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Modifications and decorations Highscreen boost 2 SE

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Decorations and Modifications of software for
Highscreen boost 2 SE

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Hello everyone, who will tell you how to make a notification curtain on 4.3 like on 4.4?, That is, it can be pulled out while in other applications (games).

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* Fiend90 I think in any way, I would advise the firmware to install a new one

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Hello everyone, the problem is this: the soft buttons do not work (back, home and left, I don’t know what to call it) the sensor itself works. Can someone make a patch for installing soft buttons like on tablets? Thank you in advance

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* DeLuXe_59,
On the stock firmware was a patch, in my opinion. On the other, too, something shamans. Search by topic)

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Good day guys.
Googled a lot and longsavagemessiahzine.comI also shoveled a big shovel, but I did not find a solution.
The bottom line is this: Highscreen Boost 2 se Smartphone with Lineage OS 14.1 Android 7.1.2 ROOT firmware installed in the car in landscape orientation. The launcher is configured for landscape orientation and everything is OK.
But, when loading, Splash and Bootanimation were displayed portrait, which did not please the eye :-) tensed, and mastered the replacement of Splash and Bootanimation to landscape - everything became good. But at the end of the playing, Bootanimation appears for a few seconds the inscription "Loading Android" and the desktop is displayed portrait, after several seconds of loading, the inscription disappears and the desktop turns into landscape orientation. How can this be defeated? Is it possible to make the smart think that he is a tablet and be loaded by definition in landscape mode, so that the desktop in the portrait would not jump out in the interval? I am writing in the topic of modifications ... or do I go to the topic of firmware? Thank you.

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DeLuXe_59 @ 03.20.18, 22:05*
Hello everyone, the problem is this: the soft buttons do not work (back, home and left, I don’t know what to call it) the sensor itself works.

Option 1 With root rights
Option 2 to install from the play market for example this utility
https: //play.google.co…ar.customize.soft.keys

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Modifications and decorations Highscreen Boost 2 SE (post[Email Protected] #42592118)And for Mali there is no such thing?

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