Search themes, widgets, wallpapers, icons

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Search themes, widgets, wallpapers, icons, etc.

In this topic, we are looking for various widgets, wallpapers, dock-bars, icons, skins and other decorations for programs and the Android system itself.
Catalog of programs and widgets | Ready themes, icons, ikonpak docking bars, etc. for the launcher.
Collection of wallpaper, live wallpaper (LWP) and video wallpaper | Pantry Graphics
MIUI Themes | Topics for EMUI | Themes for NubiaUI | Themes for SyanogenMod | Themes for Sony Xperia | Substratum Engine Topics
Order table for editing graphics in png, jpeg, jpg formats | Order table for editing files in *** 9.png format
Order table for editing system resources / conventional applications | Creation and installation of bootanimations | Replacing the boot logo |
Android decorations navigator (how to make a custom design, how to make a design in the style of Samsung, iPhone, MIUI, etc.) | Kustom Maker (KLWP, KWGT, KLCK and others)

Attention everyone! Be sure to read!
We study before writing a topic:

Theme rules:
  1. It is forbidden to upload wallpapers and screenshots without a spoiler!
  2. In the subject is only a search!Orders for changing the size, color, deleting / adding elements of the picture, making something is prohibited - for this there isOrder table for editing graphics .
  3. There is no search for a large number of wallpapers on a specific topic (requests of the form "can I have beautiful wallpaper with a winter landscape"). Use profile threads for this.Home Screen Wallpaper Collections.
  4. Clearly and competently formulate what you want to find, apply screenshots (under the spoiler!) So that everyone is clear what we are talking about. Immediately specify the required wallpaper format, so that people then did not look for "the same but more." For those who are looking for icons, indicate which gadget or the format of the installation file (just icons, apk, MTZ, etc.).
  5. Prohibited General Questions of the View "How to make it, how to make a screen?", "How to make a NTS interface?", "How to pull out?" etc. In the responses are prohibited by the instructions for creating the design "as on the screen" and so on.
    All common questions to ask - in the QMS.
  6. Prohibited duplication and lifting posts.
  7. It is forbidden to lay out packs of icons (more than 10 pcs.)! Put them in the appropriate topics (for ikonpakov-applications / for regular graphics) and give the link.
  8. It is forbidden to lay out packs of wallpaper (more than 5 pcs.). Put them in the appropriate topicsHome Screen Wallpaper Collectionsand let's link.
  9. The topic is searching for fonts only by screenshots. For all other questions, please contact the profile topic.Android fonts .
  10. It is forbidden to search for programs, for this there isprofile topic!
  11. Forbidden questions on work, setting up programs and widgets! The answers also forbid descriptions of settings, installation and operation of programs and widgets!
  12. It is forbidden to search for music, contactSearch for music and ringtones .
  13. It is forbidden to lay out wallpaper, icon packs, widgets, skins, live wallpaper, etc., if they are in the topic or specialized topics of the forum (repetitions). Let's links to them!
    If the user has already been helped on request, then subsequent posts can be removed without warning.
  14. It is forbidden to spread skins, packs of icons, themes, packs of wallpapers, live wallpapers, if they are not already on the forum. Put them in profile topics and link to them.
  15. If possible, disclose the names of the laid out decorations for the convenience of searching and reducing the number of repetitions.
  16. Be polite. If they helped you, do not write in the topic “Thank you!”, On our forum, it is customary to express gratitude by pressing a buttonAttached Imagenext to the reputation of who helped you. If you do not have 15 helpful posts yet, clickPictureand ask the moderators to raise the reputation of the person who helped you.
Messages that do not comply with the forum rules and topics are deleted without warning!

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* Killercats , podohamanil

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Hello, you can in the best quality, thanks!
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I apologize, but you can still ask
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* sanches ... ,

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* sanches ...,

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I am looking for these pictures in maximum quality.
: thank_you:

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* вњЄCheвњЄ ,
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Guys who have one in good quality

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Jazzy84 @ 12/22/22, 16:37*
who has one in good quality

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You can:
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* slikover ,

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Can you please?

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* Jigsaw + ,

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Can I still have such a quality quality?

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