How to draw up a foreign bank card? Keep 4 working methods

On March 6, Visa and MasterCard announced the suspension of all operations in the Russian Federation. Since then, paying Russian cards on foreign services is either extremely problematic or impossible at all. However, there are several ways to make a card from other countries. Here are the main options for leaving the situation.

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The GFK global analytical platform has published a rating of Russian online cinemas for the first quarter of this year. The data was obtained on the basis of a survey of people aged 16 to 55 years: they were asked about what They use online cinemas and what they have.

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Last week, SEGA announced Sonic Origins, a collection of old Games about Hedgehog Sonic. Alas, the details overshadowed the good news, in particular - the need to buy various kinds of DLC and the presence of Denuvo. As usual, gamers scolded the publisher for bad business solutions and calmed down. However, another surprise awaited them.

Russian prices Redmi Note 11 Pro and Note 11 Pro 5G became known popular

Redmi brand presented two new items on the Russian market: Note 11 Pro and Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G. Both models are equipped with a large 6.67-inch AMOLED display with an update frequency of 120 Hz, a capacious battery and a main wide-angle camera with a resolution of 108 MP. The first buyers will be able to purchase new products at special prices and receive TWS-hobby Redmi Buds 3 Pro as a gift.


The release date of Starfield is slowly but correctly approaching, but Bethesda SoftWorks is in no hurry to arrange full -fledged demonstrations of its cosmic epic. Instead, the company publishes a video with the stories of the upcoming blockbuster - and recently it released a third of the developers' diaries.


Yesterday, an unusual “advertising” message appeared in the official account of the popular Bored Club NFT CLUB NFT Club. Users were offered the opportunity to get new tokens before others for Metavselnaya Otherside, the launch of which is scheduled for April 30. But, as it turned out later, the authors of the post were hackers who stole digital products For a sum of several million dollars with gullible crypto enthusiasts.


Looking at the fresh announcements of the film adaptations, you might think that the success of the series Arken and the Dilogy “Sonic in the Cinema” noticeably spurred the interest of Hollywood producers in the production of films based on the famous IP. It would seem that it is time to speed up the production of already announced projects - but Nintendo has other plans.


Today, in many high-budget releases, you can find RPG elements-the search for equipment and weapons, a gradual improvement in the character, and so on. It is clear to engage in the optimization of the build, but on the second and third passages it bothers. Therefore, they came up with New Game+-a mode that allows you to start the adventure of a re-“pumped” hero. Soon it will reach Dying Light 2: Stay Human.