIM card to another. The connection catches stably, there is support for HSPA+ or 3.75G. In addition, you should add the opportunity to take calls to both SIM cards during a conversation. For people who prefer to always stay in touch and not miss an important call, this is undoubtedly a plus.

In the settings you can also rename SIM cards, choose a SIM card for calls and the Internet. There are also no problems with the choice of access point and network operator, since you can select the necessary parameters for both SIM cards. Support for hot swapping is not provided, because to activate another SIM, you will need to turn off the phone, or else take it offline.

On earlier versions of the firmware, there is a bug with a SIM card dump. Therefore, after the purchase, update the device "over the air" to the latest software version, or self-flash the smartphone using the "Odin" program.

I completely forgot to mention the conversational dynamics, which plays a key role during a telephone conversation. Audibility is average, but by no means bad, because of the main drawbacks of this device, people say that the interlocutor is poorly audible. There is also no interference, the interlocutor hears me perfectly and fully perceives the speech I have said.

The duration of the autonomous operation of the smartphone is higher than that of other budget devices. This is facilitated by the battery with a capacity of 2,000 mAh. With an average load (calls, SMS, Internet, music, reading, video and few games) the phone will live a day and a half (1.5 days). Of course, if you use wi-fi as the main connection or play for a long time in games, then smart may not live until the evening. However, this is the problem of all smartphones. Therefore, we conclude; It all depends on the degree of load and the number of time spent by the phone using certain applications.

For those who do not need to use all four nuclei and other “little things” of the corporate interface “Touchwiz”, there is a special function that is called the “Maximum Energy Saving mode”. Thanks to this regime, you can disable all unnecessary applications, and this, in turn, will extend the working hours in standby mode for a long time. For convenience, information is displayed on the screen about how many percent remain and how long the smart can remain in this mode. This mark has reached more than 5 days, but the manufacturer immediately indicates that time is closely dependent on what you will do with the phone in this mode.

Perhaps you can go to the shell and everything else. The smartphone runs on Android 5.1.1, which is called "Lollipop", which means lollipop. : D I do not know what you are thinking now, but everyone has associated this word with something of their own. However, fantasy plays an important role. What did I stop at? Oh yeah, on the presentation of the operating system. Despite the fact that the new Android has not yet managed to absorb most of the market, I can say with confidence that this is only the beginning.

The fifth Android perfectly copes with the tasks, responses and information displayed. Everything works smartly, without brakes and friezes, which bother so many users. From personal experience, I can say that 512 MB of RAM is enough only for the operation of standard applications. Of course, it is possible to work with this volume, but not comfortable.

In the first hours of work with a smartphone, it seemed to me that there was no particular difference with the predecessor, but everything changes when you activate special effects and other new functions characteristic of this version of Android. Naturally, not everyone at the first acquaintance with the device will understand that it has a new version, because the signature interface "Touchwiz" simply hides all the innovations of the new axis. I think you should not describe all the changes that the Lollipop has been subjected to, because sooner or later on their own experience will try a new version.

A useful feature that I wanted to mention is called "Find My Mobile", which allows you to track the location of the phone, as well as block it. Probably, everyone in life may experience a situation related to the loss or theft of a favorite animal. But earlier we could take advantage of this opportunity with the help of third-party applications, and now this opportunity is available to everyone and does not provide for downloading an anti-virus with the anti-theft function.

By the way, about the camera. SM-G361H has two cameras, the main and frontal. The main camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels, and the front 2 MP. The quality of the pictures shot on the main camera is acceptable. The front camera also takes pictures quite well and is suitable for video calls. The following modes of shooting are also available: car, retouching, panorama, continuous shooting. In addition, there are special modes that will allow you to take a decent picture at night, or to capture a frame with increased activity. Thanks to the autofocus and flash, the device can be used as a camera, but alas, it will not be possible to fully replace it. For those who are important to remove an important point, it is possible to display a camera shortcut on the lock screen, which will allow you to take a picture in a matter of seconds. Sometimes this is very important, because the share of a second can play a decisive role.

The Samsung G361H Galaxy Core Prime VE has 8 GB of internal memory, of which 5.3 GB is available for the user. Given the meager amount of memory in such devices, which rarely exceeds more than 4 GB, in this smartphone we were given a little more space, for which many thanks to them! However, this volume also turned out to be few. The fact is that the application cache is automatically loaded into the device’s memory, and if you want to install a difficult game, the cache of which weighs more than 1 GB, get ready to see the information on the screen that your memory is ending on your phone.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved, but first we need to get root-rights. There are only two methods for obtaining superuser rights, firmware with built-in root or installation of the "SuperSU" archive using unofficial recovery, TWRP.

After we acquired the superuser rights, we will need a program calledFoldermountwith which you can transfer the cache to the memory card. The program is quite easy to use and automatically moves the cache to external memory by deceiving the system. There is a Premium version in the application theme. However, in order for developers to have the desire to update their utility, making it compatible with devices of a newer version of Android, you need to support the developer by purchasing the functionality of the premium version on Google Play.

Let us turn to the apparatus stuffing. At the heart of the device is installed a quad-core Spreadtrum SC7730SE chipset with a frequency of 1.3 GHz and a graphics accelerator Mali-400MP2. The smartphone has 1 GB of RAM, which means the ability to work with multiple applications simultaneously. Who is interested in gaming performance, I will give a few examples. One of the most popular games of the genre "fighting game",Injustice: Gods Among UsIt goes great on this device. A piece from "Gameloft" about Thor, the god of thunder,Thor: TDW - The Official GameIt comes without any complaints about performance. Not less popular game in the movie "Living Steel" calledReal Steel World Robot BoxingIt pleases the eye with high and stable fps. Gorgeous zombie shooter from the company "MADFINGER Games",Dead trigger 2, causes only positive emotions from smoothness and lack of jumps fps.

All other games that are less demanding of the system, (Angry Birds Go!, BADLAND, Subway surfers, Cut the rope 2, Despicable me, Hungry Shark Evolution, Sonic dash, Plants vs. Zombies 2), go great, without jerks and friezes. For those who need a smart capable of playing all gaming applications and programs, the best option is not found. Of course, there are a couple of new budget models from the company "Samsung" (Samsung Galaxy Star Advance G350E, Samsung Galaxy Core 2 G355H, Samsung Galaxy J1 J100H, Samsung Galaxy J1 J110H), but in terms of optimization, not everything is so rosy there. For this reason, it is better to pay extra and buy a smart one that can serve you for more than two years. Of course, everyone chooses a device based on their personal preferences. But, as practice shows, a person acquiring equipment for a specific purpose, sooner or later will want to check the capabilities of his device, and at this point comes frustration.

At the end of my review I would like to highlight the main advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the first. Stylish design, large screen, new version of Android 5.1.1, support for 2 SIM cards, quad-core processor, 1 GB RAM, camera, 3G, GPS (you can use the phone as a navigator) and finally the most important thing is the price. Despite the fact that I pointed out the presence of flaws, they are not. For such a democratic price, we get such a quality product.

The market is full of budget devices, but it is quite difficult to find a really good phone, because manufacturers save on everything. As a result, disappointed users write in Runet negative reviews on the part of the Android phones. Many do not even think that by paying a small amount you could purchase a smartphone that would really pay for itself, and not rush to a tempting price and spit on the video reviews about how unlucky they were. But we know the price of this cheapness. ;)

Thanks to everyone who read my review. I hope my impressions will be useful for those who are going to buy this device.

Reviewer : NightSpirit184

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How to check the phone before buying?

Service codes
*#0*# - The main tests of devices in the device.
*#06# - IMEI.
*#7353# - Another menu with tests.
*#0228# - Network information, complete battery information.
*#0283# - Test data connection (Loopback Test).
*#1111# - FTA SW Version.
*#1234# - Firmware version (AP, CP, CSC).
*#2222# - Information on the revision of iron.
*#2663# - Information about the firmware of touch input devices (soft key firmware update, Wacom, sensor hub).
*#22558463# - Reset talk time.
*#34971539# - Information about camera modules and updating their firmware.
*#9090# - Service Mode.
*#9900# - Dump system data (kernel logs, etc.).
*#0011# - NET monitor.

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How much memory of 8 GB is available to the user?

The user is assigned 5.3 GB to install programs and store personal data.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Where to get instructions?

User's manual

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Where can I see the details and other information about the phone?

Instructions for device parts

Thanks for searching the document: amid.87

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How many GB is better to buy a memory card?

Purchase a memory card should be guided by the types of files that you will download. If you do not want to lug around a large audio / video files, then take a 16 GB. This volume is enough for you to head. In the case of film downloads and heavy games I recommend taking 64 GB, as 32 will be small. Also pay attention to the memory card class. Altogether there are six:

  • SD Class 2: write speed of at least 2 MB / s
  • SD Class 4: write speed of at least 4 MB / s
  • SD Class 6: write speed of at least 6 MB / s
  • SD Class 10: write speed of at least 10 MB / s
  • SD Class 12: write speed of at least 12 MB / s
  • SD Class 16: write speed of at least 16 MB / s

Class affects the file write speed, so take a little more, and save power, and nerves poberezhote.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Will the covers and batteries from G360H to G361H fit?

Yes, covers and batteries fromG360Hcompatible for the simple reason that this is the same device, that is, visually the G360H and G361H are no different, but the software part has undergone changes.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Included with the phone are headphones?

Yes, Samsung's branded headphones come with this phone model. Although the package may vary depending on the region and supplier.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Do all Samsung headphones that go to the phone are uneven, that is, the left earpiece is shorter than the right one?

Yes, the wire on one earphone is longer than the other, so that the headphones do not fall down when falling out of the ears. Accordingly, the wire passes behind the back.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Should I put a protective glass? Is it better to slide your finger on it?

You decide. In any case, with the presence of this protection is much better, and on the slip it almost does not affect. However, the quality (price) of glass plays a special role. Therefore, the higher it is, the better the quality of the glass and the sensation of use.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Is it worth bothering about the assembly country and what are the options for this model? Where I looked, one vendor indicated the assembly is India, and the other Vietnam.

There is absolutely no difference between assemblies, the quality control is the same everywhere, no matter where the phone is assembled. And the marriage is possible on any device. Take calmly any and all.
Text writer : dimak23

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Does the camera have autofocus? And is there a diode of missed events?

Autofocus is, there is no diode.

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G361H have a lot of marriage?

For all the existence of the phone in the subjectDiscussionthere are not so many reviews where users describe the fact of marriage. The main problem in the form of a SIM card dump, which was fixed in an update, was programmatic in nature. Also, some users complained about problems with the spoken speaker. There were no other significant problems.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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Is it true that he has only two touches?

Yes, multitouch for just 2 touches. Given the size of the screen, you won’t play alone in one game, although for emulators and some types of keyboards you may need three touches.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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The central button is triggered from the second or third time. Maybe you need to push harder?

The point is not in force, but in the correctness (accuracy) of pressing. You need to press strictly to the center. If you get used to the phone, then there will be no problems.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

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The phone does not work with microSD. At first he prepared them for reading, and then they fell off. What can be done with this?

There really is such a problem. There are two options, the first - the flash drive is not compatible with the device, the second is the problem of software. However, do not rush to run to the store, because after some time a memory card can earn and turn out to be working. We do the following: we go into the settings - memory - click "extract a memory card", wait, take out the drive and insert it back. It happens that the phone can reboot itself and instantly display all programs. In this case, it is not necessary to remove Microsd. If it does not help, then the card should be replaced.
Text writer : NightSpirit184

About cards: those that are bought from the Chinese through Ali and other stores, can have any characteristics, often little corresponding to the parameters of capacity and speed specified in the product annotation on the site (and on the card itself). But sometimes they can work quite successfully in the latest issue of smartphones.
Cards differ not only in the inscriptions of NN GB and Class10 or 6, but also with internal architecture, memory types, controllers that work with this memory. And there is a non-reasonable assumption that the more new and wider the gadget, the less chance that it has a check of parameters of the diabetes. He will stupidly try to "communicate" with her at the speed that the application or protocol requires. As a result, if the card is less speedy for some type of recording (for example, a consistent 64kb blocks), then either errors or “missing” files or the dumps of the card as a whole will appear periodically.
The fact that this card successfully works in some other device does not mean that you have problems with the software or hardware of your phone. If there is a problem, then it is easier to ask which cards work successfully with colleagues in the forum and purchase the same one.
Text writer : abby58

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