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Spotify Music [Android] | Connection to the music service Spotify
Smart playlists
Do you use smart playlists?
For the first time they hear about them. [ 2008 ] ** [70.83%]
Enough built-in functional. [ 360 ] ** [12.7%]
I tried - I did not like it, it did not work, etc. [ 115 ] ** [4.06%]
I heard. I'm going to try. [ 103 ] ** [3.63%]
I use Spotiboi. [ 55 ] ** [1.94%]
I use Smarter Playlists. [ 39 ] ** [1.38%]
I use Goofy. [ 89 ] ** [3.14%]
I use other services of smart playlists. [ 76 ] ** [2.68%]
Total Votes: 2835

Rep: (1688)
Spotify Music
Last update of the program in the header:24.11.2022

Spotify Android Picture | Spotify Club Picture | Spotify Apple Picture | spotify Tizen

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Short description:
Connecting to the world's most popular streaming service - Spotify, which allows you to legally listen to music online.

Since Spotify is constantly introducing new interface, it can be very different for different users.

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What is Spotify?
Spotifai is the very first streaming service that allows you to listen to music online without downloading it on a computer. In addition, it is present on many modern devices, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems, and Spotify Connect allows users to use a number of entertainment systems. Users, using the search, can find artists, albums, playlists, labels. Among other things, the service allows users to create, edit and share their playlists with each other.

Android required: 5.0 +
Russian interface: there is
Developer: Spotify Ltd.
Homepage: https://www.spotify.com/
Google Play: https: //play.google.co…s? id = com.spotify.music

Theme Rules
The topic is forbidden to set and search for families!

Links to instant messengers and social networks are also prohibited.

The theme is designed to discuss the work Spotify app on Android and its modifications.

All discussions are not relevant to the issues of the theme (of the service on other platforms, discussion of news, search for tracks / albums / playlists comparison strimingovyh services, sound quality, etc.) and do not carry any discussion, any useful information, please keep in themeSpotify Club .

In the subject are allregulationsforum. When writing messages, be sure to follow them, especiallythis part. Messages violating the rules are deleted.

If you have any problems with the operation of the application, in your request for helpBe sure to indicate the type of subscription (premium/free/mod), the version of the application, the country of subscription, etc. Try to describe the problem in detail. It is very desirable to attach a screenshot. The effectiveness of a possible answer directly depends on this.

Images and volumetric text of the requesthide under spoiler.

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Rtypes of subscriptions
What is the difference of premium subscription from free?
The free version has several limitations:
  • If your account is registered in another country, it is necessary every 14 days to go to the application, under its IP via VPN
  • No offline playback, i.e. constant Internet connection required
  • Very high quality music mode not available
  • It is not possible to play a specific track from the list of most playlists, only random shuffle playback
  • Audio and video ads that sometimes play between tracks.

(The latter two restrictions can be removed by settingmodified version)

Attention! In Crimea VPN is required even with a premium subscription.

Family subscription

What is a family and how does it differ from a normal subscription?
A family account is designed so that members of one family living in the same house use the service cheaper than if they paid separately. At the same time, recommendations and playlists for all family members are separate and do not interfere in any way. Subscription in the family is full.

Family subscriptions are used by different people who are not actually relatives to save on payment.
But since this is a violation of the rules of the service, if detected, Spotify can disband the family. After that, all members are transferred back to the free version.

In Spotify, each family member has his own account. The head of the family can not at any time go under the profile of one of the family members, if he does not provide him with a username and password.
People in the family do not communicate with each other, only through separate channels for communication.

The use of a family account has such advantages as saving on subscription and the absence of the need for payment, and the difficulties associated with this - money is simply transferred to the family husband in a convenient form, and it takes care of all organizational issues. But there are also disadvantages - the risk of disbanding the family and the difficulty of finding a good family leader.

Search and set of families IN THE TOPIC is prohibited! - more
& Modifications

When using the MOD version may fail and an error in the program.

When you first start after installing or updating the mode, as well as if you do not work, such as the choice and playback of an arbitrary track -
Forcibly stop the application running in playback mode, from the phone settings and run it again.

If the stop and the subsequent inclusion of the program, the reboot, or the barrier do not help, remove this version, clean the cache and put the other. It is recommended to install versionsfrom the cap, or through a mod bootloaderxmanager..
It is also recommended to check the service on your phone by setting the off version of the application.

Part of the functions, or interface elements can not work, or work incorrectly. This is due to the fact that even though they are forcibly activated in the application, for full workActivation is requiredon server. Which in turn may depend on the country of the account, the tariff plan, or from the fact that the function is still available only by chance the selected testers.

A convincing request, do not download the subject of messages about the inoperability of any version of the Fashion on your device. All known solutions are listed above.
Also, please do not publish messages with a question "when a new version of fashion will be released", because The main modode is not present on the forum.

All the above messages will be removed from the topic.

What the MOD version does NOT give:
  • Very high quality not available Even if the item with a choice of extreme sports is active, you will not get more than 160 kb / s
  • You can not download musicEven if the download slider is active.
  • You can not play music on the receiver / column via wifi

What gives the MOD version:
  • Unlimited scrolling tracks on the radio
  • Unlimited scrolling tracks in playlists, selections, your library
  • Rewind track
  • The ability to re-listen to the track
  • Ability to listen to the previous track
  • Visual ad blocking
  • Audio ad blocking
  • The ability to play music with Spotify Connect (only on tablets, phones, PCs, and TVs with Android TV. Toother devicesstill need a premium)
  • Ability to select any track from the list

Additionally,Fashion from VADEERgives the following features:
  • Specify any device name for Spotify Connect
  • Enable / Disable display album art on the lock screen and its blurring effect.
  • Sound recordingThe track played and exporting it in MP3 format, with the possibility of preserving its metadata (information about the author, album, the name of the track and the cover of the album) and placement in the subfolder with the album name on the specified path.
  • Built-in proxy
  • Displays the text on the buttons of the player

Fashion Activation in Android Auto

If you set as Spotify system and it can not be removed to install the mod, you can create APK file clone mode .
SFAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Official certificate in Russian!
(for the region of Kazakhstan, by reference is available in any region)

Does Spotify continue to work in other CIS countries after leaving Russia?
Yes, continues in all countries, including Belarus. In Belarus, the service works with restrictions, for example, new releases of some labels have ceased to appear.

What has changed for Crimea?
The service is still inaccessible in Crimea without VPN, even with a premium subscription! He also became inaccessible in the DPR and LPR.

How to change the region?
Using VPN or proxies of the country you needThis direct link. The link leads directly to the desired page. If authorization is necessary, do it. If after that the main page of the site opens, click on this link here, the desired page will open. Select the right country in the drop -down list and save changes.

How to transfer the whole family to another region?
Manual(It says about moving to Russia, but the method should work in the opposite direction).

What to do if it is not possible to change the region even using the proven high -quality VPN or proxy?
Look for another VPN or proxy, for some reason it doesn’t work out.

What to do if you can’t go to the application or client for PC? He writes something about 14 days.
1) Immediately after changing the region, you need to enter any application or client for a PC with a VPN or proxy selected in the country's profile. After that, the VPN or proxy can be turned off.
2) when using a free plan, including modifications, outside the country selected in the country once every 2 weeks, the application requires again to enter it from the selected country. To do this, go to the client once on any of the devices (except web version) using VPN or proxy selected in the country's profile.

What to do if the premium subscription is written at the entrance to the application "or" Premium PAUSED "?
Click at the bottom of this page to the “cancele of premium subscription”Online. Go to a free plan. This is a necessity, because Russian premium no longer works. After the shift of the region, you can try to restore premium with the help of technical support.

What to do if you can’t go to the account using Google or other third -party services, even through VPN?
Try to go in a classic way - using mail and password.

What to do if a modified application after authorization works as without fashion? Reproduction only mixed, only a few skips are available, etc.
Close the application, go into the properties of this application, stop it forcibly and open it again.

I can not find the application on Google Play Market. How can you download it/update it?
The application was removed from access for Russia. If you want to download the official application from the Play Market and receive its updates from there, you can use the foreign account Google.
Or you can download the APK file application on this forum. In addition, there are special applications of third -party developers for downloading and updating the Spotify application.

What to do if a link from a letter about password changes does not open?
Copy this link and open in another browser. If it does not open there, try the third browser.

I had a valid premium until April 11, and now inprofileA free plan is displayed. Will there be a refund or the restoration of the premium after transferring an account to another region?
There will be no return. But you can ask technical support to restore premium after the shift of the region, convincing that you really moved to that country. You can do thisin chatorby email.

The web player does not open.
If when opening a web player with the Russian IP, a message appears that the page was not found, open it with the helpDirect linkOn your media.

How to disable caching of music?
This is one of the main features of the application that ensures the stability of its work. Maximum cache size - 10 GB. If there is little space in the phone's memory, it automatically decreases under its size. Cache can be manually brushed in the settings, or automatically usingapplications. But to do it is not rational, because he immediately begins to fill again re wasting battery resources and bandwidth.
You can alsolimit the size of the cacheand evenDisable it at all

Why Spotify music playing quietly?
To increase the volume, disconnect the option in the settings.The same volume

How to download music in mp3 format?
Officially - in any way, and even if you have moved the slider to the "Download", the music is stored in encrypted form. Decode the music of this kind can not be in mp3.
But you can use applications and services that download Spotify playlists from third-party sources. For exampleSpotyflyer., Spotify downloader, or Tolegrams bots.
For PCs there are types of typeTuneskit.andSidifyKnowing to intercept and record in the right format, the audio stream coming from Spotify:more. But it is necessary to keep in mind that you canGet Account Bank.

Why is it not specified in updating the application version, what's new? How to get new features / interface?
Changes to the interface and functionality added to the application client are not activated at all at once, but only in some users in random order for testing,on the command from the server. It is impossible to influence these changes in the official application. The final version of the changes, the bulk of users receives at different times, regardless of the version of the application. Therefore, they are not specified.

What are the subscription options?
Personal free, personal premium, student, for two, family.
You can find out more about themhere.

What are personal playlists?
All of them, if they are, can be found in the search section ->For you
"The discovery of the week"or" Discover Weekly " -" New tracks and rare compositions in a weekly mix especially for you. Catch the update every Monday. "
"Radar novelties"Or" Release Radar " -" Fresh music from your favorite performers and new tracks, selected specifically for you. Updated every Friday. "
"On repetition"Or" On Repeat " -" These tracks do not let you go right now. "It is updated every 5 days.
"On repeat: flashback"Or" Repeat Rewind " -" tracks that were constantly with you in the past. "It is updated every 5 days.
"Time capsule" or "Nostalgic mix"Or" Your Time Capsule " - daily personal collections of popular tracks of elected and other popular performers of past years.
"Mix of the day #1-6"or" Daily Mix 1-6 " - daily personal collections. Mostly consist of your favorite music, but partially filled with recommendations.
"Family mix"or" Family Mix ", as well as
"Mix for two"or" Duo Mix " - playlists for group options for premium subscriptions are generated on the basis of the preferences of all participants.
"Synthesis"or" Blend "is a playlist who is functionally similar to the" family mix "and" mix for two ", but is made for everyone.
PersonalMixes in genres, to performers, decades, to the mood.
"... Music PickedJust for You " - personalized playlists of different genres that can be found through the search.
"My top 20xx"Or" Youor Top Songs 20xx " - playlists from the Spotify Wrapped series, which appear annually at the end of the year with the most listening tracks of the outgoing year.

Version: update from google play market (gorand39)
Version: update from google play market (gorand39)
Version: update from google play market (gorand39)
Version: update from google play market (gorand39)
Version: update from google play market (gorand39)

Past versions

Beta versions:
Version: Google Play from 23/08/2022 (vladmira)

If fashion does not work correctly
Version: 4.2 Xmanager (Number One ')
Version: (Spotify Lite) Mod by XC3FFF0E (Valentin)
Version: 4.1 Xmanager (Number One ')
Version: Spotify Clone (Number One ')
Version: MrDude & XC3FF0E & SHERLOCK (Number One ')
Version: Lite Mod (Spotify Lite).
Version: Lite Mod (ITZsetnex)
Version: [Fix] Mod Lite by Balatan (Number One ')
Version: (Amoled Gold Themed) by Rbmods (Valentin)
Version: [Fix] Lite Mod (MrDude & XC3FFF0E & SHERLOCK) (The_SEM100DAN4IK)
Version: [FIX] amOLED mod by Sherlock (Number One ')
Version: [FIX] Spotify Clone (Number One ')
Version: [FIX] MRDude & XC3FF0E & SHERLOCK (Number One ')
Version: Lite Mod (MrDude & XC3FF0E & SHERLOCK) (The_SEM100DAN4IK)
Version: Spotify Clone (Number One ')
Version: MrDude & XC3FF0E & SHERLOCK (Number One ')
Version: Spotify Gold by Rbmods (ARM64) (Denio7)
Version: (Amoled Gold Themed) by Rbmods (Valikovrepikov)
Version: Mod Lite by Balatan (Number one ')
Version: Spotify mod by djaprel (Number One ')
Version: Lite Mod (The_sem100dan4ik)
Version: 4.0 Xmanager (Number One ')
Version: Spotify clone (Amoled) (Number One ')
Version: [AmOLED] [Mod] by Sherlock (Valikovrepikov)
Version: [Mod Clone] by Mrdude & XC3FFF0E & SHERLOCK. (Valikovrepikov)
Version: Mod by Balatan (Number one ')

Version: 1.9.0 Android TV Mod Adfree (Bedmit)
Version: Colors MODS by Naina (Number One ')
Version: Vadeer_Mod Sound Recording (JWWWG)
Version: Spotify Lite Mod by Leyzymoy (Number One ')

Version Archive
Useful additions

Brief FAQ for SPOTIM CARE from the Russian Federation - should read this!

Post has been editedBedmit - Today, 20:40
Reason for editing: Update: Modification 4.2 XManager

Rep: (1688)
* Blackfirer ,
Fashion does not provide the opportunity to download (with the exception of Vadeer). This can be doneother applications. But there were cases when a person received a ban, like not using them. But there they did not determine it to the end because of what.
Those. You can download only in the OF Appendix in the presence of a premium. Everything else is unauthorized.

Post has been editedBedmit - Today, 10:03

Rep: (234)
Bedmit @ 11/24/22, 10:01*
But there were cases when a person received a ban, like not using them.

Perhaps in Spotify, their application sends a list of programs installed on a computer or smartphone, if there is a software for unauthorized download in this list, this is enough for them to block the account.

Rep: (10)
Probably for every fireman it is worth stirring the twin account, copying everything there. If the account is already expensive.
The only one is probably the algorithms of the spotis will not be regarded by the twin, as an already seasoned profile, because the statistics of listening will not be there and the recommendations will probably not work at first.
If I understand correctly.

Rep: (84850)
Type of: Modification
Version: 4.2
Short description: xmanager.
What's new:
Changelogs: V4.2 (Origins)

• Added Spotify Lite
• UpDated patched infos
• Updated Splash Screen Text
• Updated Spanish Translation (thanks zkyclad!)
• Fixed Notification (thanks Zankyr!)
• Fixed Layouts and Some Grammatical Errorors
• Minor Bugs Fixed, Optimizations and Improvements
Attached fileXmanager v4.2 (Public Release) .APK(7.71 MB)

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